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New Study Reveals: The Best Books Every CEO Should Read

New Research Reveals: The Finest Literature Every CEO Should Read

Continued growth is seen by many CEOs as vital if they are to remain at the top of their game.

One effective way in which a CEO can improve his or her knowledge and skills is to do some mind-expanding reading, though.

To know what CEOs read, we turned to Sophie Andrea, Founder of Dialogue Books. She has kindly researched the best books every CEO should read for us.

Today’s list will feature all the books found out by Sophie!

Expert Advice

In our conversation with Sophie, she explained why she hopes “to get people more into reading” and how important books are. These books from her research are meant to guide CEOs on their journey to success.

Let’s see what Sophie found!

10 Great Books Every CEO Must Have

1. Unstoppable: A 90-Day Plan To Biohack Your Mind And Body For Success, By Ben Angel

The first book written for CEOS on this list brings its readers into the world of biohacking. If you have never heard about biohacking before, this book will enlighten you.

According to Ben Angel himself, it was biohacking that revived his mental capacity while reducing stress levels and improving health status.

2. Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook Of Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell, By Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, And Alan Eagle

Who could be better than Bill Campbell in terms of a mentor? In fact he developed Apple as well as Intuit & Google too! And so this leadership playbook is one of the highly recommended reads for CEOs without any doubt.

By reading this book among others on Bay Area culture and Campbell;’s own principles that are loved in Silicon Valley; it will help you let go of your life choices as a CEO .

According to the author, this book is ‘the definite work on business strategy for sustainability by the most skilled voice in the conversation’. The belief of this book is that Strategy for Sustainability is required if businesses want to struggle in the next decade.

This book contains real examples and an action plan suitable for CEO’s.

7. Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits And Unlock Success In Yourself And Others, By Robert Glazer

Everybody hits a wall at some point whether it be in our routine, jobs or careers. When you read through Elevate you will find out how your way back home looks like.

By deepening and refining your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental capacities; you can unleash your potential again thereby setting yourself on track.

8. Global Sustainability: 21 Leading CEOs Show You How To Do Well By Doing Good, By Mark Lefko

An interesting read about Global Sustainability that looks into various ways different CEOs use sustainability to not only save their companies but also make them thrive.

The book employs CEO of Multinational Companies and Fortune 50 companies to train other business executives who may wish to grow their businesses based on sustainable practices.

9. Work From The Inside Out: Break Through Nine Common Obstacles And Design A Career That Fulfills You, By Gooler Loeb

Most times people fail to use their family members, ages or past experiences as tools towards building their careers. With over two decades experience helping individual’s career improvements, Gooler Loeb uses this book as a guide showing individuals what they need to do to achieve a more satisfying job.

10. Grow The Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose And Profit, By Alex Edmans

TED speaker Alex Edmans highlights the role played by human capital in his book with numerous cases of company leaders running businesses with purpose shared therein.

Based on academic studies he grounds his analysis with evidence so that readers have something practical drawn from real life examples.

Final Thoughts

The 10 books CEOs need to read have been revealed by Sophie Andrea from Dialogue Books. Ceos can use all the books on the list to improve their skill set, scale their business and advance in their careers.


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