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Manpreet Narang – Business Head, The Franchise Wire

The Franchise Wire: Helping Brands Build their Franchises

The Franchise Wire™ is a leading network of franchise consultancy that offers result-oriented franchise marketing and acquisition services across the country.  The Franchise Wire™ is a multi-faceted global franchise service provider which combines the resources of one of the leading news channels, franchise web portal, print media publication, and organizer of major franchise events nationwide. Their turn-key services are formulated to deliver maximum return on investment for their clients to ensure the realization of their franchise ambitions.

The company is led by a political analyst with the concept of allowing the owners to direct their efforts in building sales and expanding their territories. They help brands to establish themselves in new territories by finding qualified investors/partners.They provide professional representation and assistance. They act as a moderator and guide their clients to build a franchise.

The Franchise Wire™is a360-degree consultancy. “We have trained and professional minds to deal with everything at ease. We believe in doing smart work for our clients that help them run their business smoothly as we take care of their expansion plans,” says Manpreet Narang Business Head of The Franchise Wire™.

Franchise consultancy reiterates the need for companies to change into hybrid mode and expand their business through franchise mode. “The first stage of any good franchise development process begins with a thorough assessment of the business and its overall viability as a company. Once we analyze the market and we see that the business is deemed “franchise-able”, we guide the company on how to refine or adjust certain processes to allow the business to flourish. The next step is to reach the right people to build their network of potential franchisees. This includes learning how to market their brand. Once the business is out there in the marketplace, they may still want help in making sure that they keep growing, building, and pushing the boundaries. This is where we come into the picture.We document and deliver all business operational elements, compliance, and best practice procedures. We help our clients finesse their systems so that they can grow confidently,” she explains.

The company has a dedicated team of professionals who has diverse experience in different industries that helps them to conduct a comprehensive feasibility review of the business.They assess the growth and determine their financial sustainable development.They not only establish proof of concept but also key drivers and structural foundations.

“We turn a dream into reality by establishing proof of concept, key drivers, and the structural foundations. We believe in getting it right from the outset which includes customer experience mapping, scalability, integrated workflows, etc. We work on multiple business options as per the investment range. We not only document and deliver all the business operational elements but also compliance and best practice procedures ready for uploading to the chosen hosting platform, states Manpreet Narang, Business Head, of The Franchise Wire™.

Over the years, the company has grown because of the dedication of the team members. They are passionate about the work and have a zeal to learn and grow. Manpreet says, “If you have determination, passion, and confidence, then you can achieve anything in life. The industry is continuously changing. Therefore, one should always be flexible and ready to work in the changing environment.”

About the Key Person

Manpreet Narang, Business Head of The Franchise Wire, is an MBA in International Sales & Marketing and a Senior Management Professional who is actively involved in business strategy planning and expansions in Pan India. She overlooks Franchisee Management and new set-ups and opportunities. She is an impressive communicator with honed interpersonal, team building, negotiation, presentation, convincing, and analytical skills.







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