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Different Kinds of Tiles You Should Think About Using for Your Home

Different Types of Tiles You Might Consider Applying in your House

Tiles could be used for the floors and the walls when you are doing the interior of a house or business. Different examples and sizes of these tiles exist to fit any explanation and are simple to install and clean.

However, buying tiles has become confusing due to the fact that there exist numerous tile-selection options nowadays In case you choose to have one of these choices used on a specific wall or in an individual room, it might be useful to know what advantages you can expect from each of them. Nevertheless, if you need some good tiles for your home go down to GIB Tiling Perth where best offers are provided.

Below is an overview on different types of tiles that you will get in the market together with all information that you should have about them:

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles which are made out of red or white clay coated by a distinct glaze are among the most common types still available in many homes today.. Then this mixture will be placed into a kiln at very high temperatures so that the glaze can mix properly with the material.

Then why ceramic is considered as excellent bathroom wall tile? Because they last longer than other options and very easy to keep clean. This also makes them perfect for flooring since they are easy to install and maintain.

Ceramic Tiles

Its water absorption rate is 0.5%, making ceramics as its another word for porcelain suitable for cold weather conditions. The materials used as well as process employed when making porcelain cause its ability to absorb water; such materials include feldspar, quartz and kaolin. When subjected under high temperature fine clay gets baked until it becomes hard and heavy- this is how porcelain is made. This enables their use on both floors and walls.

Porcelain comes in two varieties.

The most common type of porcelain tile is glazed porcelain tile. Like artistic tiles, coated porcelain tiles have coat designs that copy different plans like wood, normal stone, or marble. These examples won’t disappear effectively even from water, wear, and stains. As such this is ideal for home use.

Unglazed porcelain meanwhile has no coat inside them making it richer looking variety It is also strong which makes the best tile to use in high traffic areas such as bars, shops and kitchens. In homes it will suit well living rooms and kitchen floors.


The early Greeks and Romans were the first individuals who started mosaics both in architecture and art. Mosaics are usually made up of small pieces arranged in a certain way. Grout is used to stick it on either wall or floor where it has been put down. When you look at the finished product you will be able to see what image it represents.

Depending on the raw materials used such as stones, ceramics, pebbles glasses or porcelains there are mosaic tiles produced from any of them. As well as that this comes in various shapes so that designers can create images without themselves having to cut up these pieces.

They are usually applied on walls mostly due to their need for additional support hence they are known as wall tiles often referred to as border strips especially if they are being applied somewhere else apart from the walls example between a sink and shower head.


It was in the Victorian era that encaustic tiles were made with six different coloured specks of dirt so that people could come up with various designs. Some of these floor tiles have handcrafted designs that enhance texture effects. If you want a timeless look for your floors and houses get this kind of tile.


Did you know cement can also be used to make tiles? Concrete tiles are formed from recycled concrete and shaped into tiles. This tile many customers cherished it for warmth, the handmade patterns since it was introduced in early 20th century. These ones are good for small places due to their design.

Natural Stone

Walls and floorings done by natural stones is as old as humanity. For instance, they are good for those rooms where one needs a touch of classiness and luxury because they are carved out of rocks like marble or quartz which were gotten from quarries. However, these tiles might be quite expensive though they must be installed carefully.

Luckily, there exist faux stone looking tiles which can act as an alternative to them. Like natural stone tiles, they are made from artificial materials but very durable also.


Finally earthenware (ceramic) is ideal for those who want some rustic touches in their homes. It consists of unique clay either dried under sun naturally or baked in a kiln oven. However, stains and wearing will increase with time passed on it.

Final Words

Tiles provide an excellent way to style up your walls or floors. Nonetheless; before going out shopping take time and research more about them what if it will match perfectly with my room requirements or not?


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