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Top 10 Logistics Software Development Companies in the US

Top 10 Logistics Software Development Companies in the US

Logistic software is a critical component of the logistics industry as it optimizes and streamlines the supply chain. Logistic companies across the US make use of logistic software to make the best possible use of the available resources while catering to the needs of the consumers in the fastest possible amount of time. The central piece to this optimization is logistic software that assists logistics companies in everything, from demand forecasting to predictive analytics, route planning, and more.

However, developing robust logistic software is a feat that not every company can delightfully achieve. On top of that, the specialized skills required to develop cutting-edge logistic software are hard to come by. With that being said, some companies, however, deliver innovative solutions for their logistic clients and deliver value to them through their logistic software development services.

So, if you’re someone looking to get your logistic software developed in the US, here are the top 10 logistics software development companies in the US that you should be considering.


Having a team of 1200+ agile developers and engineers, Appinventiv is at the epitome of logistic software development and has been delivering incredible value to its logistic clients for the last eight years. Their expertise, ranging from AI, ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, data analytics, and more, enables them to develop software that exceeds the expectations of their clients time and time again.

Building a culture of trust, Appinventiv has been designing software and digital solutions for clients across the entire range of spectrum. Having bagged Tech Company of the Year, year after year, Appinventiv is an established logistics software development company that would be top of the list for any entrepreneur looking to get logistic software developed.

They have partnered with the world’s leading companies, such as IKEA, KFC, and Domino’s, developing a robust digital solution that has revolutionized their clients’ business. They have also developed an intuitive supply chain management software for a leading construction conglomerate redefining the company’s position and skyrocketing their market value.


Accenture is a specialized software development company that has a legacy of delivering nuanced software solutions for its clients. Delivering cutting-edge logistic software, Accenture has a globally distributed team of 738,000 employees spread across the globe. Spread across 49 countries and 200+ locations, Accenture has served 9000 clients with its digital solutions. Accenture’s capabilities range from artificial intelligence, automation, consulting, metaverse etc.


A technology and outsourcing company with 25 years of developing digital solutions, Cognizant is a leading logistic solutions provider that has a team of over 355,300 employees worldwide. Founded in 1944, Cognizant offers services in the field of artificial intelligence, automation, software engineering, IoT, cloud, etc. Cognizant serves clients across all major industries, such as healthcare, banking, finance, manufacturing, and logistics.


Infosys is a digital transformation enabler that has been serving its clients for the last 40 years.  Having a globally distributed team of 343,000 employees, Infosys is spread across 56 countries. Infosys is known for its capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, digital commerce, etc. Established in 1981, Infosys is an NYSE-listed IT service company that has 13 subsidiaries across the globe.


Quickbase is a low-code software development company that allows non-IT background entrepreneurs a platform to build, customize and connect cloud applications that are secure and compliant.  Having a team of 314 employees, Quickbase is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Offering a platform as a service, Quickbase is the go-to tool for entrepreneurs and non-IT developers to build and customize intuitive cloud applications.


WBPRO is an IT services company that develops custom software solutions for its clients. Having an experience of 20 years, WBPRO has an impressive list of 200+ clients across the globe. With a team of 60+ software engineers, WBPRO has developed innovative solutions for startups and enterprises. WBPRO has expertise in developing solutions with its advanced capabilities in software development, mobile app development, artificial intelligence, and data science.

DDI Development

Founded in 2007, DDI Development is a Poland-based software development company that has been developing innovative solutions for startups and enterprises. With their expertise in logistics, CRM, eLearning FinTech, etc, DDI Development boasts a team of engineers and developers with immense expertise in their domains.


Mbicycle is a software solutions development company founded in 2016. With a team of 130+ software developers, Mbicycle has delivered 135+ projects and has more than 17 long-term clients. They have immense expertise in developing online marketplace platforms, sports team management software, wearable apps, etc. They also have expertise in developing Android and iOS applications across various domains and vertices.


Entrision is a software development company based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. With a talented team of engineers and developers, Entrision has been developing custom software for its clients since 2012. Entrision works with renowned brands developing leading digital solutions that are thoughtfully designed.


Echobind is a digital product engineering agency spread across 3 places in the US. They are a leading software engineering, product research, and design service agency that has been developing robust digital solutions since its inception in 2015. Their capabilities include Software Development, Custom Software, Cross Platform Development, Agile Programming, API Development


Getting your logistic software developed by the best among these companies will ensure that your logistics and supply chain business gets the right technology and tools for your logistics and supply chain business to thrive.

With the interconnected and globalized world, it is paramount to have logistics software that allows you to streamline and optimize your logistics business so that you get the maximum ROI from your business. The cost of logistics app development is also something that you may want to consider while looking for a logistics software solution developer for your business.

In a nutshell, developing logistics software requires a specialized set of skills and innovative development methodologies that only some companies possess, the likes of which are listed in this article.


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