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Top 10 Robotics Companies in the USA 2024

Top 10 Biggest Robotics Companies in the USA in 2024

Looking for the best robotics company in America? Robotics lies at the crossroads of technology and science that entails a complicated art of engineering which results into robots capable of performing assigned duties in controlled environments and simulating human behavior. Factory work, firefighting, surgical assistance, companionship for old people, and landmine detection are some popular applications of robots. Robots increase efficiency as well as safety because they can do dangerous jobs without getting tired.

Below is a list of top robotics companies in the USA to help you find a partner. Look through descriptions, feedbacks, and awards to see which one is right for your business.

Let’s take a look at the list of the Top 10 Robotics Companies in the USA in 2024:

1. DataArt

Location: New York, NY

Employees: 1k – 9k

Founded: 1997

Key Projects:

  • METRO Markets: Created scalable B2B e-commerce solution to improve their digital marketplace operations.
  • Aula: Managed an extensive data migration process ensuring successful transition and integration with existing systems.


  • Custom Software Development: Built according to unique business requirements.
  • Enterprise App Modernization: Improved efficiency and functionality by update of legacy systems.
  • UI/UX Design: Developed user interfaces which are both intuitive and appealing.

DataArt applies its vast experience as well as technical expertise in delivering innovative software products that drive business growth. They have worked across industries such as finance, healthcare or retail so that they can serve different customer needs.

2. Toptal

Location: San Francisco, CA

Employees: 1k – 9k

Founded: 2010

Key Projects:

Global NGO: Hired instructional designers to develop educational materials further.

Neron’s Brother — developers were provided for creating a new video game from scratch.


IT Staff Augmentation — this is how highly skilled professionals on temporary basis are chosen to meet project demands immediately if there appear emergencies on job sites or within project teams during peak periods of work.

Freelance Network — there is a possibility to have access to worldwide developers, designers and finance experts.

Toptal links firms with best-in-the-class freelance talent providing adaptable and scalable answers for different IT as well as development requirements. Their high standard selection procedure ensures that clients are serviced by the top professionals in the market.

3. Turing

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Employees: 250 – 999

Founded: 2018

Key Projects:

Meltwater: It expanded the development demands thereby making it grow faster and offer better service.

Gaming App: The use of targeted marketing strategies helped to grow its brand identity and increased consumer activity.


IT Staff Augmentation: We provide remote engineers who enhance existing teams and accelerate projects.

Turing connects businesses with expert remote engineers using AI in order to find the best possible fit for each project. They focus on quality and efficiency to become indispensable partners in technology-driven companies.

4. Serokell

Location: Paris, France (with significant operations in the USA)

Employees: 50 – 249

Founded: 2015

Key Projects:

Wisk: A machine learning prediction system was developed to optimize operations and ensure better decision-making.

Spectroscopy Tools Company: Software that controls core instruments has been rewritten to improve performance and reliability of those instruments.


IoT Development : building devices that work together seamlessly and increase operational effectiveness.

Artificial Intelligence : developing complex solutions based on artificial intelligence technologies.

Blockchain : creation of secure blockchain applications for different industries.

Serokell uses advanced technology combined with a comprehensive market understanding to deliver strong, scalable services. Their interdisciplinary approach is very helpful when dealing with large-scale projects.

5. Data Monsters

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Employees : 50-249

Founding year : 2015

Key Projects :

Real Estate Company : Developed an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) which streamlines property valuations while enhancing precision thereof.

Dalmaza Food Industries Co.: It created a software system which improved operational efficiency as well as product tracking.


Big Data Consulting – makes sense out of big data by analyzing it for companies.

Custom Software Development – creates unique applications designed specifically for one company.

Artificial Intelligence – introduces AI technologies to business and ensures they work at full swing.

The company is aimed at changing businesses with data and AI, therefore offering consulting and development services. Their experience with big data and machine learning makes them an attractive partner for companies looking to innovate.

