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Fashion Highlight: Top 10 clothing brands in India

Best 10 clothing brands in India

Indian fashion has a wide range of vibrant fashion styles and trends that we all follow. This means whether it is Western or traditional, we all make ourselves get immersed within the style as per the need.

But with this, when it comes to style, the top 10 clothing brands in India are what come to our minds. This might not be the day-to-day purpose, (for some), but for some special events.

Hence considering the top clothing brands in India a number of those have emerged over the years. They all offer a unique style, quality and even cultural resonance.

No doubt Indian fashion brands tend to cater for the needs by keeping different individuals’ preferences in mind. Therefore, with this, if you have been constantly juggling knowing the best clothing brands in India, then here we are to get all the information in one place.

Clothing brands in India presenting the diverse landscape

There is no doubt that the clothing brands in India we are going to mention here cater to a wide range of preferences. This does involve the tastes and also budget constraints.

So, here we give you the top 10 clothing brands in India that have gathered a wide range of customers from all across the globe.

  1. Fabindia
    Top 10 clothing brands

    Fabindia is one of the clothing brands in India and is known for its garments, along with home decor, furnishing and even products made by hand.

    Mainly, Fabindia is known for its quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. They have their stores all across India and offer unique shopping experiences and even a sense of cultural connection.

    They design and manufacture their garments for men, women, and children and this focuses on using natural fabrics and even traditional India designs.

    Fabindia also incorporates classic Indian design elements: kurtas, pyjamas, and sarees. But they do add modern cut and even colour palette to keep their clothing fresh and also relevant.

    You can choose from a wide range of styles and variety to suit different tastes and even occasions. 

    In turn, Fabindia has a good selection of clothing for all age groups.

  2. Manyavar
    Top 10 clothing brands

    One of the other clothing brands in India is Manyavar which is one of the renowned brands. They mainly specialize in men’s clothing (for festive and wedding). This includes sherwanis, kurta sets, Nehru jackets, dhotis, and more.

    Since Manyavar is one of the top brands, you do not have to be worried about quality. They make use of premium fabrics and the utmost designs in their clothing.

    This, in turn, offers a variety of styles right from traditional to contemporary. So, whether you are in need of different clothing then you can get everything for yourself under one roof.

  3. Biba
    Top 10 clothing brands

    Biba is also one of the leading clothing brands in India and mainly focuses on women’s fashion. They have trendy and stylish clothes for you to offer right from modern to ethnic wear.

    This means you can get kurtas, sarees, lehengas, dresses, dupattas, and other accessories. 

    With Biba, you will be able to withstand good quality fabrics and this even includes fashion and comfort at the same time.

    At present time, Biba has become one of the popular choices among women and is the best clothing brand in India.

  4. Allen Solly
    Top 10 clothing brands

    When we are talking about the top clothing brands in India, we cannot forget to tell you about Allen Solly.

    It is a well-established clothing brand offering both formal and semi-formal for both men and women.

    Upon research, it has been found that Allen Solly carries a legacy of classic British tailoring and design.

    If you are working then Allen Solly serves to be the go-to brand for you. They have shirts, trousers, dresses, suits, and blazers for both men and women. In short, you can get comfortable clothing and designs all together.

  5. W for Woman
    Top 10 clothing brands

    The brand specifically designed for women is W for Women and is also considered to be among the clothing brands in India.

    If we talk about their target audience, then W for Woman primarily focuses on working women and even young adults in India.

    So, if you have a busy style and want relaxed clothing then W for Woman is one of the best clothing brands you can choose.

    They are mainly known for their unique blend of Indian and Western wear and are well-suited for every day.

    Right from kurtas, tops, palazzos, trousers, dupattas and other professional clothes can be purchased easily.

    They make use of soft clothing materials like rayon, and cotton to make their garments adaptable to Indian weather. In short, it is one of the popular choices containing a blend of modern touch and Indian heritage.

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  6. Raymond
    Top 10 clothing brands

    With timeless elegance and sophistication, Raymond is one of the popular clothing brands in India particularly for men.

    They specialize in catering for a wide range of men’s garments and this mainly includes suits, shirts, trousers, blazers, and a variety of accessories.

    Raymond brand is known for their high-quality fabrics or superior materials like wool, cotton blends, and even other luxury fabrics as well.

    When it comes to stitching raymonds is known for its sharp tailoring and even classic design. This indicates their garments have a balance between style and comfort.

    In addition, if you are looking for contemporary styles and even designs then Raymond is one of the top choices to make.

  7. Levi’s

    Top 10 clothing brands

    We all know about Levi’s and we at some point in time must have bought its jeans. This is because Levi is quite famous for its jeans along with other clothing as well.

    In short, we can say that Levis has a vast collection of denim styles for both men, children and women. So, right from classic, to straight cut, and slim fit, you can buy the style you wish to from Levis.

    In addition, you can also buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, dresses, skirts, and accessories.

    Levi Clothing has obtained the highest quality of clothing and makes use of durable materials.

    Once you have bought Levi’s garments then they can easily last in your wardrobe. In short, we can say along with the best clothing brands in India, Levis is also considered to be a legendary brand with a rich history.

  8. United Colors of Benetton (UCB)
    Top 10 clothing brands

    A global clothing brand in India, United Colors of Benetton (UCB) is another popular choice you can make. They are known for their vibrant colours, casual styles and even focus on social awareness.

    It has been found that United Colors of Benetton (UCB) make use of a wide range of hues in their clothing. This in turn makes their garments stand out and even a vibrant personality into your day-to-day life.

    Men, women and children can easily get into UCB and explore their style as per their preference. UCB has a variety of clothes and accessories for you to explore and make yours.

    If you are one of those seeking a popular clothing brand in India, then UCB serves you to be one of those with its colorful and trendy casual wear. This makes it one of the top clothing brands in India.

  9. Pantaloons
    Top 10 clothing brands

    One of the most affordable clothing brands in India is Pantaloons, as it has a different range and style of clothing meeting different individuals.

    They design and also manufacture their garments and this makes them among the top 10 clothing brands.

    Men, women and children’s everyone can acquire their requirements right from casual to stylish looks. Since their clothing is quite affordable and hence they can gather a wide range of audience as well.

    In short, they prioritize good value for money making them a budget-friendly clothing brand. So, you can shop your desired clothes while visiting their offline stores and even online. 

  10. Global desi
    Top 10 clothing brands

    Global desi is also one of the popular clothing brands in India, known for their fusion to traditional clothing styles.

    If we specially talk about their audience then they focus on women with a blend of Indian and western.

    They are quite famous because they have taken inspiration from Indian rich culture and upon adding colors, textures, and prints. No doubt, they create a distinctive style.

    With Global desi you can find both stylish and professional clothing suitable for different needs.

    Further, upon research, it has been found that global desi does have a strong online presence too. You can reach their website as it is user-friendly and can shop right from your comfort zone.


Talking about the 10 clothing brands in India, all of the above we have mentioned have gained a top place. They are the renowned brands that we have found out about and hence if you are looking to get the best clothing then you can choose the one from above.

All of these clothing brands In India have gained immense popularity because of their quality and service. So why to wait, when you have your desired clothing style available for you in terms of top clothing brands in India.

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