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Top 10 Data Science Companies in India 2024

Top 10 Leading Data Science Companies in India by 2024.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, data science is an interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems used to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. With potential for solving complex problems and driving innovation in organizations, there has been a surge in demand for data science professionals in India. This article showcases

The top ten Data Science companies that are leading this trend in India:

1. Cartesian Consulting:

One of the best data sciences firms located at Bangalore is Cartesian Consulting. Cartesian Consulting is a Data Science Company that has made its name in the corporate world of India. Founded in 2019, Cartesian positions itself as being the leader when it comes to providing Data Science Solutions for the expanding Indian Economy. Their range of services include Data Strategy, Data Analytics and Data Engineering. The company has attracted global recognition with more than 150 highly skilled employees on its payroll who are expected to generate about USD50 million worth annual turnover at end of this year.

Some of their services include data analytics, machine learning, AI consulting,natural language processing (NLP) among others. They have collaborated with leading companies across multiple sectors such as telecommunications industry banking industry retailing as well as manufacturing sector As far as this rapidly growing area within India’s economy is concerned,Cartesian is a good bet for companies targeting a lead over rivals regarding data science technology adoption.

2. Fractal Analytics:

This is one of the biggest big-data based analytics providers situated at Mumbai known as Fractal Analytics Inc.. Fractal Analytics is one among the largest Data Science companies within India which was established twenty years ago (2000). Over these past two decades they have grown rapidly making them market leaders today and will likely remain so into future. By having an expected revenue reaching $500m by 2022 and a global workforce comprising of 3k personnel throughout its branches,few companies are better designed than it to continue giving its clients high-quality insights, analytics and business solutions.

They specialize in customer analytics, marketing mix optimization, pricing optimization and predictive models. Their client list includes some of the world’s most famous organizations such as Coca-Cola, Amazon and Microsoft. Given their reputation for delivering best quality work over the years, it is no wonder that there seems to be no sign of slowing down for Fractal Analytics.

3. Crayon Data:

Crayon Data is a Chennai-based AI-driven data science firm. One of India’s leading Data Science companies,Crayon Data was established in 2012 and has grown rapidly since then. In 2022, they are expected to bring in revenues worth USD40 Million with more than one thousand employees spread across the globe. Their goal is to become the most innovative company within the data sciences space and therefore they have been actively working on creating new analytics solutions as well as providing insights for different players from various domains including e-commerce, finance, healthcare or retail etc.

This consists of offerings such as machine learning solutions for customer segmentation, search engine optimization (SEO) and recommendation systems. They keep exploring newer horizons within data science while expanding their team of proficient software developers,data scientists whose decisions are informed by state-of-the-art techniques as well as technologies being used.

4. Srijan Technologies:

Srijan Technologies was started in 2005 and is recognized as one of the best Data Science companies in India. It has consistently delivered professional Data Science solutions to customers worldwide. Srijan Technologies is a digital transformation company located in Gurgaon that uses technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) AI-driven techniques to provide customer insights.

In addition, their services include predictive analytics and AI-driven marketing automation. For instance, Srijan Technologies’ projected revenue for 2022 is approximately $850 million and it boasts of having more than five thousand employees across twenty-eight countries. For the past decade and a half, Srijan has emerged as a leading global data science company through its state-of-the-art services that have been geared towards setting new standards in innovation. Over time, customers have been wowed by the expertise displayed by the staff at Srijan Technologies.

5. Polestar Solutions and Services:

Polestar Solutions and Services are some of the well-known data Science companies in India established in 1999. Bangalore-based Polestar Solutions and Services are known for providing big data, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions among others related services. They also offer consulting support on areas such as market mix optimization, pricing optimization and customer segmentation. It has grown hugely over the years with main focus on Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

Based on this projection, it is expected to make $250 million by 2022 where the number of employees will increase from the current level of 500 to about 1000. On various verticals across sectors like BFSI, Retail E-commerce Education etc., Polestar provides services which include but not limited to Data Mining ,Data Analytics ,Data Visualization ,Machine Learning,Natural Language Processing etc,. To date they have gained recognition for their excellent products and services that earned them an average growth rate.

