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Ubertesters, the application that redefines crowd testing and provides unparalleled service

Ubertesters, the application that redefines crowd testing and provides unparalleled service

“Ubertesters gives people the flexibility to test in ways that were previously impossible. In addition to exploratory testing performance, they execute specifics test scenarios and user journeys. This is excellent for the customers that require a fast feedback or regression testing.”

Ubertesters provides crowd testing services, which include hiring a group of expert testers from across the world that are equipped with equipment to test any digital product and provide feedback to clients. The tests are conducted with actual people using real devices, and the results are sent to the customer in real-time, allowing them to assess the usability and performance of their digital product. To manage the whole app testing cycle, the business offers a SaaS mobile applications beta testing platform. Build distribution, crash and defect reporting, video recording, and test case management are all part of the platform.

It is a crowd-sourced, all-in-one mobile app/web testing solution. The firm has a pool of freelance expert testers available for hiring from around the world, equipped with gear that can test any digital product and provide feedback to clients. The tests are conducted with actual people using real devices, and the results are sent to the customer in real-time, allowing them to assess the usability and performance of their digital product. It enables the customer to launch any product with confidence, knowing that it has been thoroughly evaluated by actual people at an incredibly cheap cost.

Ran Rachlin, the Co-founder and CEO at Ubertesters, is a committed, industrious, and natural leader who possesses a keen business sense. Ran served as a mentor to his team members, and has offered lessons, opportunities, and inspiration to them. As President and CEO, he not only led with powerful conviction, utter perseverance, and an infectious level of commitment, but he also served as a mentor to his team members, offering lessons, prospects, possibilities and motivation.

The Company’s History and Strength

Ran Rachlin co-founded the company in 2013 in response to a genuine demand for a different sort of software testing than people had previously experienced. He created a mobile app in his previous firm and required worldwide testers to test it on various devices, languages, and carriers, but couldn’t find a flexible, cheap option. As a result, he devised the notion of “Crowd testing” – a vast worldwide community of freelance testers willing to test any product for a customer and submit a problem list. The beauty of it was that the tester could test in his or her own time and earn money while doing so.

The enthusiastic CEO of Ubertesters, Ran Rachlin, also mentions that the company’s greatest strength is its employees’ degree of dedication, passion, and sense of responsibility for the company’s goals, mission, and vision. This is the cornerstone of their outstanding customer service, which sets them apart from their competitors and encourages consumers to return. When a person is dedicated and understands that providing “excellent customer service” is a fundamental value, they will deliver.

The Company’s Long-term Mission

Ubertesters aspires to be the world’s leading crowd sourced testing company within the next three years. The firm is motivated to reach this milestone, according to Ran Rachlin, by continuing to develop via creativity, invention, and innovation. They will continue to prioritise the customer’s voice, listen to their demands, and expand their QA testing services to include new and interesting services. They want to fulfil their objectives and expand their business by adhering to their mission and upholding their fundamental principles.

Struggles and Competitive Dominance of the Company

Ran talks about the two primary challenges that they experienced at the start. First, they had to fight with an industry behemoth and offer a distinct value proposition in order to outperform the competition. The second task was to create a big network of worldwide QA professionals that met the criteria and were ready to test for additional money in their spare time. The whole business model was built on the assumption that there would be enough worldwide testers to grow the client’s QA team in the quickest, most flexible and cost-effective way possible.

He goes on to say that in order to pass the first hurdle, Ubertesters have to offer value to their clients. As a result, they decided to establish a “boutique” service that provides more specialised and unique testing solutions as well as superior and personalised client care.

They also overcome the second barrier by employing a lot of social media and paying their testers a bit more and much faster than the competitors.

When it comes to the competitive advantage, Ran points out that Ubertesters is the only firm that provides customers with a comprehensive, holistic QA solution. While the competition either offers Crowd testing alone, or a SaaS solution, or offshore QA personnel, Ubertesters provides the complete package of services under “one-roof” and with a single account manager who is conversant with the customer’s demands. Their DNA of outstanding customer service and support is the second, and most essential, element. They understood early on that the project manager assigned to oversee the customer’s testing cycles is the most essential component of the service.

