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How To Save Money When Sending Gifts Internationally?

How To Save Money When Sending Gifts Internationally?

Gift-giving to your loved ones is like a tradition; it helps you to show your love and care for them. But if your loved ones are living abroad and you want to send a gift to them, then it can cost you dearly.

However, the fact is, with many online shops that offer international delivery, it has become easier to send gifts internationally. There are many gift options available in online shops that you can buy and have delivered internationally, such as Rakhi, food items, clothes, gift cards, etc. 

So now, let’s see some useful yet quick tips that can help you save money when sending gifts overseas.

1] Consider Online Gift Shopping

Online gift shopping can be very economical than local market shopping because, in local markets, you will get limited options. Also, you will have to pay additional duties and taxes if you are sending a gift abroad, and then added shipping charge will cost you a lot, which means overall, it is a hectic and costly process. 

Undoubtedly, with online shops, you can get a wide variety of options to choose from with the convenience of online delivery, whether it’s a domestic or international delivery. For instance online rakhi delivery in New York, California, New Jersey or anywhere in abroad is a very helpful and cost-effective service provided by professional gift-delivering companies. And due to its existence, sending Rakhi to brothers living abroad has been much easier than decades ago.

2] Keep An Eye Out For Sales And Discounts

Many online shops offer sales and discounts occasionally to promote their business. So, if you are planning to send a gift abroad, then keep an eye out for sales and discounts offered on multiple online shops. 

It can be very beneficial for you if you get your choice of a gift at a discounted price, as during the sale, many items are sold at half price. Also, you can get the option of buy one get one free during the sale. So, try to buy your gift during the sale season at discounted price that can save you lots of money.

3] Cross-Check Additional Charges

Online shops offer you the convenience of international delivery for the products you purchase, and they charge you a fixed amount in which all the additional charges are included. You should properly check the details of the additional charges like transportation charges, duties, and taxes that are included with the actual price of the gift. 

Further, compare the additional charges with other online shops to ensure that they are not charging you extra and if so, then buy your gift from a shop that is offering at a reasonable price.

4] Compare Gift On Various Websites

The price of the same gift can vary from shop to shop, so compare your selected gift on various websites and consider a site that is offering you the best deal. You should avoid the website that is offering unnecessary services that you do not need and charge extra for that. Choose a reputed website that offers you necessary and cost-effective services.

5] Buy Bulk Product If Required

It can become very economical for you if you buy products in bulk as you can get discounts for them. It can save you lots of money as you can send many products at the same delivery charge that can be charged extra if you send them one by one. 

If you often send something to your loved ones abroad, then organize your gift-giving idea in such a way that you can send your gift along with other things that can minimize the delivery charge for your gift resulting in saving you money.

6] Go With International Shipping Site

While choosing the site to send a gift abroad, consider a reputed international shipping site, as this can save you money and time because of their expertise and experience in the industry. For example, if you want to send rakhi to USA, then a reputed online shop that has experience in international delivery can save you money, and also, they can be more reliable. They are well aware of the rules that need to be followed, which helps in the timely delivery of the product.

7] Try To Buy Gifts In Off-Season

If you buy the gift in the off-season, then it can save you lots of money because, in the off-season, the price of the products usually goes down. In off-seasons, the demand for the product is low, and since the motto of online shops is to sell as much as possible hence, they lower the price of the product that attracts customers.


If you are planning to send a gift abroad and have a limited budget, or don’t have smart negotiation skills, then the above-shared tips will help you save money. Besides, don’t let money comes between you and your loved ones. Make smart decisions to save money and send your loved one gifts to make your bond stronger. You have lots of gift options to choose from, like Rakhi, jewellery, or food items that you can send abroad with convenient delivery options.


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