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Beyond the Ring: Khadijah Safari’s Social Responsibility and Impact in Empowering Underrepresented Communities

Beyond the Ring: Khadijah Safari’s Social Responsibility and Impact in Empowering Underrepresented Communities

In the fast-paced business world, making money comes first for many entrepreneurs. However, there are some extraordinary thinkers who go against the norm and prioritize making a positive impact on society.

Take Khadijah Safari, a savvy entrepreneur and coach, for instance. She’s all about making a difference in both business and life. Growing up in a humble home, she saw her parents working long hours to get by and support the family. This became even more significant when her parents divorced. They taught her the value of self-sufficiency and independence.

She moved to London with aspirations of obtaining a degree. However, her independent mindset led her to rethink the conventional route, believing that she could achieve more through her own endeavors than in a traditional academic setting.

During this time, she encountered Muay Thai, a martial art that not only provided physical strength but also became a powerful outlet for mental resilience.

In 2009, Khadijah accepted Islam, which brought in a new set of challenges in her life. She had to navigate the male-dominated world of martial arts while adhering to the hijab. Her response was to confront these challenges head-on, leading to the creation of Safari MMA in 2010, the UK’s first women-only martial arts club. Her venture was so successful that till 2020, her MMA program was running at 11 locations.

Witnessing Khadijah’s entrepreneurial success, many women approached her for entrepreneurial guidance. She realized she could help other women build their successful businesses too. So, she established Khadijah Safari Coaching.

Through these ventures, she not only empowered women but also addressed broader societal issues.

Khadijah’s Social Responsibility Initiatives

Safari Health Hub CIC is one of Khadijah’s community welfare projects founded during the COVID-19 pandemic. The hub strives to improve the community’s well-being by offering many services, from mental health support to martial arts programs and positive mindset courses.

Also, Khadijah is planning a series of live interviews to sensitize mainstream society. It will shed light on the many problems faced by women, especially Muslim women and those from marginalized communities.

Khadijah also stresses diversity and inclusion among her employees. “I integrate social responsibility within my business by actively promoting diversity and equality in my workforce. Although my brand name is seen as my face, my team is behind me,” she said.

“I want to build an environment that welcomes people from underrepresented communities and enables them to join our organization. This not only includes recruiting more talent from diverse backgrounds, it also means providing the same opportunity to grow and advance as people of other backgrounds,” Khadijah added.

Her collaborations further reflect her effort toward diversity and inclusivity, including arrangements with international brands like Volvo and Sure. Her coaching platform further exemplifies this approach. She empowers women, especially those from minority groups, fostering financial, mental, and emotional resilience.

Khadijah Safari’s commitment to social responsibility extends beyond her business ventures. Through her podcast, “Beyond Borders: Faith and Business by Khadijah Safari,” she shares the stories and experiences of remarkable women entrepreneurs who have excelled beyond borders. The podcast offers actionable tips and encouragement for faith-driven women entrepreneurs seeking to build purposeful businesses.

Final Words

Khadijah’s social responsibility initiatives are not limited to internal practices but also extend to how her business interacts with society as a whole. Her aim is to improve not only her local community but the global community as well. For a deeper look at her approach, follow her on Instagram.


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