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10 Best Free Online IQ Test Sites in 2024

The best free websites for IQ test 2024

Are you wiser and more intelligent than others? This is a question that most of us ask ourselves, but luckily enough, the answer is not far. If you want to know your IQ level without paying any amount, then try out these ten (10) best free online IQ tests in 2023. They are a great way to get yourself started on measuring your intelligence further by taking cognitive assessments or perhaps traditional aptitude tests. is an excellent resource for anyone looking to take an IS test. It provides multiple tests that give a holistic view of how strong one’s IS can be. In this testing platform you will find various aspects like logic, problem solving, visual spatial skill among many other areas covered. Through employing up-to-date assessment technology, results become automatically available once the examination has been finished. Apart from its general core activities of offering this test also have some materials such as articles with tips on improving individual’s IS and the list comprising worldwide rankings of IS scores attained so far. Therefore, is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in testing their IS in an accurate and stress-free manner.

2. Brain Metrix

Brain Metrix is an IS test used to measure a person’s cognitive functioning in areas such as memory, attention span, and mental flexibility. With cutting edge algorithms driven by AI technologies Brain Metrix can accurately assess where someone stands with regards to cognitive function tests thereby providing information about their brain performance levels. By assessing one’s intellectual capabilities enables people to improve their developmental processes.

3. See My Personality

The ‘What is My Personality’ IS test is a fantastic online resource for those interested in exploring their personality.The idea behind this internet based evaluation tool involves enabling individuals gain accurate insights into themselves so that they can make the most of their potential. The creation of this IS test was guided by scientific guidelines which means that its outcomes offer a practical view of how an individual is likely to behave and cooperate in different circumstances. If you took this IS test, you would gain a greater understanding of yourself and the way your IQ score has evolved throughout your entire lifespan.

4. Fun Education

Fun Education is an online platform, that provides you with the opportunity to take a PhD-certified IS test. This test is available for both adults and children under the age of 17. With regard to word-based problems, this IS test provides information about how good your reasoning skills are; depending on your own personality type, you may prefer verbal tests over other types. Avail yourself with Fun Education’s IS Test and find out just how knowledgeable you are!

5. Memorado

Memorado is an IS test designed to measure intelligence, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.It follows methods that have been scientifically proven and provide certain conclusions that give insight into one’s cognitive performance.This can be retried many times as it helps monitor progress over time as well as customize results based on individual needs.An innovative score methodology offers instant feedback which makes Memorado a valuable tool for people seeking self-improvement

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6. Skills for IS

The IS Test will be easier if you prepare for it through IQ Test Prep’s simple and dependable online tests which provide an opportunity to determine your own intellectual ability as compared to that of others without leaving your home. They offer both short and long versions of the IS test so you can choose one that better suits your personality. Also, once you have finished taking the IS test, just enter your email address to get a certificate showing what your IQ score was! The best part about IQ Test Prep is how quickly they help you start getting ready for this exam.

IQ preparation can be quite intimidating but worth it especially if one intends to secure admission in a prestigious university or program. Typically, these tests consist of verbal reasoning questions, numerical ability questions as well as spatial awareness questions, among others according to Business Insider. Consequently, a key component of successful IS test prep involves becoming comfortable with the many different types often encountered on IS tests and solving them with confidence levels. Accordingly there are several online resources and courses on IS test preparation so as to optimize time during study period. Moreover, setting aside specific periods every day for studying towards passing the forthcoming examinations can equally help stay within focus prior before D-day.

7. iPersonic Careers Test

IQ Exam (IS) is one of the most accurate ones available today made by researchers from McGill University’s Research Student Team. This 30-question quiz provides users with their results displayed on a certificate attained after completing it. With over 89k people having utilized this particular I.S., it has been evident that its popularity keeps rising continually above other such exams used around America today. What’s more, IQ Exam website offers abundant information concerning scores in relation to population standard deviation making it easier for individuals who want compare their performance against others’ performances. This explains why IQ Exam has continuously grown to be more reliable means of IS assessment due to its reliability and availability.

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8. IS Tests also know as Genius tests

IS tests are designed to measure intelligence using various techniques. IS stands for “intelligence score”, and these tests appear on job applications or academic exercises. Even though they can locate gifted individuals at work or in education, IQ does not represent every kind of intelligence that there is. An examination however determines skills such as short-term memory, reaction times, analytical thinking, numeracy and abstract reasoning but nonetheless research also indicates that creativity, intuition and problem-solving ability may not be captured by them when used in relation to IS test results. In this respect it should be noted that while exams are useful for certain abilities they only partly inform about a person’s intelligence.


123Test is an IS test. It is an IQ exam that does not require any registration or waiting for membership. It has worldwide recognition as a scientifically accurate IQ test that offers great sample tests in terms of results being shown in scores, correct answer numbers, and assessments. Moreover, there is a possibility to take a demo test to get an idea what the test consists of. 123Test should be your choice whenever you are looking for efficient IS testing.

10. A free IQ Test

It does not have to cost an arm and a leg to ensure your children receive the right education. Free IQ Test presents you with such opportunity through its online IS test that can be done at home without incurring any costs. The quiz of 20 questions follows WAIS score guidelines and has a chart indicating what score ranges can be expected so as one can compare one’s own achievement with others’. This website will help you judge about the abilities of your child and make certain they receive proper education whether it happens at home or at school.


IQ tests are useful when it comes to measuring someone’s intelligence and potentialities. They assist individuals to better understand their own intelligence making them ready for either workplace success or school achievements through these services offered here.With various kinds of websites available on the internet ranging from IQ Exam to Free IQ Test; which are among other IS test prep courses that can greatly help students optimize their time during revision sessions.Regardless of what we wish to attain, having knowledge about our intellectual strengths helps us succeed.

Take advantage of these services and make sure you stay ahead of the curve by familiarizing yourself with various types of IS test questions and practicing them regularly.

Those were just some illustrations; there are more similar examples – many free online IQ tests where you may check how good you are for no money! For example, if you want to see how smart you are compared to others based on metrics like intelligence or all you want is to feel your mind today, make use of these tools!

Q: What is an IQ test?

A: It is a kind of evaluation, which may measure intelligence through different ways. These tests are usually included in job applications or school activities and even available on the web because IQ stands for “intelligence quotient.” They examine such skills as short-term memory, reaction time, analytical thinking, numerical aptitude and abstract reasoning.

Q: What are some free online IQ tests?

A: Some examples of free online IQ tests are 123Test, and These sites supply reliable results including full-scale assessment across all domains compared to international norms.

Q: How can I best prepare for an IS test?

A: There are several steps that can be taken in order to get ready for an IS test. For instance, one can read sample questions or practice using trial exams to become conversant with the types of questions and content found on IQ tests. Besides this, tailored study materials that cover diverse areas can be obtained from various sources like 123Test. Lastly, ensure that you have enough rest before sitting for it and engage yourself in relaxing exercises such as meditations or deep breathing when feeling anxious.

Q: Are IQ tests reliable?

A: Yes, IQ tests are generally considered reliable measures of intelligence when taken by qualified personnel with a great degree of accuracy. However, it must be borne in mind that these tests do not measure creativity, intuition or problem-solving abilities so they should not be taken as the final word on an individual’s intellect.

Q: Which website is the best place to test your intelligence?

A: is a no-charge online IQ test which enables users to quickly and accurately determine their intelligent quotient. Additionally, you will receive detailed explanations of your results and comparison scores from other users in terms of intelligence metrics.


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