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Top 10 Biotech Companies in the USA in 2024

Top 10 Biotech Companies USA in 2024

Biotech industry is booming in the United States. Several biotech companies in USA are innovatively creating advanced technologies to help them develop treatments and cures for the most dangerous diseases of our time. These companies have become household names in this field such as Gilead Sciences, Celgene, Abbott Laboratories, Merck & Co., amongst others.

This list has a range of pharmaceutical giants and start-up biotechnology companies that give an overview of current developments in biotech across US today. America’s biotechnology sector has grown rapidly over recent years and these companies offer up just a few examples of the innovative strides being taken all across the nation!

Biotech industry is one of the fastest growing industries in United States. In 2018, it was valued at around $115 billion and expected to reach $775 billion by 2025. As such high growth rate implies, many biotech firms are trying their best to make into top ten-list.

Here are top Biotech companies that will feature on this list by 2024:

    1. Gilead Sciences

      Headquartered at Foster City, California, Gilead Sciences was formed back in 1987 and has gone ahead to become one among very prominent corporations within its own sphere. Its mission statement is: “To research, develop, and commercialize innovative therapeutics that help patients live longer,” ( It focuses on medications for liver conditions caused by hepatitis B & C viruses including cancer drugs related with other diseases for instance HIV/AIDS.

      Gilead Science presently employs over 11k people worldwide and it expects its revenue to reach $41 billion by 2022. This company produces drugs like those used to treat HIV/AIDS infections; Hepatitis C; Cancer etcetera. It has been ranked number one on every occasion when the list featured top American Biotechs.

  1. Celgene

    Biotech companies have strived to discover new treatments and cures for various ailments. Among the leading biotech firms in USA is Celgene. Founded in 1986, they concentrate on making innovative therapies for cancer and other severe illnesses. It is one of the largest Biotech Companies in the United States with over 6k employees.

    Their products are available globally in more than 70 countries particularly USA, Asia and Europe. In 2017, Bristol-Myers Squibb acquired Celgene at $74 billion which made it one of the biggest Biotech Companies ever. This year alone, Celgene has acquired a market cap worth about $100bn USD, with an estimated revenue of roughly $22bn expected by 2022.

  2. Biogen

    Biogen is one of the major biotech companies situated in US that focus on drugs used to treat neurological and autoimmune disorders. The firm was established back in the year 1978, its headquarters are located at Cambridge, Massachusetts.Predictably Biogen will generate approximately $22 billion by 2022.

    Currently having around 7500 employees.Biogens’ products include Tecfidera which treats multiple sclerosis and Spinraza to cure spinal muscular dystrophy.Biogen is also working on various clinical trials for probable new drugs remedy Alzheimer’s disease as well as Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease too.

  3. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

    Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, established in 1988, is one of America’s most successful biotech companies. The company is headquartered in Tarrytown, New York and it plans to make an amazing $21.58 billion US dollars next year with a growing workforce of 8 thousand staff! They cover areas like diabetes, high cholesterol and eye diseases.

    The firm’s products include Eylea, Praluent, Dupixent or Libtayo used for treating macular degeneration, cholesterol or atopic dermatitis among others. It has various collaborations with other companies like Sanofi or Bayer and Teva among many others where they are involved in coming up with new products as well as treatments. The company constantly researches and develops new products aimed at improving the quality of life for those suffering from different ailments.

  4. Alexion Pharmaceuticals

    The biotech industry is working hard on finding treatment and cures for some deadly diseases. One such firm is Alexion Pharmaceuticals. In Boston Massachusetts, Alexion is a global biopharmaceutical company that was founded in 1992 and it has been operating worldwide since then employing over 4k people as of now (Alexion Pharmaceuticals 2019). Its revenue by 2022 will reach around $17 billion dollars. The aim of Alexion is to serve patients with rare diseases and ultra-rare disorders.

