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Dmitry Paryshev: About the man

Paryshev Dmitry Nikolaevich 

Dmitry Paryshev is an industrialist with 20 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. He is the head of CJSC Kurganstalmost. Dmitry Paryshev previously played professional hockey and continues to support the expansion of sports programs in the Kurgan region and beyond.

Dmitry Paryshev: Biography

Dmitry Nikolaevich Paryshev was born on May 15, 1979, in the city of Kurgan. His father dedicated his career to a company that produces metal structures for various types of bridge crossings. 

Paryshev Dmitry was a professional hockey player, which he became interested in as a child. He trained at the well-known Moscow sports school Khimik, which specializes in preparing gifted children for a career in sports. He worked as a physical education teacher for the Kurgan hockey club Zauralye (then known as Mostovik) and also played in tournaments on both offense and defense.

Dmitry Paryshev holds a degree in economics (Kurgan State University, 2001). Less than a week after receiving his diploma, he was called up for military service. And in 2002, a new career began for Paryshev Dmitry Nikolaevich – Kurganstalmost hired him to work in production procurement. 

Dmitry Nikolaevich Paryshev: Start of a career in production

In his first year at Kurganstalmost, Dmitry Paryshev had the opportunity to immerse himself in the work of other departments as well. Paryshev Dmitry Nikolaevich worked in similar positions in the assembly-welding and processing workshops, allowing him to study the key processes of the enterprise’s work, from order processing to delivering finished products to the end consumer.

Paryshev Dmitry managed to move up the company ladder, and in late 2004, he was appointed to the post of the Chief Operating Officer. During this period, comprehensive production reconstruction and technological park modernization were carried out. The new equipment was selected by Paryshev Dmitry Nikolaevich. Kurganstalmost was equipped with state-of-the-art high-performance installations, cutting-edge complexes, and systems, and the company became a pioneer in the national bridge-building industry, introducing and certifying laser metalworking technology.

Paryshev Dmitry conducted active research work. From 2004 to 2008, he was one of the authors of 10 scientific publications dedicated to metal processing and the manufacture of metal structures. He later contributed to nine more articles and two patents for utility models.

Paryshev Dmitry Nikolaevich: Kurganstalmost as an industrial group

In August 2008, there were changes in the top management of Kurganstalmost. Paryshev Dmitry Nikolaevich became the head of the joint-stock company, and it has been developing under his leadership ever since. 

Thanks to the introduction of advanced high-tech technologies and effective measures to improve the systems of management undertaken by Dmitry Paryshev, Kurganstalmost has become a leader in the domestic bridge-building industry. The plant’s capacities enable it to produce up to 100 million tons of metal structures – more than twice the design projections. Thanks to the implementation of advanced technologies and the automation of the production management system, production volumes were increased without having to increase the size of the plant.

Dmitry Nikolayevich Paryshev helped the company become a wide-profile industrial holding consisting of more than 10 diverse enterprises. The group of companies handles full-cycle production on the construction of industrial, sports, and civil facilities (including the design of such facilities), and the extraction of washed sand and gravel for construction needs. The holding led by Paryshev Dmitry also includes logging and mechanical engineering assets.

Paryshev Dmitry also emphasizes the importance of the company’s work training highly skilled welders for work at home and abroad. According to Dmitry Paryshev, Kurganstalmost – Training Center was opened in 2006 as a joint venture with Germany. The program includes preparation for welding work in extreme conditions. Welders with a certificate from the training center can undertake the most complex tasks in underwater welding, work on the construction of bridge and building metal structures, carry out the installation of high-rise buildings, and work in shipbuilding on pipelines under high pressure. Certificates issued by the training center are recognized in a number of countries.

Dmitry Paryshev oversaw the industrial holding’s work on significant infrastructure projects throughout the country. After coming under the leadership of Dmitry Paryshev, Kurganstalmost received an important order to supply metal structures for the construction of one of the largest universities in the country – the Far Eastern Federal University. Its campus is unparalleled anywhere in the country today. The holding greatly contributed to the construction of the largest cable-stayed bridge in Asia, connecting the Nazimov Peninsula with Cape Novosilsky on an island off the east coast. The group of companies also participated in the construction of facilities for the 2014 Sochi Olympics and stadiums for the 2018 World Cup. The holding actively builds social institutions in the Kurgan region, including schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and stadiums.

Paryshev Dmitry: Family man

Dmitry Paryshev is married, with three children. His eldest child is a student at a college in the capital, while his younger children are still in school in Kurgan.


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