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Top 10 Best Valuation Firms In India 2024

Here are the 10 Best Valuation Firms in India for 2024:

India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, a position it has held for several years. Unsurprisingly, there are many valuation firms in operation that offer excellent service to companies trying to gauge their financial health and worth in this country. Business appraisals and assessments made by valuation companies help enterprises understand what their assets are really worth.

Indian valuation firms provide assessment and appraisal services for any physical, tangible or intangible asset. These organizations also analyze data like financial statements and other inputs to derive fair market value.

This lets them know how much they can get out of selling those assets or making investment decisions. In this article we will be looking at ten of these top Indian valuation firms for 2024:


ESPECIA was established in 2015 as an independent provider of Valuation Services within India. The company serves various clients which range from regulated entities like listed companies and banks through start-ups to venture capitalists. With a team having vast experience gained over number of decades, they provide end-to-end solutions for valuations ranging from Valuing Businesses, Equity Shares to Physical Assets & Plant Machinery Valuations (FMV). Their sector agnostic approach covers Financial Services; Healthcare; Manufacturing; Pharmaceuticals amongst others helping such businesses make informed choices about significant transactions.

Business Valuation; Equity Shares Valuation; Plant & Machinery Valuation are some of the services provided by Especia

2) ValueQuest India

ValueQuest India is another well-known name among Indian valuation firms with over 15 years’ worth of valuing experience behind them. They have a team of professional chartered accountants and certified financial analysts who specialize in providing both local as well international standards based valuationservices.They offer Business\Company Valuations, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) valuationservices, Financial Instruments valuationservices etc., Apart from these they also provide solutions for Shareholder Disputes, Demergers etc. ValueQuest India operates out of New Delhi, Mumbai,Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata where it has offices located to serve its clients better.

Valuation services offered by ValueQuest India are Business\Company Valuation; Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) valuation; Financial Instruments valuation; Shareholder Disputes.

3) Insight Risk Advisors (IRA)

Insight Risk Advisors (IRA) is a global company with offices in Mumbai, India that provides comprehensive services around the world. Some of their offerings include business valuationservices, financial instrument valuationservices,private equity valuationservices and M&A transaction support among others. They have vast experience in giving advice on legal matters concerning mergers & acquisitions as well other corporate restructuring exercises undertaken by companies within this region. Additionally they undertake due diligence reviews on behalf of clients looking to effectively manage their internationalassets.

Valuation services provided by Insight Risk Advisors are: Business Valuation , Financial Instrument valuation , Private Equity Valuation , Mergers & Acquisitions Transaction Support , Asset Management .

4) PwC India

BDO India is a multinational professional services network offering business valuations. It was founded in 1964 and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. BDO offers various financial advisory services including valuation of businesses. The company operates through its branches located across major cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata among others.

Valuation services offered by BDO India are Business Valuations.

BDO India is one of the top professional service firms in the country, providing various tax advisory and accounting services throughout India. They offer a wide range of valuation consulting services which include pre-merger or acquisition asset valuations, market appraisals for different types of businesses as well as intangible asset valuations. The firm is managed by professionals who have wealth of knowledge in areas such as debt restructuring; financial reporting among others.

Valuation services offered by BDO India are Business Valuations, Market Evaluations, Intangible Asset Valuations, Debt Restructuring Services & Financial Reporting.

5) Fintellix Solutions

The Indian business-focused evaluation company, nicknamed “Fintellix Solutions,” was established in 2008. It’s a pioneer in using AI (artificial intelligence) software to perform financial analysis. Appraisers and investors often approach them for help with data-driven decision making. The algorithms they’ve developed look at a company’s financials and its performance indicators, among other things, to give speedy yet accurate valuations. They have had clients like American Express, BNP Paribas, JPMorgan Chase, Société Générale and UBS.

Services for valuation presented by Fintellix Solutions include Business Valuation, Financial Modeling and Data-Driven Solutions.

