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Apple All Set to Launch Revolutionary AI Features in iOS 18 Update for iPhones

Apple is all set to introduce a plethora of new AI features in its iPhones yet to come iOS 18 update which will be unveiled at the WWDC 2024 developer conference. The report of Mark Gurman from Bloomberg mentions that the main points of these updates are “proactive intelligence” and the goal is to boost Siri’s voice functionality so that it becomes more talkative. 

Key Points on Apple’s iOS 18 Update Artificial Intelligence:

  • Improved Siri that has better voice recognition and conversational interaction.
  • Taking the next step with auto-summarization, improved notifications, and also calendar assistance.
  • OpenAI Partnership: Integration of AI technology at an advanced level. 
  • Privacy-Focused Search Engine: Possible threat to the dominance of Google. 
  • The AI Market is Expanding Rapidly: Positioning of Apple strategically in this sector. 

One of the features proposed is a summary of notifications automatically so that users can get the gist of their notifications quickly without reading each one in detail. Moreover, the update will come with the ability to give short summaries of news articles which will again make information consuming for users on the move more easier.

Beyond that, the new iOS 18 update might also bring the ability to transcribe voice memos. It serves well those that heavily rely on voice recordings for notice taking and reminders. The update is forecasted to further enhance the calendar’s auto-population feature which will make it more efficient when it comes to predicting and adding events and appointments onto your calendar seamlessly. Additionally, the update which is going to suggest relevant apps, will be more accurate and faster in catering user’s needs.

Beside those productivity-focused features, AI-based photo editing tools are hoped to be soon integrated into iOS 18. Details about these tools are unclear yet but their inclusion into system corresponds with general trend of AI use for image processing/editing development. Still, attention should be paid that at present their AI-based photo editing tools do not achieve such level of perfection as analogs offered by other market players.

Although iOS 18 has an extensive AI enhancement upgrade, Apple however, has not come up with its own chatbot yet. The obstacle is mainly the limitations of their generative AI technology which right now is still far behind the top chatbots such as ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini. As reported by Bloomberg, some execs at Apple are exercising caution about potential issues that can crop up through a proprietary chatbot.

A possible partnership of Apple and OpenAI is being explored to meet the increasing need for advanced AI technologies. Their technology may be integrated on iOS 18 through collaborative efforts but a close partnership has not yet been officially announced and will possibly be unveiled at the upcoming WWDC. 

This collaboration will guarantee that users of Apple devices receive OpenAI’s technology which implicates higher level than Apple’s proprietary technology. The report published by Fortune Business Insights mentions that AI market size is going to grow up to USD 266.92 billion by 2027, and Apple seems to be one of major players in this field. 

 In addition to the topics about Gemini, there were rumors around the licensing terms of Google’s Gemini where the consolidation between their search engine and iOS 7 still not confirmed yet. Furthermore, Apple is planning to create its own search engine with an eye on improving privacy features akin to those offered by DuckDuckGo. This strategic decision mainly aims at decreasing Google’s position in search and information availability in favor of achieving that position for itself.

The recent developments have escalated the pressure on Apple which was announced by OpenAI and Google. GPT-4o, OpenAI’s new model has revived its conversational abilities which is famous for having done so. 

Google, on the other hand, pushes the limits through integrated generative AI into search engines and experimenting with multi modal chat assistants in mobile devices. These advancements from OpenAI and Google show that a rapidly changing and significantly competitive landscape creates, thus, forcing Apple to be a front-runner in this innovation.

In short, AI is the most awaited iPhone 18 update that offers a variety of AI features in Apple iPhones starting from solu voice and productivity tools all the way to a superior class. The possible incorporation of OpenAI technologies into their line, the talks about the possibility to license Google’s AI products, as well as deep thinking on creation of their own search engine can be regarded as solid proof of Apple’s willingness to enhance/AI/ satisfy current users. 

With tech sector going through great deal of advancements in AI which is gradually becoming the heart of mobile experience intelligent , iOS 18 update will play a very important role in the shaping of mobile devices future.


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