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6. Kanerika Inc:

Kanerika Inc, which is one of the top Data Science firms in India, aims at offering intelligent business solutions through cutting edge technology. From its launch in 2018, the company has recorded significant revenue growth as at 2022, and currently has a workforce exceeding half a thousand.

Moreover, Kanerika Inc is applauded for its innovativeness and extensive network of skilled data experts. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are expected to be among the leading pioneers of Data Science in India within a few years from now. A product innovation firm, Business Process Improvement Firm and Competitive Strategy Formulation Organization – This is how we describe Kanerika Incorporated which belongs to data analytics industry through this case study. They also have predictive analytics offerings, machine learning algorithms and NLP based text mining among others.

7. Bridgei2i Analytics:

In 2011, Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions was founded as a Data Science Company situated in Bangalore city. It offers Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions around a data-driven enterprise framework of products and services. The company’s target market includes customers with experienced personnel such as Data Scientists, Data Analysts ,Data Engineers &Data Strategists where the mission behind Bridgeli2i was always about helping customers make their digital transformation successful by bringing out the role of Data Science at the fore front.

Bridgei2i is planning to have five hundred employees by 2022 and earn $100 million in revenue by offering clients comprehensive Data Science consulting solutions tailored to their needs. These services include data engineering, predictive modeling, machine learning and AI-driven solution for customer segmentation and pricing optimization among other things. In addition, Bridgei2i is one of the most well-established Data Science companies in India that provides data driven business solutions focusing on analytics enablement and automation.

8. Genpact

One of India’s most successful Data Science Companies since its founding in 1997 is Genpact. An analytics and technology company based out of Gurgaon, Genpact offers consulting as well as data engineering expertise to help organizations improve their decision making through advanced analytics techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP).

This is a global professional services business which achieves digital transformation for its customers. In 2022 they plan to have over seventy-five thousand employees generating revenues up to four billion dollars. Furthermore, numerous innovative solutions are provided by Genpact including analytic driven customer service dynamic data-analytics systems among others for optimizing businesses operations.

9. LatentView Analytics

In India, LatentView Analytics is one of the famous data science companies established in 2007 with global clientele for whom they provide Data Science & AI services from their base in Chennai. The company works primarily with B2B enterprises across the world offering them predictive analytics solutions. However, using proprietary algorithms developed specifically for this purpose gives them access into consumer behavior patterns as well as market dynamics.

Due to their skills in data-driven technological offerings along with astute analytical abilities, this has been an exceptional growth story. On average, LatentView has seen a yearly sales figure of USD30mn; it currently employs more than six hundred people worldwide; 2022 projected revenue stands at USD50mn with a workforce of 1,000. No wonder, LatentView Analytics is highly in demand as a Data Science & AI-based business solution provider among the topmost Data Science Companies in India.

10. Manthan Systems

Manthan Systems is among the top data science companies in India. It was founded in 2004 and has grown into an extremely successful company boasting revenues of over one billion dollars by 2022. They are headquartered at Bangalore thus providing big data analytics right from raw data to insights for retail, CPG industry, healthcare and media and entertainment world. In addition, it enables firms to use customer information to enhance experiences that drive marketing campaign results through personalization, and their employee numbers mount rise to seven thousand five hundred spread worldwide.

They have other services such as Data Management or Consumer Network Intelligence along with Data Analytics solutions for businesses. The company’s success lies in its ability to deliver leading-edge analytics based solutions and services that drive faster decision making for clients using real-time data. Essentially their goal is to empower firms through technology so they can move beyond operational excellence towards sustainable growth.


In India, businesses have been successful in utilizing data science as a key aspect that facilitates development by using structured and unstructured data. Top companies in India which offer top notch data science services include those mentioned above. These organizations can work with the aforementioned firms to guarantee that they are up to speed with the latest technologies and methodologies for deriving value from their data.


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