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Top 10 Interior Design Companies in the USA 2024

Top 10 Interior Design Firms in the USA 2024

Are you planning to give your home or office a new look? Or are you considering renovating and need professional assistance? Whatever the situation, there are lots of interior design firms which can assist in creating that space of your dreams.

This blog post looks at the top ten interior design companies in the United States for 2024:

1. Studio O+A

For more than 30 years now, Studio O+A has proven to be one of America’s greatest interior designers. Since its establishment in 1990, it has emerged as an industry leader renowned for its inventive and award-winning interiors. It is now among the most successful Interior Design Companies in US with an estimated annual revenue of $200m in 2022.

A San Francisco based interior design firm, Studio O+A offers innovative solutions for interiors. The team consists of nearly hundred staff including but not limited to; interior decorators, architects and IT personnel. This group collectively comes up with intuitive and innovative Interior Design solutions that created some of the most unforgettable Interior designs over the last three decades. Their seasoned designers specialize on commercial, hospitality and residential projects.

2. Signature Design Interiors

Signature Design Interiors is a well-established Interior Design Company based in the USA. They were established in 2003 and began this year with $30M annual revenue and projected revenue for 2022 is expected to reach around $50M . At present they have a workforce of more than three hundred professionals who focus on furniture design consultancy, space planning services as well as installation processes. This has been proven by many repeat customers according to details meticulously paid attention to by Signature Design Interiors -.


Heavenly started out as a small business by Lee Mayer and Emily Motayed in Colorado but it has grown into a major player within United States’ Interior Design market. As their headquarters are situated in Denver, they have been able to witness significant growth in terms of revenue, which reached $24 million last year. Havenly provides numerous interior design services that allow homeowners looking to redecorate their homes and apartments with a variety of choices such as selecting furniture or recommending wall art or offering decorating tips. The thing that sets this company apart is that every client is assigned an experienced Interior Designer who knows how to make their dream home come true.

Heavenly is an online platform for interior design service that costs as low as $79 per room. Customers can select either the mini package or full package, which provide different levels of assistance based on individual needs and budget. To date, it has a workforce of more than 350 experts who are working on various projects in order to ensure customer satisfaction across the globe; with projections pointing that there will be significant growth for this Interior Design giant in the next few years.

4.The Ashleys Interiors

Ashleys Interiors have become one of the leading companies in America since 2003. This is because of the diverse quality design services we offer, which has made us very popular and successful over time. At all times, The Ashleys Interiors has had many employees numbering more than sixty led by professionals.

Predictions say that its annual revenue will be about $20 million come 2022 and some of its specialized services include home staging for real estate agents, reupholstery as well as refurbishment and unique solutions to individual needs. It is therefore certain that The Ashleys Interiors can create imaginative interior designs with flawless attention to detail as well as vast expertise on aesthetic appearances for its customers.

5. Laurel & Wolf

Laurel & Wolf was founded in 2014 and has grown into one of the most prosperous Interior Design Companies throughout American continent. Originally headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company then expanded to New York City and other major cities in North America. By 2022’s estimated revenue was a huge whopping $19 million dollars while at that time they had over 1,500 employees to handle numerous projects that required high level interior design services.

Laurel & Wolf offers personalized advice through their “Designer” package or virtual consultations for people looking for more hands-on interior design approaches to use in their homes or offices. Some of their most famous works include decorating luxury penthouses and lavish homes around USA. Singlehandedly transforming any space with beauty or specialness remains what Laurel & Wolf does regardless where they are going or how big their business grows.

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6. Interior Define

Interior Define is one of the leading companies dealing with interior designs in America founded back in 2011 by Rob Royer himself. Based on these achievements Interior Define expects revenues totaling up to eighteen (18) million dollars come 2022. Dedicated designers and craftsmen at Interior Define strive to always make beautiful furniture pieces that are elegant and contemporary.

Presently, there are around one hundred workers at the Interior Define while their bestselling item is called Reese Sofa, which can work well in any living area. Customers can effortlessly customize their own styles within the comfort of their homes using Interior Define’s personalized services online. As a result, today it remains a pioneer among other interior designing firms within the USA due to its excellence customer care.

7. Decorilla

Decorilla is one of the largest interior design companies in America having been established in 2013 with its headquarters based in New York City. According to ABC Consulting’s recent report about this company’s revenue it will be nearing twelve (12) million dollars by the year 2022. They have undertaken numerous projects from small apartments to large office buildings across America for different clients.

Decorilla’s team comprises nearly one hundred and fifty gifted interior design practitioners who have been able to pull off fabulous achievements through advanced technologies and bespoke solutions for each client. This is particularly by working closely with professionals from other disciplines as well as the expertise of Decorilla, that they are able to come up with new concepts and styles while still maintaining a beautiful interior space that can be adjusted for homeowners within budget.

8. Design Collective

Design Collection was established in 2007 and it is among the top Interior Design companies in U.S.A. The company has grown exponentially since its inception and has received numerous awards. Design Collective is projected to double its annual revenue to $11 million by 2022, driven by an expected increase in workforce from 80 currently.

The Company provides several specialized services which include; Architectural service, client account management, space planning and interior décor all aimed at bringing together beauty and practicality. These days Design Collective continues to push boundaries in the Interior Design industry as well as create partnerships with those clients who have similar dreams of evergreen spaces.

9. Susan Marinello Interiors

Founded in 1996, Susan Marinello Interiors has been a leading interior design company in America. Their sales last year were around five million dollars but this figure will rise above eight million dollars by 2022. They work with more than two dozen specialists who vary from designers, consultants, contractors or project managers for example. They provide various services such as design development – residential/commercial/hospitality/ as well as project management services focusing on these areas among others including; renovation of hotels etc., house remodeling shops like Home Depot across us where many people go shopping frequently because it offers excellent quality products without moving far away meanwhile Susan Marinello Interior boasts of premium quality finishes that can be relied upon even when one needs a professional opinion.

10. Amber Interiors Design Studio

Amber Interior Design Studio is one of the most renown Interior Design Companies in the US. It was created by Amber Lewis, a well-known interior and lifestyle designer who started this firm in Los Angeles and now it has grown into a company known for innovative designs.

The business has grown alongside great success in terms of its revenue. The company is estimated to have made above five million dollars last year with projections showing that it will surpass thirty million dollars by the year 2022. Its furniture collections are among the most distinct while they still offer award winning pieces that can fit any given area. In 2021 alone, more than three hundred employees contributed to providing excellent services whilst focusing on innovation through their craftwork.


This list should help you narrow down your options when choosing from many amazing interior design firms out there! Whether you want something luxurious or low-budget – this compilation offers what you’re looking for! These top 10 companies can transform any house into a home – from modern minimalism to cozy warmth! So don’t wait – start transforming your living space today!


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