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The Future of Lead Management: How AI and Automation Work

The Future of Lead Management: How AI and Automation Work

Artificial intelligence is no longer something unattainable and fantastic. These are quite affordable real tools, the demand for which is constantly increasing. It is not only about various applications for games and entertainment, but useful platforms and programs that help improve certain processes. Thanks to this, there is also a rapid penetration of AI in business.

The complex use of such tools and the implementation of automated solutions contribute to the rapid development of enterprises and increased profits. This effect, for example, can be provided by a combination of AI-based programs and best call tracking services. Such a combination will accelerate optimization and open wider opportunities for attracting potential customers. However, this is only a small part of what you need to know about the implementation of new technologies.

Why Should Business People Use Business Process Automation and AI?

One of the reasons why it is worth implementing such solutions is the potential financial savings. Recent research conducted by IBM confirms this fact. The report states that about 54% of businesses that have decided to use AI-based technologies have reported a significant reduction in the cost of marketing efforts.

In addition, they note that the effectiveness of the methods has increased. Such results become a real incentive for those who are just considering the possibility of automating lead management and implementing AI. However, financial savings are not the only advantage provided by these technologies. They also contribute to the formation of the company’s competitive status.

This means that business automation and the use of artificial intelligence create all the conditions for optimizing the process of attracting potential customers. Such advantages are provided by the ability of programs to perform rapid analysis of several thousand gigabytes of data. These indicators can be much higher. Everything depends on the needs and capabilities of the implemented technologies.

To evaluate the level of efficiency, it is enough to use lead management sales software or service based on artificial intelligence. To obtain maximum indicators, you can combine these solutions. In this case, it is possible to convert many manual routine processes into automatic mode and quickly collect the necessary information in databases.

How Can You Use AI Applications in Business?

Most businessmen who at least once tried technologies to optimize processes, implement them on a permanent basis. Why does this happen? The answer is simple – they provide several advantages and open up new marketing opportunities. Let’s consider several functions, the implementation of which is provided by automation software and AI.

Lead Scoring

To optimize the process of attracting potential customers, many companies implement special software. It performs several important tasks.


Tracking potential customers Occurs by dynamically changing phone numbers or attaching individual phone numbers to each traffic channel.
Evaluation of leads Lead management software free of charge analyzes visitors according to certain criteria.
Distribution Based on the analysis, potential customers are divided into groups.

At the evaluation stage, you need to take into account quite a lot of factors. These can be demographics, geography, and other characteristics. In addition, the intention is determined in the process. In other words, the probability of purchasing/ordering services. The evaluation is performed directly by the software for lead management. However, such programs are usually not adapted to the rapid analysis of large volumes of data.

In this case, AI business ideas will be useful. In particular, the possibility of implementing a program or application that works based on AI. They can help in solving several tasks at once:

  • Improving the understanding of the behavior of potential customers and trends in their actions
  • Reducing the probability of making mistakes caused by the human factor
  • Significant acceleration of data analysis
  • Action recognition and better study of behavioral experience

In addition, the automated business system makes it possible to create lists of target contacts who may be interested in the product/service.

Source: Salespanel

Effective Support of Potential Customers on the Way to the Goal

Creating an attention-grabbing ad is only the first step on the way to targeted action. That is why you need to focus all your efforts not only on creating an interesting advertising idea but also on looking for methods to improve the user experience. At this stage, it is also worth using automation tools.

For example, one of the useful functions provided by lead management software is the effective distribution of leads. This means that the application automatically directs the subscriber to the specialist who can provide the best assistance. The process considers all the available data about such a visitor, which allows you to perform an analysis and make a referral to a specific manager. In such situations, AI services will also be useful. The advantages of their use include:

  • providing adequate support for potential customers through a multi-channel method;
  • creating types of content that are most useful for the target audience and increase the chances of conversion;
  • optimization of the work of various departments (including marketers and the sales department);
  • periodic monitoring of changes in user actions and individual indicators of business processes.

All ensure the improvement of marketing efforts in the long term and the constant maintenance of interest in existing customers.

Icp (Ideal Customer Profiling)

To ensure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, you need to have a clear idea of your target audience. It is not only about the main “pains”, but also about certain qualities. Among them are demographic indicators, environment, preferences, and other characteristics. If it is possible to find out this data, then the choice of the necessary marketing tools is greatly simplified.

Of course, this can be done manually. However, this requires a lot of time and effort. Sales lead management software, as well as various applications based on artificial intelligence, help to optimize the process. They conduct analysis and use certain indicators (quantitative and qualitative). We can consider the work in the example of a company engaged in the production of cosmetics. In this case, the profile is formed taking into account the following indicators:

  • Geography
  • Age of users
  • Budget
  • Needs/requests

Analysis of these indicators makes it possible to single out a group of visitors who are likely to become customers of the company. In this case, marketing automation software and AI help to understand who needs to be targeted. As a result, the conversion rate increases significantly. In addition, forming a profile of the ideal client is the basis for creating personalized offers that also show high efficiency in practice.

Automation of Purchases Through the Use of Chatbots

AI businesses very often use chatbots to establish effective communication with potential buyers. At the heart of such programs are usually artificial intelligence technologies that make interaction comfortable and productive. However, these are not all the benefits of the programs. AI-based chatbots provide additional benefits:

  • Use of several languages in the process of communication
  • Short waiting time for answers
  • The possibility of usage in a round-the-clock mode
  • Assisting in the process of product selection

In addition, it is worth noting the possibility of implementing omnichannel strategies, as well as the formation of a personalized approach to each potential client.

Improving Search Engine Optimization

Using the best sales lead management software and AI technologies, you can also improve the process of site search optimization. It is possible to achieve this goal by automating keyword search processes, creating interesting content, implementing voice search technology, and automating some routine tasks. 

Automated businesses are the new reality of modern commercial activity. Every year, there are more such enterprises and AI technologies are becoming the object of increased interest. This trend is due to many factors. However, the most significant of them are the optimization of business processes, financial savings, and the ability to provide a personalized approach.



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