As a result, their project managers strive to surpass their customers’ expectations. The project managers become acquainted with the client, assist the client with test documentation, and reply as fast as feasible. Finally, while the competition exclusively uses high-cost retainer business models, they have a more flexible and cheap business strategy that allows medium and small businesses to choose the appropriate testing package for them.

One instance of pride and one need for change in the company

Ran Rachlin considers the major significant achievement with Ubertesters is to be “building something from nothing.” It all began with a concept based on a genuine “pain” that he had, and a few years later, that dream became a reality with hundreds of clients, a large workforce, and a lucrative business. Furthermore, he views creating a culture that he can be proud of to be a major accomplishment.

Ran also wishes he could offer his staff more and better training and development programmes, allowing them to perform better in their present jobs and advance into new ones. Unfortunately, as a start-up, everyone in the company is working incredibly hard all day to complete their responsibilities. Thus, there is less time or attention for such initiatives.

The Company’s Dynamics with Pandemic

COVID-19, according to Ran Rachlin, has both risks and potential. There are several prospects for the firm. Many businesses were forced to ‘go digital,’ increasing their digital activities and products as a result of the epidemic. The business provides a B2B solution for testing digital products. As a result, their primary task is to prepare for increased activity, hire the appropriate extra workers, and position themselves for future development. There are, however, difficulties. The ‘human component,’ as Ran witnessed during the Pandemic, is the greatest difficulty.  Mainly since the workers worked remotely for multiple days a week because they switched to a “hybrid remote-office” work paradigm, he says that it is essential to maintain the employee’s loyalty and ‘sense of belonging’.

The solution that Ran provides is simple and endearing- “taking care of the team” as a top priority, to preserve the personal touch, to show them trust and respect, and to build strong relationships with the entire team.

The CEO’s Mentor

Ran reflects on the past and recalls his time working for ‘ASSA ABLOY’, the world leader in door and locking solutions, where he reported to the president of the EMEA division. He was Ran‘s mentor, and he believes he was fortunate to acquire many of the business skills that he preaches today from him. The boss of the EMEA division was a savvy businessman who was very intelligent, analytic, and intuitive all at once. He was a business expert who understood the business climate, had incredible strategic vision, and knew how to motivate and inspire his team to achieve the goals and vision he established.

The CEO’s Most-Valued Virtue

In Ran‘s view, there are no ranks for vision, purpose, or fundamental principles. To be successful in business, a firm must consider all of these factors. What matters most, though, is how senior leadership use them. If he had to select one, he would choose ‘Vision,’ since vision is a long-term objective that guides the company’s focus and direction, and contains purpose as well as the necessary fundamental values.

Organizational Communication

According to Ran, it all starts with the hiring process. Ubertesters communicates their fundamental principles to applicants throughout the interview process and ask for their feedback and opinions. The business tries to figure out if they feel “attached” to it. Second, they placed it on the office wall in writing. Their vision, purpose, and fundamental principles are displayed on huge posters throughout the office. Third, they “live their beliefs through action,” for example, one of their values is “We believe in excellent customer service,” and their top management lives by this value and bases all of their choices on it. Employees are encouraged to act in a similar manner as a result of this.

Valuable Words to Aspiring Leaders

Ran Rachlin is a role model for others. His dedication and drive have propelled the firm to new heights. Everyone who aspires to be like him receives words of encouragement from him. He claims that he has always aspired to be a businessman since he was a child. Someone who sets an example for others, works on a worldwide scale with a global customer base, and travels the globe to meet clients, colleagues, and workers. He goes on to say that his boyhood aspiration helps him stay motivated, interested, and focused throughout his life, and that he enjoys learning and finding new things. Ran is overjoyed to report that his wish has come true. He provides the finest advise to everyone who looks up to him based on his experience, which is to follow Walt Disney’s counsel: “if you can dream it, you can do it.” Simply draw your own “future image” for yourself and go after it.

He also recalls another famous Walt Disney quote: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” This phrase was framed on his desk and was one of the first things he told himself before establishing his own startup, Ubertesters.


This quote from Ubertesters‘ business service summarises the company’s amazing work culture and service structure: “We offer our clients peace of mind knowing they can launch their digital product with confidence, convinced it was well tested by real users, in their actual target market and it’s bug-free.”  The firm has grown significantly under the capabl and efficient direction of Ran Rachlin, and aspires to reach at the top very soon.


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