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Top 10 Polo Shirt Brands in the USA

Top 10 Best Polo Shirt Brands in the USA in 2024

The polo shirt is an obfuscating garment in terms of modern men’s style. This short-sleeved, soft-collared top has been branded as “uncool” and criticized for its limited fashionability to the extent it is today. Nonetheless, it would be an oversight to exclude this classic article from your wardrobe. The emergence of more relaxed dress codes in recent times has given polo a chance to reclaim its spot at the top. Thus, today when going on a date night, you could comfortably wear this sports basic alongside tailoring or as well on shorts during a summer get-together.

The time is ripe for purchasing your own polo shirt because it is back! That being said, here’s what you need to know about one of the most surprisingly versatile garments every man should have including where it came from and which brands are making the finest options.

Which Makes A Great Polo?

When shopping for that perfect polo here are some things to think about. Not all polos are created equal and knowing what to look for can help you end up with good ones.

Fit: A slim-fitting yet not tight polo; the shoulder seams should sit where the arm meets the torso; a collar that feels comfortable when fully buttoned up; and a hemline that sits just above hip length.

Fabric: Pique cotton must be soft and stretchy NEVER scratchy. Look for knitted ones with very fine gauge feeling like silk snuggled against skin

Sizing: This varies widely between brands (for example Lacoste uses numbers) so ensure you know yours before purchase

Plenty of firms lend their name to the humble polo shirt but some make more noise than others in terms of craftsmanship, style and fabric quality. Check out these top 10 Polo shirt brands in U.S:

  1. ASKET

    Swedish brand ASKET offers minimalist menswear collections that serve as great starting points for capsule wardrobes. They feature polo shirts in both short and long sleeves, made of a substantial organic pique cotton knit with a straight cut, fine rib collar and mother of pearl buttons. Neat three-button French placket. ASKET has reached the ultimate Polo shirt in their 5th generation since launching in 2016 thanks to an emphasis on quality.

  2. Aurelien

    The Amsterdam-based Aurelien prides itself on its timeless Mediterranean style using slim-cut polos made from fabrics like terrycloth, Egyptian cotton, linen (100%) and extrafine merino wool. These polos come in essential summer pastels and stunning primary colors for every sophisticated resort wear collection guy.

  3. Vilebrequin

    Specializing in fabric and fit luxury resortwear since 1971 is Vilebrequin. Its polo shirts are styled with unique prints and bright colours produced from high-grade materials such as cotton, linen and Tencel fabrics. By now, these luxurious polos have become a common sight at most high-end resorts along the Riviera.

  4. Artknit Studios

    Next up is an Italian brand called Artknit Studios which constitutes aesthetic, craftsmanship and sustainability all in one. In addition to being a certified B Corp, they offer a wide range of eco-friendly polo shirts that are made from organic cotton or merino wool. These polos have been designed in such a way that they can suit almost any kind of outfit because their colors are neutral.

  5. Billy Reid

    Billy Reid’s brand is based in Alabama and focuses on preppy Americana with the essence of the South. Their polo shirts are known for lived-in luxury and include the Penascola polo that’s made from soft cotton with a structured placket and collar. Additionally, there are striped, patterned, and knitted designs made out of Pima cotton.

  6. Pini Parma

    Pini Parma has an attractive range of knitted polos that can be used as a conduit for Italian style. The brand boasts having 100% Italian-made clothes so it means it’s top quality stuff we’re talking about here. For either dressing smartly or going to the beach, they have plain cotton polos and ribbed ones too.

  7. Wax London

    Wax London is among those brands which bring together international influences to create their collections like Mediterranean casual wear and Indian textiles notwithstanding its name. The company offers shirts with flamboyant wide necklines, fibrous textures as well as fifties’ type ribbed edges which will make ideal summer suits or even tailored shorts.

  8. The Resort Co

    The Swedish brand The Resort Co places emphasis on sustainable practices throughout its manufacturing procedures. Included in their polo shirt collection is an open collar terry cloth design suitable for holidaying during summers along with a knitted version done in 100 percent GOTS certified organic cotton that comes in both long sleeves as well as short sleeves.

  9. Polo Ralph Lauren

    Ralph Lauren’s penchant for preppy styling pushed polo shirts into the limelight even more. The polo has become one of the brand’s staple items, with an entire line dedicated to it. Ralph Lauren’s polos made from high quality fabrics are a testament of their brand appeal that has stood the test of time.

  10. Percival

    Percival is yet another maker of knitted polo shirts whose ensembles can be worn well with pleated chinos, shorts or jeans if you feel like in the 60s. From bright, patterned stripes to subtle prints there is sure to be a design for every occasion here.

The History of Polo Shirts

The polo shirt has its roots in a sport that shares its name. Pique-cotton shirts were however also worn for polo in the 1920s. However, the garment we are aware of today as a polo shirt also owed its creation to tennis. René Lacoste, the legendary French tennis star thought that traditional tennis whites were too stiff and restrictive. He developed short sleeved shirts with an unstarched flat collar, buttoned placket and shirts having longer tail. It was first worn during the US open in 1926 and has been popular ever since then.


From their sports heritage, polo shirts have become an essential part of men’s wardrobe. These top ten brands manufacture some of the most sophisticated polo shirts for men that fit perfectly using high-quality fabric and possess brand cachet that is beyond comparison. Whether you’re dressing up for date night or dressing down for a summer get-together, these polos offer versatile options for any time of day or occasion where style is needed.


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