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Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Canada

The Largest Real Estate Enterprises in Canada

About the Canadian Real Estate Industry

Canadian commercial properties, especially those in Toronto and British Columbia, are in high demand. In 2019, investment sales activity in the Canadian office market rose at a record pace. Even in the most crowded office markets, 10-year leases with top dollar are becoming standard. This encourages office lease renewals and occupiers to think about expanding their office space.

Hotels and apartments are also experiencing an unquenchable demand, with owners of these assets having similar pricing power. Occupancy and per-room income both reached or came near to all-time highs last year, according to property data provider STR Global Inc., while profit margins have risen sharply.

Coworking firms, tech companies and logistics/distribution businesses — three types of tenants that have emerged rapidly — are pushing for more commercial space. The real estate industry is anticipated to be a significant driver of the nation’s workplace footprint as coworking takes up a greater share of floor space.

Listed below are Canada’s Top Real Estate Companies

Find below a list of Leading real estate companies located within Canada:

MaxWell Realty Canada:

MaxWell® Realty is an Alberta-based homegrown franchise network established by two adventurous real estate executives in 1999. MaxWell was established on the principle of providing superior customer service while maintaining honesty and integrity with our clients. They believe that many consumers want a real estate company that still offers services with old fashion qualities such as honesty, integrity, professionalism.

2.Westbank Corp:

Westbank is an organization dedicated to making beauty in all its forms – which goes beyond what people believe a “real estate developer” does – or even can do. We’ve outgrown the definition; it no longer encompasses what we do or why we do it. A traditional developer is driven by numbers – we are not; Westbank’s values come from something much deeper: They have a responsibility to create buildings that are resilient, that even in decades’ time, will be an asset to the community.


Amacon’s goal is to become one of Canada’s largest and most successful developers in the future. Amacon controls all facets of the development process including site acquisition, project management, development, construction and marketing + sales. This allows them to control costs and quality at every stage giving them a competitive advantage when it comes time for consumers to buy.

4.Pinnacle International:

Pinnacle International is one of North America’s leading builders of luxury condominium residences, hotels and commercial developments. Based in Vancouver, BC, Pinnacle has been involved in the development, design, construction and management of their projects for over three decades. Their projects have contributed to the growth of urban communities across the region and have enhanced those neighbourhoods through complementary architectural expressions.


WINMAR® provides restoration services to residential and commercial properties throughout Canada. In order for our clients to return to their pre-loss life with as little disruption and cost as possible our crews provide fast and efficient service. We specialize in water damage restoration, fire & smoke restoration, mould inspection & removal as well as other emergency & reconstruction services.

6. Mission Group Enterprises:

A household name in Kelowna, B.C., Mission Group has spent decades pursuing a vision of the ideal city for families and young professionals to call home. The company’s management team and staff all call Kelowna home, and with backgrounds as varied as the city itself, they believe in housing for everyone, everywhere. Inclusive communities create the best places to live, so their “Build It Forward” philosophy is centered around building value for the community today, so that it can thrive tomorrow.

7. Allied Real Estate REIT:

Allied Properties is best known for its work on Class I office space — the high ceilings, natural light and exposed brick or steel framing found in converted industrial spaces across downtown Toronto. Converted to high standards, Class I buildings are a favourite among tech companies and other creative industries for their unique aesthetic qualities.

8. Slavens & Associates Real Estate Inc:

Richard Sherman and Darren Slavens founded Slavens & Associates Real Estate Inc in 2007 during one of Canada’s biggest real estate booms ever: a time when houses were selling before they even hit the market.

The brokerage has been a mainstay in Toronto ever since, serving clients from local first-time buyers to international investors looking to put down stakes here.

Slavens says his firm’s differentiator is professionalism blended with personal service; integrity intertwined with knowledge of every little corner of the city; dedication backed by experience.

9. Larlyn Property Management Ltd:

Larlyn Property Management Ltd., founded by university friends Gary Kentner and Larry McLaughlin in 1975 as a small property-management business out of Kentner’s basement apartment in London, Ont., has always prided itself on being progressive enough to change with the times — even if that means having difficult conversations with board members who want things to stay exactly as they are.

Larlyn provides property-asset management services to condominium and investment-property owners who want to ensure their investments are protected and value is added in an ever-changing world.

10. Bucci Developments Ltd:

Bucci Developments Ltd. is a boots-on-the-ground, vertically integrated company that likes to get its hands dirty. The company does all of the work for every single one of its housing developments from start to finish: land acquisition, design, construction, marketing and sales. That means they’re involved in almost every step of the process — which translates into top quality and value for homebuyers.

They’ve built everything from luxury townhomes in Calgary’s inner city to affordable condos in Airdrie, Alta., and they like to move fast; but never at the cost of quality.


Canada’s housing market has ground to a near-halt during the COVID-19 crisis, leaving homeowners among the most indebted in the world with precious little room to weather any possible storm. Across much of Europe and Asia, housing markets have ground nearly or entirely to a halt during coronavirus lockdowns that have put many out of work for good or indefinitely. But few countries face as dangerous an outlook as Canada, where until recently real estate was making up a larger share of the economy than oil at a time when house prices were soaring three times faster than incomes were growing. Almost one-third of workers have applied for government income support since March 15th.

If the system crashes, not much can fill the void. At least oil and customer service.” Since the 1990s when mortgage rates began to fall, Canadians have been on a two-decade binge. During this period there were no serious setbacks either in Toronto or Vancouver, the country’s two biggest property markets. Housing has become a wealth-creation machine: as prices rose homeowners felt rich, so they bought more, borrowed more and drove prices higher still.


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