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Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in India 2024

Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in India 2024

The Indian mobile phone market is one of the largest and most competitive in the world. There are many brands to choose from but only some can be considered as top-tier. This article will discuss top 10 mobile phone brands in India according to their revenue, new product launches and overall reputation among consumers.

Here is the list of Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in India to buy in 2024:

  1. Samsung

    Revenue (in INR crores) – ₹45,000

    New Product Launches in 2024: Samsung Galaxy S24, Samsung Galaxy A54, Samsung Galaxy F24

    Samsung is a leader when it comes to mobile phones not just in India but worldwide too! It has wide range of products that cater different price segments starting from affordable ones like Galaxy A series up to flagship devices such as S-series smartphones which are known for sleek design with high-quality displays and innovative features like DeX (Desktop Experience) & S-Pen stylus etc. The company also boasts strong offline presence through its vast network retail stores+service centers spread across country making them preferred choice among Indian customers.

  2. Xiaomi

    Income in 2023: ₹30,000 crores

    New Product Launches in 2024: Xiaomi Redmi Note 12, Xiaomi Mi 14, Xiaomi Poco X5

    Xiaomi has been shaking up the Indian market by providing good quality products at affordable prices. Their Redmi series has done extremely well and they keep adding new features and technology with each device. The powerful processor, high-quality camera and long battery life are some of the things that set Xiaomi apart from others according to me. Moreover, it’s online only sales strategy helps them to keep costs low so that more people can buy their stuffs without spending much money. They have huge number followers who love this brand very much because they think that xiaomi is the best.

  3. Vivo

    Revenue in 2023: ₹25,000 crores

    New Product Launches in 2024: Vivo V25, Vivo V27, Vivo Y55

    Vivo is slowly gaining popularity among Indians due to their focus towards camera technology along with sleek designs which result into beautiful looking devices . The consumer love for V series phones can be seen easily but this company does not limit itself there as it also offers handsets across different price segments so that every person could afford one if he wants to have it anyway . If we talk about fast charging then again vivo gets full marks here because these days almost all its models come equipped with such feature . It provides offline service centers where customers can easily get their problems solved regarding any product offered by them.

  4. Oppo

    Revenue in 2023: ₹20,000 crores

    New Product Launches in 2024: Oppo Reno 8, Oppo Find X6, Oppo A98

    Oppo is known for its sleek design which attracts many indian buyers who are always looking for stylish gadgets having latest features inside them at reasonable prices. They have good reputation when it comes to fast charging technology too so people prefer buying this brand because they know that their mobile will charge up quickly whenever required . If you are a selfie lover then Oppo should be your choice without any doubt as these devices come with high quality front cameras which capture amazing selfies even in low light conditions also. There is no need to worry about service because there are many retail stores situated across every city of India where customers can go and get their phones repaired easily without facing any trouble or delay.

  5. OnePlus

    Revenue in 2023: ₹10,000 crores

    New Product Launches in 2024: OnePlus 12, OnePlus 10R, OnePlus Nord 3

    OnePlus has been the first choice for most indians who want premium devices having top notch specifications because according to me they offer best value for money compared to other brands available here . They always launch their flagship killer smartphones which become instant hit among masses due to unique combination of latest features and powerful hardware packed into them at affordable prices . Many people may not be aware but oneplus was originated from BBK electronics same parent company oppo and vivo belongs too so you can expect certain similarities between these products also like sleek design , good battery life , decent camera etc . In addition all the models look very attractive especially nord series with its gradient finish back panel.

  6. Micromax

    Revenue in 2023: ₹5,000 crores

    New Product Launches in 2024: Micromax Bharat 6, Micromax Infinity N13, Micromax Canvas 7

    Micromax is a local brand that has been making waves in India with their low-cost phones and unique features. The Bharat series has proven popular among consumers and the company is pushing into different price brackets. Affordable, durable phones with such features as dual cameras or fingerprint sensors are among those produced by this company.

  7. Lava

    Revenue in 2023: ₹4,000 crores

    New Product Launches in 2024: Lava Z26, Lava V6, Lava X2

    Lava has always been an Indian favorite for its affordability and durability; it’s no wonder they have become increasingly popular over the years! Their products boast long-lasting batteries as well as sleek design while still managing to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends on offer from other brands too – what more could you want? In addition to this fact though let me tell you another one: innovation never stops at these stores either because there’s always some new feature or technology waiting just around the corner..they’re also really good at making sure everyone can get their hands on them – does anyone else remember when we had only seen lava once before now?

  8. Karbonn

    Revenue in 2023: ₹3,000 crores

    New Product Launches in 2024: Karbonn Aura Note 2, Karbonn Titanium S10, Karbonn Vue 2

    Karbonn is an Indian company that has been gaining popularity with its affordable devices and innovative features. The Aura series of smartphones are loved by many people because they have something for every price segment so you’ll be able to find one which suits your needs perfectly – whether it be all about the design or just having a phone with good specs! Karbonn phones are also known for being durable and affordable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. They’ve got things like dual cameras and fingerprint sensors too.

  9. Intex

    Revenue in 2023: ₹2,500 crores

    New Product Launches in 2024: Intex Aqua 5G, Intex Cloud 5G, Intex Ecco

    Intex is an Indian brand that has been around for quite some time now; they are loved by many because their devices are both affordable as well as durable which makes them perfect if you’re someone who tends to drop things a lot! The battery life on these phones is always really long lasting so don’t worry about having your charger with you at all times either – plus they look nice too! What sets intex apart from other brands though? Well there’s two words: new features. They keep coming up with more and more cool stuff every year such as faster processors or even waterproofing!

  10. LYF

    Revenue in 2023: ₹2,000 crores

    New Product Launches in 2024: LYF F2, LYF Earth 3, LYF Water 8

    LYF? Oh yeah I remember them – they’re those guys that make those super cheap phones right? Wrong! Well, sort of anyway! Sure lyf does produce some really low-end models but what people tend to forget is how innovative this company really is. Did you know for example that their smartphone batteries can charge up halfway in just five minutes flat?! And not only that but these devices look great too; sleek designs mixed together with powerful specs create one hell of an aesthetic balance let me tell ya..but hey don’t take my word for it go check out some images online yourself! Lyf also offers different price segments so there’s bound to be something that suits everybody’s budget


The Indian smartphone industry is one of the most cutthroat markets worldwide, as brands scramble for attention. In 2024, the top ten mobile phone companies in India are Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Micromax, Lava, Karbonn, Intex and LYF. Every brand has its own set of strengths and weaknesses — providing a wide array of choices for consumers across all price points. Whether it be budget-friendly options such as Micromax or Karbonn or premium devices like Samsung and OnePlus – there’s something for everyone here in this country! And with further development happening in these areas too.

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