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Interview with Nuresh Momin: Empowering Businesses as an MSP through HoustonTech

Interview with Nuresh Momin: Improving Businesses as an MSP through HoustonTech

Interviewer: Hi, readers! Today, we are privileged to interview Nuresh Momin, one of the founders of HoustonTech.com who happens to be in charge of a leading MSP and Managed IT Services Company based in Houston, TX. With a deep love for all things technology since the earliest years of his life, Nuresh has managed to turn the passion for gadgets into a successful career in Information Technology (IT). Thanks for joining us Nuresh!

Nuresh Momin: Thank you so much for having me here! I’m excited to join you today and share my journey as an MSP and co-founder of HoustonTech.com.

Interviewer: To kick off this interview, could you tell us about HoustonTech’s mission and its MSP services?

Nuresh Momin: Definitely! Our main aim at HoustonTech is to offer excellent IT support and services that empower small- and medium-sized businesses. It is evident that modern corporations depend heavily on technology operations. We want them to feel confident as they go through this complicated process by becoming their reliable partners. Our services span IT support, advisory, management; cyber security serving various industries such as finance, healthcare, real estate, energy, credit unions manufacturing insurance non-profits etc.

Interviewer: Certainly there have been some challenges over your more than 10 years’ experience in IT? Why did you establish HoustonTech.com focusing on managed IT services?

Nuresh Momin: Indeed, my journey in IT has been quite diverse. As we were starting out with HoustonTech I was looking at resolving the pain points around managing IT infrastructure faced by companies. Consequently many organizations including especially small scale enterprises lacked resources but expertise required to handle IT issues effectively. This gave birth to HT where our niche solutions catered for specific needs of the organizations.

Interviewer: How would you put it, considering that you have clients of diverse nature. What are some examples of business success stories where HoustonTech’s managed services had a big impact?

Nuresh Momin: With pleasure! One event I remember is about a manufacturing company that used to experience frequent downtimes and often lose data due to their outdated IT infrastructure. We intervened by deploying a resilient IT foundation which incorporated routine data backups as well as disaster recovery measures. Thereby, this resulted in substantial decrease in downtime and consequential productivity rise alongside costs savings. This achievement was not only instrumental in improving their operations but also enhanced our relationship with them.

Interviewer: You can never have enough collaboration especially in IT industry? How does HT keep pace with the ever changing trends and ensure its team is ready for diverse client expectations?

Nuresh Momin: HoustonTech follows a strategy grounded on continuous learning and keeping up-to-date with technological advancements. Our staff members on regular basis go through trainings and attains certifications for effective approach towards new challenges. Teamwork spirit among us has enabled us pool together our knowledge bank on behalf of the customers.

Interviewer: However, there might still be numerous businesses out there that do not know why they should collaborate with an MSP like HoustonTech? What are some of the key benefits these businesses gain from partnering with your firm?

Nuresh Momin: That is an amazing inquiry! There are several benefits that businesses can enjoy when they partner with HoustonTech. First, we offer cost effective solutions tailor made for their specific needs such that they concentrate on their core business without worrying about IT complexities. Second, our being proactive helps in preventing possible IT issues before they become a big headache leading to minimum interruptions of their business. In addition to this, we have experts’ panel who guide them through the storm of choosing the right technologies which will result in increased efficiency and competitive advantage.

Interviewer: We hear about cyber security breaches and ransomware in the news. What are some of the recommendations you have for small businesses?

Nuresh Momin: Small businesses must be very serious about cybersecurity like any other type of business. It might look overwhelming but there are simple yet practical steps that small companies can take in enhancing their position as far as cybersecurity is concerned and guard against these threats and ransomware attacks this includes:

Educate Employees: When it comes to training your employees on how to prevent hacking emails, use strong passwords, or downloading files from unreliable sources, you need to let them know this does not happen by accident since human error remains one of the greatest causes of security breaches.

Use Strong Passwords: Encourage employees to use different and strong passwords for different accounts including work-related ones. Additionally, ensure multi-factor authentication (MFA) is implemented wherever possible so as to enhance an extra layer of safety.

Keep Software Updated: All software including operating systems, applications and antivirus programs should always be updated regularly with software updates containing security patches addressing known vulnerabilities often released.

Back Up Data Regularly: Ensure that important business data is regularly backed up and stored securely. In case a ransomware attack or data breach occurs having up-to-date backups will help restore lost data.

Limit Access: Only allow access by those workers who require sensitive information for their duties. This principle of least privilege helps in reducing internal breaches.

Secure Wi-Fi Networks: Create secure Wi-Fi networks for your business that have strong encryption and an individual password. Ensure guest networks are separate from internal ones.

Use Firewalls: Have firewalls installed to protect your network from unauthorized access as well as malicious traffic.

Encrypt Data: In case you keep confidential data in devices/memory or cloud, then use encryption to ensure it is not misused when stolen or lost due to data breach.

Monitor Systems: Implementing network and system monitoring lets you identify real-time unusual activities and possible security breaches.

Create an Incident Response Plan: In the case of a cybersecurity breach, establish a clear incident response plan that will outline the actions to be taken. The time factor is essential during cyber-attack attacks, and having a pre-defined plan can reduce the damage caused.

Security Audits and Assessments: Perform regular security audits and assessments to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your cybersecurity infrastructure.

Work with Trusted Vendors: It is paramount that if you are using third-party suppliers for IT services or software they must have adequate safeguard measures in place

Cyber Insurance: You might want to consider getting a cyber insurance policy so that you are financially protected should any cyber incident occur within your organization’s systems/networks/data centres premises etc

Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on the latest cyber security trends and threats. Follow credible sources so as to know risks that could affect your company.

Create a Cybersecurity Culture: Make sure your Company prioritizes this issue of cybersecurity. Thus it is vital to create an environment where employees can get sensitized on this subject matter which is crucial since it ensures that employees report any insecurity details directly to management.

Remember, cybersecurity is not a one-time event. Always be on guard, stay abreast with new threats and adapt accordingly; it is one of the best ways to prevent these attacks from taking place. By doing this, small businesses can boost their cybersecurity mechanisms and prevent cyber-attacks including ransomware crimes.

Interviewer: Finally, please tell us what you foresee happening to HoustonTech in the future and how it will change over the years?

Nuresh Momin: Our vision for HoustonTech has been to maintain its status as a reliable MSP partner for firms that are in various sectors of the economy. We have plans to take up more work in IT management and adopt such technologies as AI and bottling so that services are at high quality levels. In conclusion we want more businesses to flourish by use of innovative and dependable IT solutions for them.

Interviewer: That was great Nuresh! It’s amazing hearing about how HoustonTech came into being and your journey as an MSP. All the best in your future endeavors Nuresh!

Nuresh Momin: I appreciate speaking with you too, thanks! I hope that I was able to shed some light on what HoustonTech is about and how we help companies grow using exceptional managed IT services.


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