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Why startups are challenging for women entrepreneurs

Why it’s hard for women to start up

Being a female entrepreneur is tough, but being one in a start-up is a whole other level of toughness. Start-ups are tough for anyone, with their long hours, constant uncertainty and high anxiety levels. However, as far as women are concerned, there are more challenges that come with the territory.

The issue of funding comes first. Funding in start-ups is notoriously difficult to secure and women have even more hurdles when it comes to this. Often people tell them they don’t take their business “seriously” or their ideas do not make sense for investment purposes. Even when they finally manage to get some funding, they would often have to give away more percentage of equity than men.

Secondly, it has been observed that there is an issue concerning work/life balance. Start-ups require much time and energy; women end up doing most domestic chores too. This could lead to exhaustion as well as resentment which may both harm the relationship.

Lastly is the issue of workplace culture. Many start-ups are dominated by young male employees who might not be used to working under female authority figures. This might mean an unfriendly environment at worst or where women feel they always need to prove themselves at best.

All these factors make it extremely hard for women in terms of excelling in the startup world; however many still succeed against all odds. They are those who dare take risks plus work extra hours while standing tall amidst adversities. These women are changing entrepreneurship.

How some women are overcoming these challenges:

Despite advancements made over recent years, there still remains various challenges faced by women in workplaces today . From gender wage gaps through sexual harassment among others , full equality remains elusive . Nonetheless , some amazing ladies have come forward seeking ways out .

One example of such woman is Kate Knibbs , a journalist . As a woman of color , she has experienced different ways that media industry discriminates against women. In reaction , she created The Wing Women blog which is dedicated to voice of underrepresented individuals. By sharing the experiences of others through her platform, she helps in making media landscape more inclusive.

Dr. Ruthven Soriano-Cruz is another influential lady in this regard . As a queer woman of color , she has suffered both in and out of the medical field . Nevertheless, she has emerged as one of the most respected surgeons within her field despite this adversity. Moreover , aside from working as a doctor, she also mentors other queer women of color who wish to get into medicine.

There are many more ladies who work towards making all women’s lives better and these are just some of them. True equality is only a matter of time thanks to their effort.

Tips for aspiring female entrepreneurs:

Being an entrepreneur is tough. It takes a lot of elbow grease, perseverance and tenacity to make your business succeed. While there are no guaranteeing formulas for success, there are some things that can guide you along the way. If you’re a woman aspiring to become an entrepreneur here are a few tips that may help you in your journey.

1.Believe in yourself:

Confidence is one of the most important things required as an entrepreneur. You need to believe that you can make it even when everyone else thinks otherwise.

2. Stay focused:

It’s easy to get discouraged when faced with setbacks, but it’s important to remain focused on your goals. Do not lose sight of why you started the business and do not let anything distract you from your vision.

3. Surround yourself with positive people:

For any entrepreneur building a network of support is crucial. Find mentors, advisers and compeers who will believe in what you do and help scale up your venture.

4. Be prepared to work hard:

Starting a company involves a great deal of time and effort. Therefore be ready to work long hours and sacrifice in order for your dream to come true.

5.Never give up:

Entrepreneurship requires guts and thick skin because it will not go smoothly every time .This means being prepared for both failure and success since they will all be part of life once someone becomes an entrepreneur. Whatever happens ,one should always keep their dream alive because if they persist then eventually they will succeed.

The importance of networking for women entrepreneurs

Networking is vital when it comes to business especially among women entrepreneurs.Women have increasingly been marking their presence by becoming successful entrepreneurs despite the fact that men have traditionally dominated the corporate world.Nonetheless, they must overcome unique obstacles related with networking.For instance, unlike their male counterparts they might not have well-established networks within firms or find joining existing ones more difficult.

Fortunately, there are several ways through which these obstacles may be overcome.One would include attending networking functions that are women’s only. This is a good chance to meet other businesswomen and learn from their experiences.

Alternatively, one may become a member of an online professional network group or get in touch with other women entrepreneurs via social media. These avenues can provide priceless advice, brainstorming and networking opportunities.In current business world, it is impossible to succeed without networking. Therefore, women entrepreneurs should capitalize on the various opportunities available for networking.

Resources for women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs face unique challenges as they start and grow their companies. Women may find it difficult to access capital, develop relationships with others in their industry and find mentors.They have to also deal with work-life balance issues.However, there are many resources available to help women entrepreneurs succeed.

Several organizations fund businesses owned by females.These firms give startups’ backing as well as capital for small commercial enterprises.There also exist numerous networks groups and events specifically designed for female business owners.Such forums foster vital contacts as well as offer encouragement.To add on this ,there are mentorship programs that link female entrepreneurs with experienced corporate executive.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, there are many sources to help you succeed as a woman entrepreneur. You can conduct some research to find the best resources that will assist your business go beyond where it is now.


The latest study of female entrepreneurs has reported that women still face challenges in starting their businesses. However, many women have found means through which they manage to overcome such barriers and become successful. Networking with other business owners is significant for any aspiring female entrepreneur in order to learn from others’ experiences. Additionally, there are various resources available that can assist you when starting and growing your own business. Success as a female entrepreneur is possible with hard work and determination. Can you suggest more tips for aspiring women entrepreneurs?


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