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Jessica Meir: The Road to NASA And Space Exploration

Jessica Meir: The Road to NASA And Space Exploration

The universe has no end, and neither are the dreams of those who want to explore it. Jessica Meir is one such dreamer who has made a name for herself in space exploration at NASA. From her early days brace yourself for an amazing journey through the cosmos with Jessica Meir!

Jessica Meir’s Background

Jessica Meir’s background is unique and has played a significant role in shaping her career. She was born in Caribou, Maine; growing up she had interest in nature thanks to her mother’s influence.

Her love for the natural world led her towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Brown University and later a Masters of Space Studies from ISU France. Her research on diving physiology of Emperor Penguins in their extreme Antarctic environment earned her Ph.D from Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Jessica Meir’s impressive academic background shows how passionate she is about our planet and beyond. That passion eventually brought her into contact with NASA where she became an integral part of their space exploration endeavors. This included studying adaptation strategies used by animals, like bar-headed geese, to survive under low-oxygen environments.

Jessica Meir’s Journey to NASA

However, as much as Jessica is known as being a leading candidate to become the first woman walking on the moon, reaching this short list was far from simple. From young age on she had interest in outer space looking at stars when living in Maine state. Even back then, when she was only 13 years old, she went to youth space camp held by Purdue University.

Meir later on pursued her masters degree program at International Space University where she majorly focused on this important area concerning space exploration. Lockheed Martin Space Operations employed him as an experiment support scientist at Nasa .It involved coordinating experiments with astronauts while they perform them either on shuttle or ISS ( – Human Physiology Research).

After that she was involved in marine biology related research as an aquanaut in the Aquarius underwater laboratory. She then became assistant professor at Harvard Medical School for Anesthesia before she emerged one of eight candidates selected by NASA for training in 2013.

Jessica underwent various training programs at NASA to learn how to live in space. These programs included intense and realistic simulations of different mission scenarios so they learn how to handle such situations while on board. Eventually, after undergoing exhaustive physical and psychological training, she completed this requirement in 2015.

Her background in marine biology and physiology clearly made her a strong candidate for NASA’s astronaut program where highly knowledgeable scientists with great endurance are needed. Despite many setbacks including multiple rejections from NASA’s selection process, Jessica remained determined until she finally achieved her dream of being an astronaut.

Jessica Meir’s Contributions to Space Exploration

Jessica Meir has made significant and multiple contributions to the field of space exploration. As an astronaut, she undertook several experiments and studies that have contributed to our knowledge on how long-term space travel affects human physiology. Besides, in 2019 Meir participated in the first all-female spacewalk with Christina Koch for gender equality advocacy.

On April 17th, 2020, Jessica Meir arrived at Kazakhstan together with Oleg Skripochka and Andrew Morgan after spending 205 days at the International Space Station (ISS). The journey back to Earth was not easy as expected due to Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, they were met by a small recovery team who had already taken COVID-19 test for their safety.

While on ISS, they performed numerous experiments thereafter upon her return home; Meir underwent other various medical tests and experiments as part of NASA’s attempt to understand how space affects people’s bodies. Additionally, apart from doing her science work she also shared these experiences through interviews and public speaking engagements in order to inspire future generations towards pursuing careers in science and becoming astronauts themselves.

Nevertheless, even though back on Earth, Meir continues playing a vital role in the area of space exploration. She served as Assistant to Chief Astronaut for Commercial Crew (Elon Musk’s SpaceX), Deputy Division Flight Integration and Assistant Chief Astronaut Human Landing System. It is this spirit of curiosity and discovery that propels humanity’s search for knowledge about our universe which distinguishes her remarkable contribution beyond mere numbers or metrics in the realm of space exploration.


Jessica Meir’s journey into becoming an astronaut who has made outstanding contributions is one which cannot be ignored. Her story reminds us that there is still so much more about ourselves and space that we can only discover through continued exploration. We are excitedly waiting for Jessica Meir’s future discoveries because as she keeps exploring beyond earth borders.


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