    Currently the company has five approved drugs on the market and two investigational therapies in clinical development (Alexion Pharmaceuticals 2019). Additionally while there are several other potential treatments for rare diseases that Alexion is working on (Benjamin et al., 2020) this approach holds the promise of providing long-term value to patients who need innovative medicine at an affordable cost borne by society rather than them alone – even if we don’t know what form these future projects may take yet given how far off these developments may be! By staying true to our mission of “helping as many people possible” through innovative research, development and commercialization strategies that are driven solely by health outcomes rather than profits alone – which also aligns nicely with our revenue strategy – we believe we can achieve both financial success (i.e., sustainable growth) while still managing other risks associated with business failure such as lack thereof; meaning there could never be enough funding sources: one needs another source besides himself/herself in order not rely on one entity too much because it might go bankrupt soon after he/she has spent all their savings trying to get into another level altogether….the possibility is endless just depending on who wants what from whom and how hard they fight for it.

  5. Amgen

    Since its establishment in 1980, Amgen has become an influential participant in the biotech market. The company is focused on discovering and delivering innovative medicines to address some of the most serious diseases globally including heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Amgen is one of the most influential biotech companies in America today due to over four decades of developing breakthrough drugs.

    Revenue-wise, Amgen is expected to make $32 billion next year. Located at Thousand Oaks, California with approximately 21k workers, the firm’s headquarters are situated there (Amgen). ADVERTISEMENTS
    Amgen’s products include biologics used for treating different cases such as cancer or osteoporosis or blood disorders among others. Amgen also engages itself in researching and developing new therapies for various other diseases.

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  6. Illumina Inc

    Incorporated since 1998, Illumina Inc stands out as one of United States’ leading biotechnology firms. It has based its operations at San Diego California and it had a total employee base of about fourteen thousand people by 2019 (Illumina). The firm develops and commercializes next generation sequencing technologies for genome sequencing.

    These include the likes of sequencing by synthesis, sequencing by ligation as well as solid-state arrays among others. Meanwhile, in the year 2018 alone it earned around $9.4 billion and was listed among Fortune 500 companies at position 140 (Illumina). These numbers are estimated to grow up to $27 billion by 2022 for Illumina’s revenue.

  7. Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc

    There exists a biotechnology company in the US called Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc., founded in 1989 by Joshua Boger and Kevin Kinsella. By 2020, its market capitalization stood at $62.4 billion and it ranks 137th on Fortune 500. Its revenue is expected to attain $13.3 billion in the year two thousand and twenty-two. This firm has an approximate number of two thousand seven hundred employees world wide, having its head office situated at Boston Massachusetts.

    The major products produced by the company include remedies for cystic fibrosis, hepatitis C, and cancer. The most noteworthy product of this company is Kalydeco that was approved by FDA for curing cystic fibrosis in the year twenty twelve. In addition to this, Vertex also has other drugs that are currently undergoing clinical trials like ones designed against sickle cell disease and Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

  8. Biotest

    US Biotest is another biotech company located in New Jersey City which was founded in around 2002.Amongst many other things they do, US Biotest is focused on discovering new therapeutics mainly through plasma-based products; however, they also provide services that aid clinical trials. Its annual revenues as of 2022 amounted to $1.2 b while having more than three thousand employees.Their product offerings include therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies as well as vaccines. The organization has a strong portfolio of products with a wide range of choices available for customers.Meaningful presence within domestic market and anticipated rapid growth over next years make it one of leading players across American biotech segment.

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  9. Myriad Genetics

    Myriad Genetics is among topmost BIOTECH COMPANIES IN THE USA due to its innovative researches and transformative solutions it offers to clients globally since establishment in nineteen ninety-one with its headquarters at Salt Lake City in Utah. Myriad Genetics mainly concentrates on providing genetic testing services with over three million tests conducted annually. Their income reached 0.842 billion dollars in 2019, and by 2022, it is anticipated to hit the mark of $ 1.03 billion since that time it has had a workforce of two thousand two hundred staff members.

    Myriad Genetics offers hereditary cancer tests, inherited cardiovascular disease tests, fertility tests among other products. They also offer risk assessment for genetic conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases amongst others. As we speak now, Myriad Genetics is expanding into new markets and launching new products all the time.Major goal of this company is to arm patients with more information about their health thereby facilitating better choices.


The biotech industry is rapidly growing not only in the United States but globally as well. In 2018 alone, it was valued at around one hundred fifteen billion and estimated to have grown up to eight hundred billion come 2025 onwards.


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