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MG Motor India’s strategic transformation: Local economics and EV focus.

MG Motor India, a subsidiary of China’s SAIC is launching a new venture aimed at strengthening its market presence in India and accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EV). The company has announced plans for local Indian investors which were announced yesterday, indicating a concerted effort to create ideal conditions for sustainable growth.

The move came as part of a wider restructuring, with the IndoEdge India Fund, Dealer Trust and Employee Stock Ownership Scheme as major funds. IndoEdge India Fund is all set to acquire an 8% stake in MG Motor India for Rs 818 crore while Dealer Trust and Employee Stock Ownership Scheme are 3% respectively and will have a 5% stake with a total investment of Rs 307 crore and Rs 511 crore respectively.

In a statement, SAIC highlighted the importance of increasing the MG brand’s market share in India and reducing operational risk stressing the logic of the company’s ownership structure for the local economy.

This strategic partnership follows the announcement of the collaboration between SAIC Motor and JSW Group last November. With JSW Group holding a 35% stake in MG Motor India, SAIC Motor aims to reduce its ownership leaving domestic companies with a majority stake. The combined company JSW MG Motor India is poised to play a pivotal role in the growth of the EV ecosystem in India.

JSW MG Motor India’s ambitious plans include launching new vehicles every 3–6 months, with an emphasis on electric vehicles. JSW Group Chairman Sajjan Jindal expressed the desire to create a “Maruti era” by launching an electric car every 3–4 months. The company aims to capture 33% of the electric vehicle market by the end of the decade in line with India’s broader goal of reducing oil imports and curbing self-sufficiency.

Parth Jindal echoed his father’s sentiments and highlighted the important role of government subsidies in the transition to electric vehicles. Drawing parallels with China’s successful transition he highlighted the potential of EVs to tap India’s computational capital and pave the way for true self-sufficiency.

In line with this commitment JSW MG Motor India Company is committed to creating local sourcing, improving charging facilities, expanding productivity and introducing vehicles that prioritize green mobility.


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