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Bob Saget Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Movies, Family, Spouse

Bob Saget net worth, Biography, Age, Career, Movies, Family, Spouse

Bob Saget is an American actor and comedian. His global success makes him one of the actors turing ordinary people into millionaires across the film and television industry. From his star appearance in top sitcoms to creating successful projects as a producer, Bob Saget has established himself as a widely renowned celebrity in showbiz. In this blog post, we will explore more about Bob’s career path, family life and estimated net worth – which has amassed over $100 million by now! Read on to shed some light on all intriguing aspects of this multifaceted figure’s mind-blowing journey from small rags to booming riches!

Introducing Bob Saget – A Hollywood Icon

Bob Saget has been a staple in the Hollywood culture for decades, building up an impressive net worth of $100 million dollars as an actor, comedian and TV host. He has had many memorable acting roles in successful sitcoms such as Full House and How I Met Your Mother. His comedic career has earned him status as a stand-up legend, with sold-out shows all over the US. Apart from his appearances on stage and on screen, Bob is also an accomplished author, having published four best-selling books to date. On top of that he is a devoted family man – father of three daughters with his wife Kelly Rizzo and grandfather of seven grandchildren. The multi-talented entertainer’s enduring career makes him a true Hollywood icon.

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Bob Saget’s Early Life and Career

Bob Saget, best known for his roles in Full House, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and Entourage is a successful entertainer. He was born on May 17th 1956 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At age 18 he headed to Los Angeles where he made his debut stand-up comedy performance at the Comedy Store. Saget later landed small-time television roles resulting in a part as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos from 1989 to 1997. In 1987 he gained further fame with the sitcom Full House, playing Danny Tanner and has since been featured in various films, most notably Half Baked (1998). His recent career includes producing and directing plus appearing as himself on shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and How I Met Your Mother. With an estimated net worth of $100 million, Saget is considered one of Hollywood’s veteran comedians.

Bob Saget’s Net Worth 2023

Bob Saget, the beloved American actor and comedian, has had a long and successful career spanning many decades. He is estimated to have a net worth of over $100 million as of 2023. The bulk of his income comes from television and feature film appearances such as his lead roles in “Full House” and “The Aristocrats”. He has also found success with his two stand-up comedy specials – “That’s What I’m Talking About” and “That Ain’t Right” – which aired on HBO and Showtime respectively. Along with this, he continues to perform on the road around the United States making fans laugh at venues everywhere. His dedication to entertaining audiences has made him one of the most sought-after celebrities in America today, thus earning him a sizable fortune along the way.

Bob Saget’s Movies and Television Credits

Bob Saget is known as a comedic actor and host, having an impressive list of movie and television credits. He is best-known for his role as Danny Tanner in the long-running sitcom Full House and its spinoff Fuller House. His film roles include Lost Angels (1989), New Year’s Eve (2011) and most recently The Cleaning Lady (2020). In addition, he has hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos for eight seasons. Saget has also made notable appearances on shows such as Wilfred, Entourage, Law & Order: SVU, and How I Met Your Mother. Despite his success in Hollywood, he continues to keep us laughing with his standup comedy routines around the country.

Bob Saget’s Marriage and Family

Bob Saget is an accomplished comedian, actor, and television host who has gained immense fame from his various projects. Although he is perhaps best known for his role in Full House, Saget’s personal life has also been of much interest. He first married Sherri Kramer in 1983, but they divorced after nine years of marriage. In 1995 Bob remarried Kelly Rizzo and the two are still together today. The couple have three daughters together named Lara Melanie, Jennifer Belle, and Aubrey Jane. Before this relationship Bob had two daughters with Sherri Kramer, a girl named Lili Katherine and a son named Larissa Jean. He also has four grandchildren that love to spend time with him now. Though Bob’s work in showbiz continues to be successful his home life seems to bring him even more joy.

Bob Saget’s Later Career

After becoming widely recognized for his comedic roles on the popular TV shows Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos, Bob Saget achieved further success as an actor in later years. He landed a recurring role in How I Met Your Mother as Ted Mosby’s boss and has had parts in various films such as A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas and Half Baked. Saget is also well known for his involvement in stand-up comedy, hosting the game show 1 vs. 100 and writing and directing the 2011 drama film Farce of the Penguins. Most recently, he issued a joint album titled My Second Album with fellow comedian David Coulier, demonstrating his diversity of talent across many areas of entertainment.

Final Words:

Bob Saget has established himself as one of Hollywood’s leading icons. Over the course of his long career, he has built great net worth, featured in many movies and TV shows, taken part in various philanthropic activities, and raised a family. Whether he was entertaining America as Danny Tanner on ‘Full House’ or hosting ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’, Bob Saget has been a source of inspiration for generations. Even so many years later, Bob is still actively involved in showbiz and continues to captivate us with his wit and charm. His life is a testament to the fact that hard work does pay off in the end. No matter what obstacles he faced along the way and whatever struggles he went through during his professional journey, Bob ensured success by staying true to himself.


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