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Top 10 Indian Companies With Highest Market Cap

Best 10 Indian companies with Highest market cap

India is blessed with different companies that stand out in terms of both performance and even market dominance. This is all because India has a diverse corporate sector.

But what makes them stand on top? It is the market cap that is also known as the barometer of a company’s success and its highlights. 

In short, it reflects the total value of the company’s outstanding shares. But who all are the top Indian companies with the highest market cap? In this article, we will help you to determine all of those along with their details.

But before uncovering the Top 10 indian companies with highest market cap, do you know how it is determined?

Factors contribute the top ranks in market capitalization:

Yes , you read it right, there are different factors that are taken into consideration when it comes to determining the companies with the highest market cap.

  • It has been found that market cap is calculated by multiplication of stock price by total number of outstanding shares.
  • The other factor is the number of outstanding shares. Hence companies with higher outstanding shares own the highest market cap.
  • Higher growth is also the other factor that is related to the highest market cap.

Therefore, with all of these factors, let us help you to uncover, Top 10 indian companies with highest market cap.

    1. Reliance Industries

      Current market cap – 19,841.19B
      indian companies with highest market cap
      Reliance Industries is a big name in every aspect and so is among the Top 10 Indian companies with the highest market cap. Since reliance industries are large corporations with a presence in various sectors.

      This majorly includes petrochemicals, telecommunications, retail, and more. However, this diversification of reliance industries reduces the risk ability and even enhances the chances of growth opportunities.

      With a strong presence, Reliance Industries is a household name in India with its Jio telecom network.

      Further, if we talk about the company then it has a rich history of innovation and also in terms of business strategies. With this, Reliance Industries has a consistent track record of growth and this in turn attracts investors and even boosts their confidence to invest within the company.

    2. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

      Market cap- ₹13,82,907 crore
      indian companies with highest market cap
      TCS is the other name within the Top 10 Indian companies with the highest market cap as it is the leading IT company in India.

      It is known to rank on top in terms of market cap because of many reasons.

      This means TCS has a wider global presence as it operates in 46 countries and with 150 locations. This makes it the dominant player in the IT sector.

      Further, do have IT service expertise that makes them able to withstand the market. This is mainly done with research and development and even continuously develops new solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

      With a proven track record and strong financial performance, they are floating among the top companies with the highest market cap.

    3. HDFC Bank

      Market cap- 11,530.16B

      indian companies with highest market cap

      HDFC Bank ranks 3rd place among the Top 10 Indian companies with the highest market cap.

      HDFC is the largest private bank in India in terms of assets. However, following its merger with HDFC Limited (July 2023) this in turn created a powerful financial house and served a wider customer base.

      But there is no doubt that HDFC has a long-standing reputation right from innovation to customer support and even financial stability. This helps millions of customers to trust HDFC.

      With all of these, HDFC maintains financial stability and this is enough to make the name among the highest market cap in India.

    4. ICICI Bank

      Market cap-8,087.92Bindian companies with highest market cap

      Fourth largest company in terms of market cap, ICICI Bank is the second largest private sector bank in India.

      No doubt, they do hold a significant amount of shares within the Indian banking sector (upon offering digital services to a diverse range of customers).

      Focusing on digital transformation, caters for the need of growing tech demand and even helps to undertake the easy banking experience.

      ICICI Bank with its consistent growth and strategies has been able to strengthen its place within the highest market cap companies.

    5. Infosys

      Market cap- 5,881.79B
      indian companies with highest market cap

      We all know that Infosys is a multinational company in India, ranking among the Top Indian companies with the highest market cap.

      They are the leading provider of IT services that include: software development, business process outsourcing and consulting etc.

      When they are catering to diverse clients, then they no doubt have a strong presence across the world. With this, Infosys does help businesses to adopt digital services to promote their growth.

      This is all done with the help of Infosys IT experts to help maintain a good track record and even financial performance.

      In short, their global presence, innovative solutions, skilled workforce and even financial strength make them obtain the highest market cap.

    6. State Bank of India (SBI)

      Market cap- 7,359.93B
      indian companies with highest market cap

      SBI is also a prominent player when it comes to determining the  Indian companies with the highest market cap. They hold the title of largest commercial bank in India by assets, geographical reach and customer base.

      They have a strong presence in 36 countries and over 22,405 branches across India. Also, SBI is a public sector bank and in turn, enjoys government benefits.

      Also, they are actively taking part towards implementing digital solutions to offer ease.

      Since they cater for a diverse range of customers across India this makes them strong from financial strength. With all of these factors, it has been able to gain the highest market cap In India.

    7. Bharti Airtel

      Market cap-7,866.66B
      indian companies with highest market cap

      One of the leading telecommunication companies in India is also able to maintain its name among the Top Indian companies with the highest market cap.

      This is mainly because they have a wide telecom network across India along with 17 other countries in Asia and Africa. This vast network has made them gather a diverse customer base and financial strength.

      In addition, Bharti Airtel is also actively involved towards deploying new trends and technologies to further shape or enhance their services.

      But do you know that Bharti Airtel is also expanding itself beyond telecom to digital transformation?

      This transformation allows them to put their hands on the highest revenue.

    8. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

      Market cap- 6.19 trillion INR
      indian companies with highest market cap

      Market capitalization is all about how strong you are from financial aspects.

      LIC no doubt is one of the dominant players in the market and even holds a significant market share. This is because LIC has a wide range of services catering to various needs and profiles.

      This in turn LIC has a large customer base both in urban and rural areas. In addition, they have a strong track record toward financial, even diversified investment portfolios.

      Further, LIC is constantly innovating and even adapting its product offering to cater to the rising needs of digital insurance companies.

      This in turn makes them obtain the highest market cap along with other companies.

    9. Hindustan Unilever

      Current market price- $62.90 billion
      indian companies with highest market cap

      Hindustan Unilever is a consumer goods giant and also the frequent contender among Top 10 indian companies with highest market cap. They sell different kinds of products like home care, beauty, food and refreshment.

      No doubt they are among the top companies and are dominant players and individuals using their products across India.

      They were established in 1931 and have 85 years of presence in India. They have a huge portfolio of over 50 brands in India. 

      No doubt, Hindustan Unilever is one of the major players in the Indian consumer.

    10. ITC

      Market cap- ₹5.08 lakh crore
      indian companies with highest market cap

      It is one of the multinational companies, and ITC is one of the top players, among the companies with the highest market cap. With tough market strategies and enhanced financial conditions, ITC is one of the top players.

      They are the foremost private companies in India and have diversified across India.

      Likely there are many players in the market and hence one of those is ITC formerly Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. They are a major player in the FMCG sector in India.

      They even operate a chain of luxury hotels in India, but it is not limited to this but to Paperboards & Packaging, Agri Business, and Information Technology.


Companies make their space among the highest market cap with the help of strong financial conditions and enhanced strategy. Therefore, we have mentioned them all above for you to undertake the above conditions.

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