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Sharad Saran & Naveen Bhatnagar – Co Founders, Sarmentum

Transforming digital learning the Sarmentum way

In recent times, new-age Indian entrepreneurs have revolutionised the way we carry forward our daily activities. They have especially transformed training sector in the last decade and have opened new avenues in the training and development sector. Today, we are going to talk about two such entrepreneurs who have transformed digital learning. They are none other than the co-founders of Sarmentum – Sharad Saran and Naveen Bhatnagar. If quality deliverables alongwith business consultancy is on your mind, the expertise of Sharad and Naveen will work wonders for you. The modern day Jai-Veeru duo of Sarmentum offers best in class digital learning solutions to their esteemed clients.

Talking about the core expertise of Sarmentum, it lies in developing learning content using Rapid Authoring tools like Articulate Storyline 360, Camtasia, Captivate, etc, and Video-Based Learning programs using Aftereffects,Vyond, etc. This expertise helps them to draw a boundary defining their technical expertise while catering to customer needs in the areas of custom content development, gamification, mobile learning, content modernization, as well as translation implementation services.

When it comes to the development of digital learning content using Rapid Authoring tools, Sharad holds seasoned expertisewith 20+years of experiencein nurturing team on various authoring tools. Apart from this, he has hands on experience on different video development tools like After Effects,Vyond, Powtoon etc. Coming to the second aspect – business consultancy — Naveen has 18+ years of experience as a business consultant. His acumen helps the client in selecting right learning strategy to suit their business needs. What places them apart from their peers is their core expertise – Rapid Content Authoring. It helps them provide best-in-class solutions making best use oftechnology experts in Rapid Authoring tools while looking after the business challenges that impact the learning outcome for their clients.

To offer engaging learning solutions for the client, their technology experts work as a virtual team. To meet the client’s expectations, they play around with the tool and furnish the best solution possible. They contemplate various possibilities to help the clients not only imparting learning but also how best Sarmentum can help in learning retention. One of the areas which helped in transforming learning is to move from the usual learning nuggets development approach to creating engaging, effective, and crisp learning programs. This approach helps the learner to understand the concept as well as checking the knowledge level while helping learning retention.

Rapid Authoring and Video-based learning

When both the co-founders were brainstorming the idea initially they were clouded with the question how their organizationwill be different from other eLearning companies. The good part is that they had their answer ready from the first day itself. Core expertise in Rapid Authoring tools and Video-based learning is their USP which strengthens client’s faith in them. This ultimately helped them createan organization which is purely customer-centric. In November 2019, they started with one customer and two people. Since then, they have grown to 20+ customers handled by a team of 25 professionals and still going strong.

Before brewing the idea to start Sarmentum, both were professionals with core expertise in their areas. They had no experience in entrepreneurship but had that zeal to respect the entity of the organization they served and wanted to replicate the same in their business venture. They were fortunate enough to get a support system in the form of their family who gave their valuable inputs on how to do things differently. Naveen’s training as anentrepreneur started while supporting his better half in her entrepreneur ventures and Sharad’s support to her better half in managing her business operations helped him to understand the way business works. And that’s how their journey started.

You must have heard a statement “A smooth sea never makes good sailors”. This statement fits to Sarmentum’s experience as a start-up. Not everything was hunky dory. They faced different challenges and the team was able to resolve them basis their risk mitigation processes.They customize their development models basis the type of business, volumes, delivery timelines, etc., and pass on the cost advantage to the customer instead of working on a traditional approach to cost.

Solution Oriented Organization

At Sarmentum, they rely on the philosophy of being a solution-oriented company and this is the major reason why their customers trust them. Their core idea is to work as a team for this common goal while building a brand “Sarmentum”. Their whole decision making is based on the common goal – “No one is above the Organization”. For Sarmentum the title of “Solution Oriented Organization” defines their key habit to achieve client satisfaction. “We request our customers to share any existing challenges and sail with them to provide best in class solutions and strategies to mitigate any risk involved in reaching the desired goal”, says Naveen.

The solutions they offer are entirely as a third party without any commercials attached, which at times is appreciated by the customer and results in business for the organization. They are working to create an organization with core belief of collaborative growth for everyone who is associated with them.

“We would want to become a diversified conglomerate with different interests in terms of Technology, Real Estate, etc. We are looking forward for our global presence and increase our R&D budget aiming to create a product which eases the day-to-day activity of the users.”

Besides his professional life, Sharad being a technology geek is always inclined towards learning new technologies and tools available to make things easier to deal with. His other interest includes travelling, exploring automotive industry and spending quality times with the family. Naveen is anavid reader and books have always been a mentor to him. He is passionate about spending quality time withfamily, and you see a child in him whenever he is with her daughter.


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