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The KL Tower and Eiffel Tower: A Comparison of Iconic Towers and Ticketing Experiences

KL Tower vs. Eiffel Tower: A Comparison of Iconic Towers and Ticketing Experiences


KL Tower, Eiffel Tower. In this article I am going to compare these two landmarks so that you can decide which one you’d prefer to visit.

Architectural Design:

The Eiffel Tower was built for the World Exposition in 1889 in Paris, France. Designed by Gustave Eiffel and standing at 324 meters tall, it was the tallest man-made structure back then. It’s made up of a complex lattice of wrought iron with four curved pillars that come together at the top.

The KL Tower is a telecommunications tower that offers 360-degree views of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on its observation deck. This sleek and modern tower stands at 421 meters tall after taking four years to construct. It was designed to withstand earthquakes and strong winds.

Tourist Attractions:

On the Eiffel Tower there are three levels accessible by elevator or staircase. The first level has restaurants and souvenir shops while the second level features a museum dedicated to its history. If you keep going all the way up to the top you’ll be greeted with some breathtaking views.

If you’re on your way up KL Tower, unfortunately you won’t have as many places to stop along your journey. However, once you get there visitors can also enjoy a revolving restaurant that provides panoramic views of the city as well as several other attractions like a mini zoo and cultural village.

Ticketing Experience:

Tickets for both towers differ in availability and price so do yourself a favor before showing up by looking online at what options they have available as well as pricing details so that your experience isn’t hindered by long lines and expensive prices. Tickets to the Eiffel Tower can be purchased online in advance which I highly recommend doing especially if waiting in line doesn’t sound appealing to you either. There are two ticket options that give you access to the second floor or summit with prices starting at €16.60.

KL Tower offers many different tickets packages so be sure to look into them beforehand as well. Starting at RM 49.90 these tickets will allow you to take full advantage of everything this tower has to offer including access to the Sky Deck, Sky Box, observation deck and more.


They’re two very different things but KL Tower and Eiffel Tower are both extremely famous. They both offer breathtaking views of their respective cities. Made in a bygone era, the Eiffel Tower’s design is incredibly unique and it’s hard for anyone to not be amazed when they see it up close. Whereas KL Tower is a modern telecommunications tower with an observation deck that lets people see killer views of Kuala Lumpur. If you plan on going to either destination just remember to buy your tickets ahead of time so that you don’t have to wait in line all day like some people do! I think it’s worth seeing both towers because while they’re only just structures… they’re quite the sights!


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