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TOP 10 Video Production Companies in India 2024

Video production companies in India are shaping and meeting the requirements of individuals to those of businesses. It is mainly because at present time we all are more prone to videos as compared to text as they are easy to catch and develop interest too.

The Indian video production market is expected to reach around $4.8 billion by 2025. This is mainly because audiences are more prone to get attracted towards videos.

But what video production is all about? Before getting deep towards the top 10 Video Production Companies in India, it is equally important for you to know about it as well.

Video production is the form of constructing video content and that has different steps: right from planning to shooting and even its distribution.

In addition, the main purpose of video production is for direct marketing and advertising, they even educate individuals who are interested in learning, videos can also be used to document events and products.

All of this requires the use of digital recording with the help of high-quality video cameras. This is where the top companies come to play as they have access to the top-quality cameras that can develop quality footage.

But do you know what makes up the requirements of the top 10 Video Production Companies in India? There are some of the top reasons that we have found out and we are sure you will agree with us.

Compelling reasons why businesses are approaching video production?

There are many reasons why businesses/individuals are connecting with video production:

  • Videos are more engaging than text and individuals watch them more.
  • They can be easily shared across different channels and in the form of shared links.
  • One of the prominent reasons why video production is on top is because of its global reach.
  • Companies in other ways can also track their results – to what percentage of people have viewed their videos.

However, there are more than 10,000 video production companies in India floating in the market. This means right from small to medium and even large scale.

This industry is also filled with freelancers and is highly fragmented. So, if you are looking to grow your business then video production is one of the necessities at present time.

But out of so many, it would be tough to determine the top ones and get started with them. 

Hence, if you are wondering it so then we are here to let you find the top 10 Video Production Companies in India helping businesses and even individuals to get started with the best video production.

Video Production Companies catering wide range of clients

There is no doubt the top 10 Video Production Companies in India we are going to mention here are catering to the number of clients.

By this we mean- businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. So, if you are in a need of:

  • concept development
  • scriptwriting
  • filming
  • editing
  • animation
  • and motion graphics 

Look down below to learn about the top 10 Video Production Companies in India delivering success.

1. Miss Audio Video

One of the top names among the top 10 Video Production Companies in India is Miss Audio Video.

They mainly specialize in developing high-quality videos (which is a necessity at present to grow your requirements).

They help in creating engaging animated videos as well. In addition, they offer whiteboard animations, motion graphics, 2D & 3D animation, video marketing, and more.

Miss Audio Video serves different businesses in India. But what makes them among the top 10?

When you are getting quality work remember behind every great work there is a great team. So, this is the case with Miss Audio Video, they are among the top 10 because they offer definite services to their clients.

They have experienced designers, video editors who can create engaging videos and that can help your audience to connect in a few seconds.

Miss Audio Video ensure to understand the details of the project beforehand and then start working on it.

Also, offer different packages so that it becomes easy to meet your budget and undertake service easily.

2. Village Talkies

A video production company that is based in Bangalore, India serving a wide range of businesses and industries.

Their core service is to offer corporate video production (explainer videos, training videos, testimonials).

Village Talkies can also serve 2D and 3D animation services. In addition to this, they can even help you to undertake website development services. 

So, no matter if you are a start-up or an enterprise, they have services that meet your requirements.

They are known to deliver professional videos and this made them to be listed among the top 10 video production companies in India. After all, it is all about quality that can meet your needs and Village Talkies focuses on client satisfaction.

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3. Reel on Social

Yet another company you can find under the top 10 Video Production Companies in India is Reel on Social.

It is a New Delhi-based video and marketing company that can help you develop compelling or eye-catching videos.

Now if you are wondering why you should reach Reel on Social then here is your answer.

Their main aim is to accommodate businesses to tell their stories with the utmost videos.

This means they can offer promotional videos, training videos, explainer videos, 2D/3D animation and more.

In addition, upon creating videos they can also help you to market them across different channels. All of this is done with the help of a professional team as they can match your needs in one shot.

4. Brand Animators

Brand Animators is one of the other top 10 Video Production Companies in India with several branches. They mainly specialize in 2D and 3D animation videos or simple term we explainer videos.

This mainly relates to product animations, character animation, whiteboard animations, and motion graphics.

It was found that Brand Animators have been within the industry for quite a long time now. They have experience in handling multiple projects with the top success rate.

5. Skittles Productions

Skittles Productions is another top video production company based in Delhi. If you are looking to develop corporate videos, films for brands and even for businesses/agencies then they can complete your requirements.

They have the expertise to let your concept turn into reality right from development to animation and more.

Skittles Productions film-makers are quite passionate about making what you are looking for. This has put them on top of other companies and gained tremendous success.

6. Prayan Animation Studio Pvt Ltd

One of the popular video production companies is located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. It was established in 2012, and they are specialized in creating 2D and 3D animation.

Prayan Animation Studio can help you to develop explainer videos, animated series, short films, flash games and more.

They have passionate experts towards developing animation to meet the demands. Hence, if you are looking to find a reliable and professional animation studio then Prayan Animation Studio Pvt Ltd, is one of the good options.

7. XVS Creation

There are a number of video production companies running across different cities and countries in India. However, if you are looking for the best one then XVS Creation is also one of the reputed companies located in Lucknow, India.

From motion graphic to 2D animation to photography and even 3D rendering, XVS Creation can accomplish all of your requirements.

All you need is to share your requirements with their experienced professionals and deliver utmost results.

In addition, you can also undertake their different packages by shaping up your requirements.

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8. Ayushmi Creation

Ayushmi Creation is a video and animation production company based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

It was founded in 2017 and delivers a wide range of services in video production.

This means whether you need to develop corporate films, animated/industrial videos or even medical, they can work closely with your requirements.

It has been found that Ayushmi Creation has served top-class businesses like reliance industries, Godrej, Mahindra & Mahindra and more. By connecting with Ayushmi Creation you will be able to withstand your requirements.

9. WebVorx

One of the top video production companies in India is WebVorx. They are known for their amazing work in the form of videos, animation and more.

In turn, it has been found that WebVorx has its best motion graphic studio in India shaping the needs of different industries.

Hence, if you are looking to get started with something best then WebVorx could be one of your choices. They have expertise in different segments that can help you to match your needs on the first attempt.

Along with this, like all others, they do have different packages that businesses can look at and match their requirements in turn get started.

10. Just videos

Just Video is based in Kolkata and holds more than 10 years of experience in delivering the best video production service. 

We have found that they are eligible to develop around 8 types of videos and this makes them to be among the Top 10 Video Production Companies in India.

If you are a business person and want to develop top-quality videos or an individual then you can reach Just Videos. They are well aware of all the latest trends and technologies to develop videos of the finest quality.

Therefore, you do not have to get worried about anything, but you can leave all of your work to them and make them engage with something else.

11. Digital studio

Digital Studio helps you to develop corporate films, machine videos, industrial, 2D/3D, 360 product videos and more. 

No matter if your requirements are big or small, Digital Studio can let you accomplish all of your requirements easily. They have different expertise in different segments and hence there is nothing to be worried about.

Once you have shared your requirements you can sit back and relax, as you will be eligible to take the finest video to let your requirements meet the highest standards.


There is an increasing demand for digital video content because they are easy to connect with. This in turn is increasing the demand for businesses or individuals to connect with the Top 10 Video Production Companies in India.

In turn, there is no doubt that the video production industry in India is shaping and known as a dynamic sector. Hence, if you are in search of top video production companies then you can look above to find the one that matches your needs.


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