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Top 10 Analytics Companies in India 2024

Top 10 Business Analytics Companies in India in 2024

What Makes Data-Driven Analytics Interesting in Organizations?

With the rise of information age, firms are increasingly embracing data-driven analytics to gain valuable insights into their operations. The ability to tap and interpret data not only gives an edge but also improves decision-making capabilities. Using analytics, companies can expose patterns, trends and correlations that fuel innovation, optimize strategy, and drive overall growth. The transformational impact of data-driven analytics is felt across sectors; thus promising agility, responsiveness and future-readiness for businesses.

We’ll take a look at the Top 10 Analytics Companies in India in 2024:

India is a hotbed for data analytics with companies leading the way in leveraging data to provide meaningful insights. These are the top ten data analytics companies which will make significant strides in 2024:

  1. BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions

Founded Year: Startup – 2011

Location: Bangalore, India

Overview: BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions is one of the best AI & analytic solution provider company. They help organizations derive actionable insights from their available large volumes of structured or unstructured raw datasets which may serve as bases for making sound decisions. Specifically tailored sales; marketing analytics; customer intelligence; supply chain analysis solutions are provided by BRIDGEi2i.

Key Services and Specialties: Predictive modeling; machine learning; AI based decision support systems among others are some of the advanced AI & analytic solutions provided by BRIDGEi2i while its industry specific solutions include customized packages targeting particular industries’ demands hitherto realized that allow clients to unlock full potential within their enterprise dataset.

Notable Projects and Achievements: Use of its analytical technology has made BRIDGEi2i stand out over other few emerging competitors as seen from its successful implementation projects having enhanced operational efficiency, better customer experience management practices as well as more informed strategic decisions made on behalf of their customers

2. Happiest Minds

Founded Year: Startup – 2011

Location: Bengaluru, India

Overview: Happiest Minds is a company that provides IT consulting and digital transformation solutions for business. Nowadays it has become increasingly popular in the technology consultancy industry with its mission being to make digital transformation possible for enterprises and tech providers.

Key Services: Digital transformation; IT consulting; cloud computing & IoT solutions; cyber security; artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics are some of the services offered by this leading digital transformation & IT consulting firm.

Notable Projects: Through enabling firms to successfully undergo digital transformations, Happiest Minds has been recognized as an influential player in the market. Such areas as AI, internet of things (IoT) and cyber security are amongst their strongholds, from which they have provided impactful projects globally. The firm’s commitment to innovation and excellence has seen it positioned as one of the go-to organizations for businesses navigating through complexities of the digital space.

3. Genpact

Year Founded: 1997

Location: Gurgaon, India

Overview: Genpact is a global player in the professional services industry and offers analytics solutions that help in digital transformation as well as business outcomes. Some of its areas of interest within analytics include finance, accounting, supply chain and customer experience. Genpact offers customized analytics solutions to ensure businesses make informed decisions based on data and achieve operational excellence.

Key Services and Specialties: Financial reporting and analysis, supply chain management analysis, customer service management analysis.

Notable Projects and Achievements: Empowering companies through custom-made analytic tools for enabling digitalization.

EXL Service

Founded Year: 1999

Location: New York, USA (with a significant presence in India)

Overview: EXL Service has been one of the leading companies providing analytics, operations management and automation services. They enable firms to leverage data with expertise in areas such as data modeling, text mining, machine learning.

Key Services and Specialties: Data modeling, text mining natural language processing machine learning.

Notable Projects and Achievements: Driving efficiency through analytics based processes optimization to improve user experience.


Date of Foundation: 2016

Place: Pune, India

Summary: Established in 2016, BuzzyBrains is one of the leading players in cloud consulting specializing in cloud strategy and security. It has significantly affected the Indian landscape for cloud consulting having an impressive portfolio that includes such remarkable projects as Cleverground, Zettabyte, Nebory and Advise Assurance.

Key Services and Specialties: With a wide range of services including software development, DevOps, mobile app development, data science & analytics, AI & ML development, cloud consulting & implementation, AIML AQ&T and Offshore Development Centre (ODC) among others BuzzyBrains has always been outstanding. The company’s mission is providing tailored solutions to meet the individual needs of clients.

Notable Projects and Achievements: BuzzyBrains has executed successful projects across a range of industries such as education & learning sector; media & entertainment industry; oil & gas sector which have helped those enterprises to become more efficient hence fostering their innovation capabilities.

