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Rahul Jain – CFO, NTT Data Payment Services

The Visionary CFO Rahul Jain: Leading the Digital Payment Revolution

In the fast-evolving world of digital payments, visionary leaders are driving innovation and reshaping the industry landscape. Among them stands Mr. Rahul Jain, a key figure in the leadership team of NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd. As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), he has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s financial and human resources strategy. With over two decades of experience, Rahul Jain has not only navigated the complex regulatory environment but has also demonstrated remarkable financial acumen and strategic vision.

A Glimpse into NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd.

Before we delve into Rahul Jain’s journey, let’s take a closer look at the organization he has helped transform. NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd., formerly known as Atom Technologies Ltd., is India’s leading end-to-end payment service provider. This innovative company offers a wide range of payment solutions through various platforms, including point of sale, payment gateways, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and mobile applications.

NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd. caters to the diverse needs of its merchants, offering digital payment solutions such as point-of-sale systems, online payment gateways, mobile applications, wallets, IVR services, QR codes, and white-labeled solutions. With a strong presence in the market, the company serves over 6 million merchants and processes more than 100 million transactions annually, totalling aover INR 1.5+ Trillion.

Key officials leading this dynamic organization include Mr. Takeo Ueno as CXO and CEO, and the subject of our feature, Mr. Rahul Jain, serving as CXO, CFO, and CHRO.

The Entrepreneur Mindset

One of the most intriguing facets of Rahul Jain’s journey is his unwavering belief in the Entrepreneur mentality, which he sees as a catalyst for organisational growth. According to him, the ownership mindset empowers employees to act as if they have a personal stake in the company’s success, fostering a genuine sense of commitment. This revelation underscores that adopting the Entrepreneur mentality isn’t exclusively about launching a business from the ground up; it can also encompass revitalizing and guiding existing enterprises towards greater heights.

Success Habits and Leadership Principles

Rahul Jain attributes his success to certain key habits and principles. Communication, he says, is paramount in the workplace. Effective communication enhances productivity, boosts employee morale, fosters engagement, encourages teamwork, and drives better results. Additionally, maintaining a strong focus, dedication and setting clear goals and expectations ensures that everyone in the organization is aligned towards achieving the same objectives.

“Consistency is the compass that guides us toward our goals, and dedication is the fuel that propels us on the journey.” – Rahul Jain

Pivotal Moments…

In every leadership journey, pivotal moments can serve as the turning point in one’s career. For Rahul Jain, one such moment was the acquisition of Atom Technologies, which evolved into NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd. This strategic maneuver propelled the company into a new era, forging a valuable partnership with NTT DATA, a renowned global innovator headquartered in Tokyo. This acquisition not only broadened the company’s footprint but also established it as a dominant force in the digital payment industry.

Future Goals and Vision

Looking ahead, Rahul Jain remains confident in the strength of NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd. The company’s goal is clear – to become one of the top payment service providers in the country by delivering superior services and innovative products. In line with India’s ‘Digital India’ vision, the company aims to make digital payments accessible and viable for everyone by building safe, trusted, compliant, and innovative payment solutions.

Beyond the Office

While Rahul Jain is deeply committed to his roles within the organization, he also relishes life beyond work. He likes to travel with family, he is an avid runner and has completed multiple half and full marathons, which help him recharge and stay balanced in a dynamic industry.

Industry Evolution

The digital payment industry in India has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years. The introduction of the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) in 2016 revolutionized the way people transact digitally. UPI has become the preferred choice for consumers because it is free, safe, swift, seamless, flexible, and convenient. This indigenous innovation, coupled with the ‘Digital India’ initiative, has propelled India to global leadership in real-time payments infrastructure.

Proud Moments and Core Values

When asked what makes him most proud, Rahul Jain emphasizes the importance of his dedicated employees. They are the driving force behind the company’s success, and their contributions and ideas are highly valued. For NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd., mission, core values, and vision all hold equal importance. The mission is to provide customer-centric, state-of-the-art payment services and create a safer and more efficient digital payment platform. Core values include a focus on being customer-centric and complying with regulations. The vision is to be a trusted payment innovator.

Leadership and Communication

Effective communication of core values is vital for any organization’s success. NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd. organizes townhall meetings, sales kick-offs, and offsite gatherings to ensure their values and vision are effectively communicated to all team members.

Words of Wisdom

Rahul Jain’s journey from finance to founder mentality-led enterprise development is a testament to the diverse paths that can lead to success in the business world. His advice to aspiring leaders is to remain focused, confident, and dedicated to their work, emphasizing the importance of consistency in achieving their goals.

Final Words

In the world of digital payments, leaders like Rahul Jain play a pivotal role in shaping the future. His captivating journey and dedication to NTT DATA Payment Services India Ltd.’s mission and vision have earned him recognition as a key influencer in the industry. Rahul Jain’s story inspires all who aspire to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields and transform industries for the better.


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