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How To Save Money When Sending Gifts Internationally?

Ways To Save On Sending International Gifts

A gift is a sign of love and care for our loved ones. However, sending gifts abroad to your loved ones may be very expensive.

However, the fact that online stores offering international shipping have grown in number has made it easier to send gifts internationally. Several gift possibilities including Rakhi, food stuffs, clothing items and gift cards among others are available in online shops that you can buy and get delivered internationally.

Well now, let us look at some useful yet quick tips on saving money while sending gifts overseas.

1] Think Online Gift Shopping

The reason as to why online gift shopping will be more economical than local market shopping is due to few options available in local markets. Sending a gift abroad means additional duties and taxes which means extra shipping charge costs which makes it an overall hectic as well as an expensive process.

Online shops give a variety of options both domestic and international delivery with convenience of online delivery. For example, professional gift delivering companies provide a service like online rakhi delivery in New York or California or New Jersey from where one is able to send rakhis abroad at an affordable cost since they exist.

2] Look out for Sales And Discounts

Most online shops have sales and discounts during certain seasons throughout the year to boost their business. So if you plan sending your gift through any of this methods then watch out for sales and discounts provided by different vendors.

During sale season many items are sold at half price so if you get your choice of gift at such discounted price it would be good for you. Also during sale season you might get the offer buy one get one free. Hence try buying your gifts during discounts so that you can save much money on buying them.

3] Re-Check Additional Charges

In case you want to purchase these products from other countries, most online stores make it possible by offering international deliveries where they charge fixed prices plus other charges. Therefore, you should check properly the break down of these additional charges like transport charges, duties and taxes which are included with the actual price of your gift.

Comparing other online shops can help you to know whether additional charges that you have been charged are right or not, if yes then buy your gift from a shop where it is being sold at a reasonable price.

4] Compare Gift On Various Websites

The prices of the same gifts may vary in different stores therefore compare your chosen gift on various websites and select a website that gives you the best deal. Avoid websites that charge unnecessary services that are not required but still bill extra for them. Choose renowned website offering essential services at inexpensive rates.

5] Purchase In Bulk Where Necessary

It can be cost effective for you if you buy products in large quantities as you can get a discount on them. This is crucial as many items can be posted at the same delivery charge that would have been charged extra if they were to be sent one by one.

Therefore, when you frequently send gifts to your relatives in other countries, make sure your gift sending plan is such that it allows you to send gifts along with other things which will minimize the delivery charge for your gift hence saving money.

6] Make Use Of Worldwide Shipping Sites

While choosing the site to send a gift abroad, consider a respected global shipping website because it has knowledge and experience in this type of industry. For instance, if somebody wants to send rakhi online from India to USA then an experienced international delivery shop could save him some money, but it’s also safer. They know how to manage timing for goods transit.

7] Buy Gifts In Off-Seasons

When buying a present during off-seasons it can save you lots of money since during those times prices usually reduce significantly. In the case of online shopping platforms, this occurs when demand falls due to off seasons and their main goal is selling more hence reducing prices of these products for customers.


If you are thinking about sending a gift abroad and have only limited resources or are not good at bargaining then follow our suggestions above. Moreover do not allow finances ruin relations with your close ones. Wise decisions must be made so that savings are achieved while strengthening bonds between loved ones through presents delivered over long distances. There are numerous choices like Rakhi, jewelry and food stuffs among others that can be sent overseas under flexible shipping arrangements.


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