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Rahul Jain – CFO, NTT Data Payment Services

The Visionary CFO Rahul Jain: Leading the Digital Payment Revolution

In the fast-paced world of digital payments, revolutionary pioneers are innovating and redesigning the industry. Among them is Mr. Rahul Jain, a significant figure in NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd’s leadership team. As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), he played a huge role in molding the company’s financial and human resource strategy. Boasting 20 years of experience navigating the intricate regulatory landscape, Rahul Jain has demonstrated an impressive financial sense and strategic vision.

NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd. in Brief

Before we dive into Rahul Jain’s journey, let’s get to know more about the organization which he helped transform. Formerly known as Atom Technologies Ltd., NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd is one of the leading end-to-end payment service providers in India. The firm offers numerous payment solutions through various platforms such as point of sale, payment gateways, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), mobile applications etc.

NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd provides businesses with digital payment solutions like POS systems, online payment gateways, mobile apps, wallets and much more tailored to their needs.
The company which serves over 6 million merchants has garnered a strong market presence by processing over 100 million transactions annually that amount to over INR 1.5+ Trillion.

Takeo Ueno serves as CXO and CEO while our focus personality serves as CXO,CFO CHRO for this dynamic establishment.

The Power of Entrepreneurship

Perhaps one of his most interesting aspects is his unwavering belief in empowering employees with entrepreneurial mentality that breeds growth within organisations. For him ownership mindset allows employees to work with a personal stake in success of companies thus fostering genuine commitment. This revelation highlights that being an entrepreneur isn’t just about starting your own business but running existing ones better.

Success Habits & Leadership Principles

Rahul Jain’s success is also attributed to certain habits and principles. He believes that communication is key in the workplace as it enhances productivity, boosts employee morale, fosters engagement, enforces teamwork and thus produces better results. In addition to that focus and dedication should be a priority for any leader so they can set clear goals and expectations.

“Consistency is the compass that guides us toward our goals, and dedication is the fuel that propels us on the journey.” – Rahul Jain

Definitive Moments…

For every leadership journey there are a few definitive moments that serve as turning points in one’s career. One of those moments for Rahul Jain was when Atom Technologies was acquired and became NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd. This strategic move opened a new chapter for the company as it formed a valuable partnership with global innovator NTT DATA  which has its headquarters in Tokyo.
Not only did this acquisition expand their customer base but it established them as digital payment industry giants

Rahul Jain is ready for the next steps with NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd. The company wants to become one of the best payment service providers in the country thanks to its innovative products and above-standard services. With this goal, they will also be able to deliver on India’s ‘Digital India’ vision. The company aims to make digital payments safer and available for everyone by creating trusted, safe, compliant, and innovative payment solutions.

Outside of Work

Work is important, but not as important as family time. Rahul Jain loves spending time with his loved ones and travelling around with them. He’s also a great fan of running. The act always helps him recharge and find balance again when things get too crazy in a dynamic industry.

Industry Development

The digital payment industry has seen itself go through some major changes in recent years. At its introduction in 2016 when it went into service for people who wanted to transact digitally, the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) changed how people interacted digitally with each other financially. UPI has become top choice for consumers because it doesn’t cost anything, it’s safe, fast, seamless on all devices no matter how old or new they are. It’s truly adaptable straightforward and comfortable to use. This made-in-India innovation brought us closer to being leaders worldwide at real-time payments infrastructure which is exactly what our ‘Digital India’ initiative needed.

Proud Moments & Core Values

The employees behind the company have always been Rahul Jain’s driving force whenever he receives recognition like this; he couldn’t do this without them at all. Contributions from his team are highly valued because without them their achievements wouldn’t exist either way around you look at it. For NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd., mission core values as well as vision hold equal importance: providing customer-centric state-of-the-art payment services along with creating a safer more efficient platform that can be used by anyone. They also have a strong focus on being customer-centric and compliant with regulations. All of this is done so that they can become the most trusted payment innovator.

Leadership & Communication

Sharing beliefs and values is a must if we want any organization to succeed. NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd. knows this which is why townhall meetings, sales kick-offs, and offsite gatherings are held: they want their team members to understand their vision as well as values effectively.

Words from Wise Man

Rahul Jain’s journey to where he is now was not the usual one you would expect someone in his position to take. In fact, he was once in finance; now here he is with a founder mentality-led enterprise development team by his side. His advice for people who aspire to hold positions like his in the future is to always remain focused confident and dedicated no matter what gets thrown your way in life or work because it will always be worth it at the end of it all.

A Final Thought

People like Rahul Jain are going to be some of the key figures who shape the future of digital payments industry. With his captivating story paired up with NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd.’s mission and vision, Rahul has earned himself recognition as an influencer within the industry. His story should inspire anyone who wants to make an impact and take over their chosen fields because there truly isn’t anything stopping them if they don’t allow it themselves


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