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Energy Beverages Pvt. Ltd: Driving company with a progressive approach and integration of youth

Energy Beverages Pvt. Ltd: Driving company with a progressive approach and integration of youth

What comes first to your mind when you get completely exhausted and listless? Something that rejuvenates your senses and elevates your energy. Without a pinch of doubt, we are talking about beverages. Irrespective of weather, place or person, beverages are loved by every age group throughout the country. Today, we are going to discuss Energy Beverages (P) Ltd. – a beverage giant that has been ruling the industry for years. It is the brainchild of Mr. Nayan Shah. He strongly believes in driving the company with a progressive approach by integrating the youth into the brand’s work culture.Since its inception in 2005, Energy Beverages (P) Ltd. has embarked on a journey to create a world of a good life- one that rejuvenates, refreshes, and revitalises.

He has been successful in winning the hearts of his end-users through a mélange of energy-inspiring, wholesome products like Current, Joosup, Clear and Clearth. The firm is a pioneer in square bottles and vertical and private branding. Continuing its outstanding pool of products, EPBL launched Clear Premium Water in 2010. While discussing their range of products it’s necessary to underline their commitment to the environment. Keeping the environment at the centre of its modus operandi, it has been taking steps towards creating a sustainable future. This idea led to the creation of an eco-friendly and biodegradable product line-CLEARth edition in 2017, which uses 40% less plastic.

EBPL has a 1000 BPM company-owned state-of-the-art vertically integrated fully automatic bottling line, with CLEARth having the largest bottling plant in Central Gujarat. EBPL has 2 owned plants and 35+ co-packing units across India with a total production capacity of 40 lakh plus bottles per day and a presence in 20+ states as of today.They recently also onboarded HRITHIK ROSHAN as their Brand Ambassador and aim to draw parallels “Our manufacturing facilities comply with the BIS/FSSAI norms and follow international safety and hygiene standards”, says Shah. It is worthwhile to mention here the acumen of Mr. Shah. Prior to helming EBPL, he completed his strategy and business management from the University of Technology, Sydney. He has over 16 years of extensive experience in the beverage industry and has closely studied and seen the industry evolve over time.

Constantly innovate with the products for the greater good

He aims to lead the company towards a modern working style and constantly innovate with the products for the greater good.Amid a pool of beverages company in the market, what sets them apart is their innovation which is led by a young and dynamic team, which keeps bringing in new and fresh perspectives.They don’t shy away from making mistakes, all the while learning from them in order to nurture their business. “Forget the mistakes and focus on the lesson it taught”,says Mr. Shah. Mr. Shah believes in leading by example, approaching each day with determination and a relentless pursuit of progress. “No matter what the circumstances may be, we have the power to make a positive impact”, Shah adds further.

His determination in taking the firm to new avenues is unprecedented. He keeps a tab on the latest advancements in the market and accordingly adopts new strategies for the benefit of his business. He keeps abreast of new immersive technologies making a positive impact on enterprises. Whether its improved training, enhanced collaboration, increased efficiency or make greater customer care experience. It’s not only creating new opportunities but will also lead to faster and more efficient workflows, reducing production time and costs.

It is this far-sightedness that keeps EBPL marching ahead. Before the pandemic, EBPL was a very horeca (hotels, restaurants and catering) centric company and their retail presence was almost nil. However, they swiftly realized the importance of being present in both sectors to stay afloat and have aggressively built the retail sector as well. Thus, they are always fast to learn and bridge the gap between what needs to be done. They have been aggressively moving ahead, increasing capacity, presence, etc. They aimto reach 1000+ crores by 2026-27.

Three pillars of employee growth – respect, trust and empowerment

Energy Beverages Private Limited is agile in decision-making, transparent in its policies and approach, and committed to consistent quality and service. This commitment is not limited to consumers only rather it reflects alsoin their endeavour to relentlessly enhance their workplace for a hassle-free experience for their employees. To maintain a cheerful workplace environment, Shah ensures that the employees, irrespective of their hierarchy line, are respected, trusted, and empowered. In his words, a culture of respect promotes teamwork, collaboration, and open communication. Employees should feel valued and appreciated for their contributions and ideas.

When it comes to trusting employees, it holds immense value as it builds strong relationships and fosters a positive work environment. “Employers should be transparent and honest with their employees, and employees should feel comfortable speaking up and sharing their thoughts and concerns”, he says. Allowing autonomy and assigning decision-making power to employees can help them feel more engaged and invested in their work. Employers should provide opportunities for professional development and growth, and encourage employees to take ownership of their work.Shah is a firm believer of teamwork. To enhance team co-ordination, he persuades his employees to participate in open communication, sit-downs and discussions so that they could solve any issue or get any work done.

Direct and open communication is the key to smooth functioning. The company keeps evolving with time as and when the time requires and ensures its policies and procedures are updated with time. “We are continuously trying to enhance their growth through training and development.”The firm has developed a comprehensive reward and recognition framework where it applauds the employees on the job well done. They have different categories where not just one is rewarded based on KRA’s but also for something as simple as keeping their desk clean.“We make sure we appreciate and reward each and every one on job well done.”

When employees feel respected, they are more likely to feel valued and motivated to contribute to the organization’s goals. Trust is also important because it allows employees to feel secure in their positions, knowing that their contributions are recognized and appreciated.

Mr Shah has an important life lesson for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders. He says, “Life is full of challenges. But remember, you only live once. So, push through setbacks and DO IT ANYWAY.”


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