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10 Best Free Online IQ Test Sites in 2023

The Top 10 Best Free Online IQ Tests Sites in 2023 to test your IQ level

Are you smarter than the average person? This is a question many of us ask ourselves, but luckily, the answer isn’t far off. If you’re looking to find out your IQ level without paying a fee, then try out these 10 best free online IQ tests in 2023. From cognitive assessments to traditional aptitude tests, these options will help you measure your intelligence and challenge yourself further.


Free-IQTest.net is an excellent resource for anyone looking to take an IS test. The website offers multiple tests that are designed to get a comprehensive insight into the IS capacity of any individual. These tests cover topics like logic, problem-solving, spatial visualization, and more. Using the latest innovations in assessment technology, allows users to have their results instantly available directly after completing their exam. Furthermore, the website also has helpful resources like articles with IS tips and IQ score rankings from around the world. In conclusion, Free-IQTest.net is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in testing their IS in an accurate and stress-free manner.

2. Brain Metrix

Brain Metrix is an IS test used to measure a person’s cognitive functioning in areas such as memory, attention span, and mental flexibility. With their cutting-edge algorithms powered by AI, Brain Metrix is able to accurately gauge where an individual stands on cognitive function tests to give them a better idea of how well their brain is performing. This IS test provides useful data for those looking to better understand their mental performance and how it affects them in everyday life.

3. See My Personality

The ‘What is My Personality’ IS test is a fantastic online resource for those interested in exploring their personality. The online test claims to provide users with an accurate and insightful look into themselves which will allow them to make the best of their potential. This IS test has been developed using scientific means, ensuring that its outcome provides realistic insight into one’s personality traits and tendencies. Taking this IS test could be a great way to further understand yourself, as it allows you to gain an understanding of how your IQ score has lasted through your adulthood.

4. Fun Education

Fun Education is an online platform, that provides you with the opportunity to take a PhD-certified IS test. This test is available for both adults and children under the age of 17. With this IS test, you can find out how good your reasoning skills are when it comes to word-based problems. Whether this kind of IS test interests you or not depends largely on your own personality type; some may find verbal tests easier than others. Take advantage of Fun Education’s IS test, and discover just how well you can reason!

5. Memorado

Memorado is an IS test designed to measure intelligence, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. It is based on scientifically established methods and draws tangible conclusions that provide insight into the user’s cognitive performance. It can be taken multiple times to track improvement over time and also tailor results according to individual needs. An innovative score methodology offers instant feedback which makes Memorado a valuable tool for people seeking self-improvement.

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6. IQ Test Prep

IQ Test Prep is a great way to conquer the IS test. With their easy and reliable online tests, you can get an insight into how your IQ measures up compared to others – without having to leave the comfort of your own home. They offer both short and long versions of the IS test so you can choose the one that better fits your personality. Plus, once you’ve completed the IS test, simply provide your email address for instant access to a certificate detailing your IQ score! It’s quick and easy to get started with IQ Test Prep – so why wait?

IQ test prep can be a daunting but beneficial experience, particularly if you’re aiming to gain admission into a prestigious university or program. While scores ultimately depend on a variety of factors, most tests are composed of verbal, numerical, and spatial reasoning questions. As such, one key to successful IS test prep is to become comfortable with the various types of typically found on IS tests and practice solving them with confidence. To aid this process, there are a variety of IS test prep courses and resources available online so that you can get the most out of your study time. Additionally, setting aside dedicated time each day for IS test prep work can help ensure you stay on track and maintain focus leading up to the exam.

7. IQ Exam

IQ Exam is a revolutionary IS test created by the McGill University Research Student Team and has become one of the most accurate IS assessments available online. By taking this 30-question exam, users can earn a certificate that displays their results obtained from the exam. Already, 89,000 people have utilized this IS test in the United States, affirming its growing popularity over other IS tests. Additionally, IQ Exam’s website provides comprehensive information about IS test scores in relation to the population standard deviation for easy comparison of an individual’s performance with that of their peers. With its accuracy and availability, it is no wonder why IQ Exam is consistently gaining more traction as a reliable IS assessment.

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8. Genius tests commonly referred to as IS tests are designed to measure intelligence through a variety of methods. IS stands for “intelligence score” and these tests are found in job applications and academic activities. Although IS tests can be used in the workplace or in educational settings to identify high-ability people, they do not measure all aspects of intelligence. Are tests mainly measure skills such as short-term memory, reaction times, analytical thinking, numerical ability, and abstract reasoning; however, studies also suggest that creativity, intuition, and problem-solving skills may not be factored into IS tests. Thus while tests can be useful for measuring certain skills, it is important to remember that IS test results should not be used as the sole way of evaluating a person’s intelligence.


123Test is an IS test that allows you to take an IQ exam without the need to register and wait for membership. It is renowned worldwide as a scientifically accurate IQ test, offering great sample tests with results provided in form of scores, correct answer numbers, and assessments. There is also a demo test available which helps to get a good understanding of what the test consists of. 123Test is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an efficient IS testing service.

10. Free IQ Test

Making sure your child is getting the right education doesn’t have to be costly. Free IQ Test provides a free online IS test that can be taken in the comfort of your own home. The 20-question quiz follows the WAIS score guidelines and also provides a chart showing what scores you can expect so you can compare your results with others. This website is perfect for gauging a child’s skills and making sure they’re getting a quality education, whether at home or at school.

IQ tests are a useful tool for measuring an individual’s intelligence and potential. With the help of these services, individuals can gain a better understanding of their own intelligence and prepare themselves for success in the workplace or in school. From IQ Exam to Free IQ Test, there is an array of IS test prep courses available online that can help you get the most out of your study time. No matter what your goals are, having a good grasp on your own intellectual strengths can be invaluable when it comes to achieving success.

Take advantage of these services and make sure you stay ahead of the curve by familiarizing yourself with various types of IS test questions and practicing them regularly.

These are just some examples – there are plenty more free online IQ tests that allow you to accurately assess your current level without breaking the bank! Whether you’re looking to compare yourself against others in terms of intelligence metrics or trying to get an overall better sense of where your cognition stands today – make sure these tools are at your disposal!


Q: What is an IQ test?

A: An IQ test is a type of assessment that measures intelligence through various methods. IQ stands for “intelligence quotient” and these tests are found in job applications, academic activities, and even online. They measure skills such as short-term memory, reaction times, analytical thinking, numerical ability, and abstract reasoning.

Q: What are some free online IQ tests?

A: Some of the most popular free online IQ tests include 123Test, FreeIQTest.net, and IntelligenceTest.com. These websites provide reliable results with comprehensive assessments of your abilities compared to international standards.

Q: How can I best prepare for an IS test?

A: There are a few steps you can take to prepare for an IS test. First, familiarize yourself with the types of questions and content found on IQ tests by taking practice tests or reading sample questions. You can also use sites like 123Test to get tailored study materials that cover various topics. Finally, make sure to get plenty of rest before taking the test and practice calming techniques such as mindfulness or deep breathing if you feel anxious.

Q: Are IQ tests reliable?

A: Yes, IQ tests are generally considered reliable measures of intelligence when administered accurately and by qualified personnel. However, it is important to remember that these tests do not measure creativity, intuition, or problem-solving skills so they should not be taken as the ultimate truth on a person’s intelligence.

Q: Which is the best site to test your Iq?

A: FreeIQTest.net is a free online IQ test that offers users the chance to measure their intelligence quotient quickly and accurately. The site also provides detailed reports of your results, as well as comparison scores from other users, so you can gauge how you are doing in terms of intelligence metrics.


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