Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Kerala’s Education System Transformed as Over 13,000 Teachers Complete AI Training

In a transformative prediction into the future of education, Kerala has successfully equipped over 13,000 high school and higher secondary school teachers with innovative skills through an intensive artificial intelligence (AI)-based training program. 

As educators throughout the state using this technological revolution, Kerala is positioning itself as a leader in AI-integrated education, helping a generation of students ready to face the challenges of the 21st century.

The collaborative efforts of the Department of General Education and Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) have been instrumental in implementing this groundbreaking training program. Designed to help teachers, the program covers essential AI areas such as summarization, image generation, prompt engineering, presentation-animation creation, and evaluation.

The completion of this AI training program by teachers across Kerala marks a significant achievement in the state’s ongoing commitment to revolutionizing the education sector. 

The success of the Training Management System, which streamlined the registration process, was a key factor in facilitating the participation of educators.

  •  The upcoming three-day training program, scheduled to take place at 140 centers throughout Kerala from May 23 to 27, further help the state’s dedication to preparing teachers for the AI-driven future.

Education experts have lauded Kerala’s forward-thinking approach. Driven by their vision for a technology-driven education system, the government aims to train approximately 80,000 high school and higher secondary teachers by August 2024. The comprehensive training provided through this program will enhance the pedagogical capabilities of educators, making education more engaging, personalized, and effective.

 Kerala’s AI training program does not stop at the high school level. While the current focus is on high school and higher secondary teachers, plans are underway to extend AI training to primary teachers. 

Main Motive: 

This comprehensive approach to ensuring all educators are well knowledge with AI skills underscores Kerala’s commitment to adapt a technologically teaching workforce and help in seamless transition from early education to higher levels.

Upcoming Goals: 

With an ambitious goal to have around two lakh teachers in the state trained in AI by January 2025, Kerala is setting the stage for an educational world that adapts innovation and prepares students to focus in a technology-dominated world.  This preparation will ensure that students are guided to excel technologies and contribute to the future workforce.


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