Indium Software

Founded Year: 1999

Location: Chennai, India

Overview: Indium Software offers data analytics and business intelligence services with specialization in data visualization and reporting. They cater to healthcare clients or those who work in finance or technology sectors.

Key Services: Business intelligence; data visualization; analytics; quality assurance.

Notable Projects: Collaborated with customers on visualizing their data optimizing reports’ creation as well as analytical opportunities.

Classic Informatics

Founded Year: 2002

Location: Gurugram, India

Overview: Classic Informatics is a topmost worldwide technical firm that specially concentrates in web and mobile app development, custom software development and digital marketing services. They have been serving as the most reliable technology partners for corporations who are looking for the best-in-class and scalable tech solutions for almost two decades.

Key Services: A leading provider of custom software development services, website and mobile application solutions, e-commerce development, digital marketing, cloud consulting services as well as blockchain development with IT consulting and outsourcing focus.

Notable Projects: These include creating robust ecommerce platforms, intuitive mobile applications and implementing complex enterprise solutions. This has earned them recognition from clients globally for their quality commitment to innovation.


Founded Year: 2013

Location: Bengaluru, India

Overview: Tredence is mainly focused on providing data science and analytics solutions which enable businesses to make better decisions based on data leading to growth. They have expertise in advanced analytics including AI (Artificial Intelligence), data engineering etc.

Key Services: Advanced analytics, data engineering, machine learning and AI solutions.

Notable Projects: Helped clients with business growth related to analytical solution.

Affine Analytics

Founded Year: 2011

Location: Bengaluru, India

Overview: Affine Analytics is a company focusing on business analytics and consulting that provides top-notch big data services to clients across many sectors such as e-commerce retail and healthcare.

Key Services: Advanced analytics, consulting, data science, and business intelligence services.

Notable Projects: Assisted businesses in optimizing pricing strategies, customer segmentation, and supply chain analytics.

Tiger Analytics

Founded Year : 2011

Location : San Francisco, USA (with offices in Chennai and Bengaluru)

Overview: It is a global consultancy firm offering cutting-edge advanced analytical and data scientific services. Their mission is to come up with solutions for intricate business problems that are based on information resources.

Key Services: Advanced analytics, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions.

Notable Projects: Collaborated with companies on predictive modeling optimization projects as well as advanced analytic and data science services.

How to Select the Best Data Analytics Company.

Selecting the right partner in the vast expanse of data analytics is like finding your way through a land full of hidden treasures and dangers. As organizations recognize data’s importance in driving strategic choices, it becomes apparent that the right choice for an analytics company is critical to success. Below are some factors to consider so that you make an informed decision from among many options:

Specialization: Appraise their industry specific proficiency in your area rather than just general data analytics expertise, confirm whether they have dealt with issues similar to your own before.

Character: Find out what people say through reviews, testimonials, and case studies concerning its reputation as well as track record revealing reliability and stories of success.

Flexibility: Make sure you can select a vendor that will be able to improve their services in order to meet your future growing needs, such as a growing volume of data collected by your business every year.

Technical Proficiency: Indicate how much they care about being innovative and effective at work by choosing a partner who keeps up with new technologies and trends in the sphere of data analysis.

Information Security: Establish relations with partners who have built ironclad security systems for their sensitive information against probable break-ins and are also subject to industrial standards

Cooperative Strategy: Look for companies whom will encourage partnerships beyond transactional relationships; this means a group that takes time understand what matters most hence impacts on organisational goals too.

Emerging Trends in Data Analytics in India 2024

The 2024 landscape of data analytics promises dynamic changes this year or ahead. AI’s intersection with analytics will redefine decision making processes where machine learning algorithms are becoming more sophisticated Predictive and prescriptive analytics will take center stage enabling businesses forecast trends and prescribe actions for better results. Moreover, blockchain technology will guarantee enhanced security while promoting trustworthiness in decision-making processes based on recorded facts. Real-time analyses influenced by edge computing innovations will enable companies to derive insights on the fly leading to more adaptable and agile operational spaces.


Data analytics in India is an evolving field, and the top firms listed here are testament to the country’s ability to use data effectively. With emerging trends, the future looks bright for businesses that want to use analytics for decision making. In this scenario, it is important for organizations to choose their partners wisely. Expertise, scalability and competence in technology are some of the factors that a firm must consider so as to tap into its data potential and remain competitive in 2024.


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