6. Proml

Location: Scotts Valley, CA

Employees: 10 – 49

Founded: 2009

Key Projects:

Kompletigo Systems: Up and running using VR technology to leverage their products.

3D Scanner Manufacturer: Provided technical advice in order to increase product conformity and useability.


AI Development: Building intelligent systems that improve automation and decision making processes.

Custom Software Development: Developing customized software solutions for specific business problems.

Cloud Consulting: Helping businesses move into the cloud and optimize it.

Proml is an expert in such advanced technologies as AI, AR offering innovative answers to difficult questions. Their thirst for modernity makes them a priceless partner for future-thinking corporations.

7. Uniqcli

Location: Chicago, IL

Employees: 50 – 249

Founded: 2017

Key Projects:

Acelyrin: Re-designed ERP systems in order to enhance efficiency and optimize operational costs.

Organ and Tissue Donation Company Created websites to make their presence felt over the internet channels and outreaches more effective.


IT Strategy Consulting Providing guidance on IT strategy so that it supports business objectives at various instances.

Enterprise App Modernization Rebuilding your legacy applications into newer apps with better performance.

Cloud Consulting Companies that want agility from cloud computing at reduced cost can seek assistance from our organization during transition period.

Uniqcli offers comprehensive IT consulting services focusing on strategic alignment and modernization. With their deep knowledge of enterprise systems and cloud technologies they are prepared to meet the changing requirements of their customers..

8. KitelyTech

Location: Chicago, IL

Employees: 50 – 249

Founded : 2009

Key Projects:

International Dymension – improved web page design to become a part of digital marketing strategies employed by this company (pulitzercenter.org).

Movie Review Platform – created a website as well as mobile app that permits users to be actively involved in reviewing films.


Web Development: Building and scaling strong websites to enhance online presence.

Mobile App Development: Creating engaging and user-friendly mobile applications.

E-commerce Development: Delivering all-inclusive e-commerce solutions that boost online sales.

KitelyTech is a mix of creativity and technical expertise resulting in high-quality digital solutions. They specialize in web and mobile development, making them an ideal partner for any entity looking to make their web pages better or more responsive.

9. Webtronic Labs

Location: Miami, FL

Employees: 10 – 49

Founded: 2018

Key Projects:

Pell Software developed special software needed for everyday activities of the company to become more efficient (pellsoftware.com).

Brightside Studio created its own website that advertises the services it offers so as to attract new clients (brightsidestudio.net).


Custom Software Development Building software specifically designed for your business goals.

UX/UI Design We create intuitive interfaces that catch users’ attention and engage them with your apps through different devices.

IT Strategy Consulting Direction on IT strategy can be given simply by looking at IT initiatives from a strategic perspective.

Webtronic Labs is focused on providing tailor-made solutions which deliver ultimate business outcomes. Their capability to develop complex software along with UX/UI design experience enables them deliver effective creative solutions.

Boston Dynamics

Place: Waltham, MA

Number of employees: 500 – 999

Incorporated: 1992

Main Projects:

Spot: Created a dog-type robot that is capable of moving in complicated environments and is particularly utilized for inspection and remote operations.

Atlas: Developed a human-like robot to be deployed for search and rescue activities with dynamic movements.


Robotics Development: Developing advanced robotic systems for various uses.

Research and Development: Pioneering new technology in the domain of robots based on mobility and automation.

Customer Support and Training: Offering all-inclusive support services as well as training on how to deploy their robotic solution.

Boston Dynamics has gained fame through its ground-breaking approaches in robotics that redefine what robots can do. Their innovative products such as Spot, Atlas are widely used across industries for different tasks from inspection to search and rescue showing their adaptability and high-end capabilities.

These enterprises epitomize the creative fervour and technical prowess that continue pushing robotics forward into tomorrow. They have cutting-edge solutions for your custom software needs, AI integration, or IT strategy consulting.


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