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Raunak Jain – Managing Director, Tula’s International School

Meet Ranauk Jain: The Man Behind the Success of Tula’s International School

Tula’s International School (TIS) was established in 2013 under the aegis of Rishabh Educational Trust to impart education through seamless opportunities. Following the Modern Gurukul Concept, Tula’s International is a co-ed residential school with a quintessential example of a perfect amalgamation between the old gurukul system with a modern approach that aims to develop mind, body, and soul. Tula empowers education with technology and offers exchange programs with international institutions and universities. It offers exchange programs with International Institutions and Universities. Its innovative programs facilitate weaker students. It also specializes in students in activities to sharpen their skills in the field of music, dance, art, public speaking, sports, and literary skills. It aims at developing the right moralities in students through personality development and career counseling, which makes it best in business.

The Managing Director and Vice President of Tula’s International School, Raunak Jain, aspires to make Tula’s International one of the best and most dependable schools. He understands that he can achieve this ambition only through the success of every student of Tula’s International School. He believes in the motto: ‘Together we rise, together we touch the skies.’

Mr. Jain, as the Director and the youngest member of the Tula Family, has all his interests invested in the school to make it a perfect setting for a student’s holistic development with an emphasis on creating a balanced persona. Compromising at no point, Tula’s offers world-class facilities for all children, be it education, sports, arts, or entertainment. He pays attention to all the details and is always there to help staff, students, and parents.

“At Tula, we follow the modern Gurukul concept wherein the students go to their gurus to obtain knowledge through digital mediums. We focus on the mind, body, and soul, along with moral values, traditions, spirituality, and ethics, as they teach important values and ideas, manners, and values that help our students in their future life. The beauty and simplicity of the Gurukul system are well-knit with modern facilities. Tula focuses on key areas like discipline, creativity, the right attitude, empathy, and strong moral values. We aim to create the ancient guru-disciple relationship between the student and teacher in a modern and well-equipped setup,” says Raunak Jain.

A classroom is a dynamic environment that brings together students from different backgrounds with various abilities and personalities. For teachers, there is no ‘One Size Fits All’ solution. Tula’s International School uses various methodologies and technologies for learning. They focus on learning for life, for which the concept of the classroom is no more in practice hence workstations are provided. Just like in ancient times, wherein the students used to go to their gurus to acquire knowledge, similarly, at Tula’s, the students move from one workstation to another to gain knowledge.

At workstations, students solve real problems. This helps them learn faster and brings the dull academic to life with visual and practical learning through the use of interactive whiteboards. Tula’s wants its students to become independent learners by cooperating.

The school is always conducting professional development programs to improve both the teachers and the students. A key factor in determining how students’ futures will turn out is career counseling and partnerships with numerous overseas colleges. Last line: Many students have benefited and are well-positioned all around the world.

Tula International School has a strong infrastructure to facilitate and support student activities for sports. The sports facilities offered are football, snooker, skating, cycling, basketball, squash, badminton, lawn tennis, cricket, volleyball, table tennis, shooting, archery, crossbow, horse riding, and many more. Students are trained by experienced sports coaches who are handpicked to help develop skills among students. It also facilitates participating in hobbies like pottery, dancing, art/craft, photography, cooking, horse riding, music, yoga, etc.

More about Raunak Jain

Raunak Jain is a young and dynamic entrepreneur based in Dehradun. He completed his schooling at one of the most noted schools in India, Brightlands School in Dehradun. To pursue his higher education, Raunak turned his dreams into reality by making his way to London and joining the prestigious Royal Holloway, University of London. At the very young age of 21, Raunak returned to India and joined Tula’s International School in 2012 as the Managing Director, where he managed operations and policies for the school. He has been striving hard to make TIS one of the best schools, and he aims to achieve it by driving success for each student of the school. Under his guidance and reign, Tula got featured in Forbes India 2018-19 under great Indian schools, making him the youngest school Director’ in India.

Raunak guides and nurtures the next generation to establish skills to achieve health, respect, prosperity, and fulfillment. He believes in focusing on high standards and expectations for each student regarding academic performance, co-curricular participation, and overall development. He uses all the tools available to inspire staff, students, and the community to work together to promote students’ achievement and well-being. His competent team of teachers strives to focus on each child, monitor and mentor them, appreciate their achievements and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings.

Being an automobile enthusiast, Raunak in his spare time loves to spend time with his cars. He is also an avid sports lover and likes to indulge in various sports, including shooting, billiards, and cricket, among many more.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Raunak has always been entrepreneurial throughout his life. “As we already were running a higher education institute, it felt appropriate for me to take a step further in starting a co-ed boarding school and providing world-class education coupled with state-of-the-art facilities,” he asserts.

His down-to-earth and kind nature are the biggest factors that have contributed to his success. He treats all his teachers and staff members like his family. He likes to treat everyone equally and with respect. He constantly supports his staff and teachers.

“My long-term goal is to come up with a series of educational institutions under the banner of Tula’s in various parts of the country. To achieve the same, the best I can do is to proactively toil towards the betterment of the institution I’m currently heading,” he asserts.

Under the guidance of Raunak, the organization has attained the least attrition rate, which is less than 3%. This means that neither students nor staff easily leave the organization. The organization has made different strategies that help them retain staff for a long period. In a very short period, the institution has attained unprecedented heights of success, and today is at par with several renowned institutions across the country.

“As a leader, it is in my interest to keep everybody happy; if not happy, then at the least satisfied. It is my duty to listen to everybody and solve even the smallest problem of my students, teachers, or staff members. I also get involved in policy-making for my organization,” he says.

The Impact of COVID-19 on TIS

The Pandemic has changed the education system dramatically. Today, parents have become keen on admitting their children to prominent boarding schools rather than day schools. There are several reasons behind this change, including better cleaning and sanitization, stringent COVID protocols, and an overall safe environment.

“Since the epidemic, Tula’s International School has adhered rigidly to all COVID-19 guidelines. Teachers and other staff members are under tight orders to monitor our students’ COVID safety. We have all the modern medical resources necessary to safeguard the health of our Tula family in the event of a medical emergency,” he says.

The organization has worked on and introduced several innovative labs and is now inviting creative people from different parts of the country to come and encourage their teachers and students. “We have also created various creative clubs and activities, and the best we do is to let our students work rather than our teachers, thus enhancing their mindsets,” he adds.

At Tula’s International School, great ideas come from everybody in the organization, ranging from the students, teachers, and the top-level management of the school. Sharing and taking from one another’s experiences is the most effective way to convey basic ideals. The organization has an open platform where people express both positive and negative experiences without prejudice.

“I believe the core values of an organization are the most important as the mission keeps changing every five years, and the vision is a long-term goal. What keeps constant in any organization are its core values,” he states.

Parting Words by the Leader

“My advice for someone going into a leadership position for the first time would be to act as a leader and not as a boss. And by leadership, I mean the ability to look out for everyone within the organization. The most important thing in life is to always be content and happy; everything else can wait. Everyone’s priorities should be their health and happiness, which go hand in hand,” concludes Ranuak Jain.



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