6) Colliers

Colliers is among the oldest and most well-known valuation companies in India. With more than two decades of experience performing business valuations throughout the country, the firm focuses on providing customized service for all types of clients – from small businesses to major enterprises. By conducting due diligence reviews as well as furnishing asset management solutions among other things, this company enables organizations to make knowledge-based decisions about their future plans or investments.

Services provided by Colliers include Financial Modeling; Corporate Restructuring Exercise Support; Due Diligence Reviews; Asset Management Solutions; Business Valuations.

7) Knight Frank

Knight Frank is a global real estate consulting firm that offers business valuations. Spanning through key cities in India, the company guarantees dependable and professional appraisals for both residential and commercial properties. Among their areas of specialization are market research, feasibility studies, investment evaluations and property tax analysis. Furthermore, they aid clients with portfolio management needs by giving strategic advice on investments and acquisitions; also exit strategies where necessary.

Business Valuations Services Offered By Knight Frank Include: Business Valuations Services, Market Research Services, Feasibility Studies & Investment Evaluation Services, Property Tax Analysis Solutions, Portfolio Management Assistance & Exit Strategies Advice.

GAA Advisory is a financial services company with a difference. It provides business evaluations to help companies know their value. This may also be for firms that are looking to invest in future ventures or decisions based on this information alone. The firm has the knowledge and skills necessary for tailoring customized solutions to suit individual needs of its clients according to their businesses’ requirements. Among other areas covered by them include financial modeling, due diligence review, asset management advice among others related to merger and acquisition transaction support services.

Business Valuations offered by GAA Advisory are – Financial Modeling, Due Diligence Reviews, Mergers & Acquisitions Transaction Support and Asset Management Advice.

9) BDO India

BDO India is among the best professional service providers in India. They offer various tax advisory and accounting services to businesses across the country. Their valuation consulting services include asset valuation before a merger or acquisition, market evaluations for different business sectors and intangible asset valuations. The firm is led by experts who have specialized knowledge in debt restructuring, financial reporting issues among others.

Business Valuations, Market Evaluations, Intangible Asset Valuations, Debt Restructuring Services & Financial Reporting are some of the valuation services provided by BDO India.

10) Duff & Phelps

Duff & Phelps is a global leader in the field of valuation and corporate finance consulting. They provide trustworthy and precise business valuations to their clients. They have worked with top industry players such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, CitiGroup Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and Morgan Stanley among others. Market assessments, asset appraisals, financial statement analysis and other services are also offered by them.

Among the services provided by Duff & Phelps are Business Valuations, Market Assessments, Asset Appraisals, and Financial Statement Analysis Services.


Using the top 10 valuation firms in India can help businesses get accurate and complete information about the worth of their business or assets. These companies give professional advice and support that enables organizations to make better choices on investments or acquisitions. Whether you need financial modeling assistance, asset management solutions, due diligence reviews or any other service related to valuations; these top 10 providers will be able to assist you.

Have you been looking for a valuation firm in India? If so, then consider yourself lucky because this article is going to talk about the best ten companies that offer reliable services for businesses who want to know their value or make informed decisions on future investments.

In conclusion, the above mentioned are some of the best valuation services providers in India. They all have their strengths and weaknesses which should be considered before making a decision about which one suits your business needs. It is important to research and compare different options so as to come up with an informed choice based on specific requirements. Good luck!

As businesses seek accurate assessments of their assets and liabilities, valuation services are gaining popularity by the day. Customers require trustworthy information when making strategic decisions which may involve taxes too. To meet these demands there are many Indian based Valuation Service Providers who have a range of offerings designed around client needs; manned by experienced staffs with cutting edge tools ensuring fast but detailed accurate appraisals.

Business Valuation, Financial Modeling, Asset Management among others depending on what the client wants each company offers different types of valuation services like Due Diligence Reviews . With this in mind it becomes easier for one find a provider who meets their requirements after considering what they offer vis-a-vis own needs. Good luck!


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