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Indira Lohia – Director, Vidya Mandir Public School


The journey of Vidya Mandir Public School can be traced back to 1976. The school has been committed for over four decades to quality education for students. They deliver K-12 education and endeavour to provide a thriving, dynamic and educational environment that augments critical thinking and fosters a balance between academics and co-scholastic activities.

Late Mr. Nikunj Lohia laid the foundation of Vidya Mandir with a vision to create a bias-free and inclusive learning environment. His vision was carried forward by Indira Lohia, Director, and Manisha Gupta, Director at Manaskriti School. The vision involves adhering to traditional teaching techniques and appending them with unconventional teaching methods that make learning fun and realistic.

The directors further added, “We are an educational trust, and under our flagship, Vidya Mandir Public School, Vidya Niketan School, and Manaskriti School, three schools are operating. Each of the three institutions has a specific vision and set of objectives. All three institutions discourage rote learning and promote learning via experience. To do this, we will provide a warm, joyful, secure, and encouraging learning atmosphere where everyone is treated equally and all accomplishments are recognized.”

The students enjoy a wide range of athletic, artistic, and co-curricular activities that form an essential aspect of their school life. They learn not for school but for life. Vidya Mandir offers multifarious resources ranging from state-of-the-art facilities to lush green surroundings to sustain and excel in the world. They believe that education should do more than just produce individuals who can read, write and count. They believe in grooming global citizens who are virtuous and can work for the betterment of humankind.

In a conversation with the CEO Review Magazine, Indira Lohia shares some intrinsic insights about the school, the environment provided to the children, plans, and more. please read ahead to know more about how the two Directors are bringing a delightful change in the age-old education system of society.

How are you different from people working in a similar domain?

Our institutions’ vision and goals set us apart; we are concentrated on our main goal of offering education to everyone at a low cost and with the most modern facilities. All three schools feature top-notch facilities and staff members that are well-educated and subject-matter experts. We support the complete growth of our students in a setting where they have the opportunity to learn from the very finest instructors.

What is the goal of your company, and how are you planning to achieve it?

The School of Education trains highly skilled, compassionate, and productive teachers to serve students in a variety of settings across our nation. We accomplish this by relating philosophy, knowledge, and social justice. Our programs place a strong emphasis on advocacy, reflective practice, curriculum integration, academic excellence, and equity. The programs encourage meaningful fieldwork in which pre-service and in-service teachers interact with pupils, families, and other teachers in a range of areas. Our students carry out a study, comprehend educational guidelines, and acquire the abilities needed to cater to the demands of every pupil. Our students acquire the attitudes that direct and support their teaching and leading through their coursework and fieldwork.

What is the role and responsibility of the key people at the company and whom do you serve as clients?

Manisha Gupta, my daughter, and I work as head of the managing body of all three schools. We both try to ensure that our conduct, conviction, vision, and strategies create a vivid and dynamic future for the young students and that the organization continues its forward momentum.

Since we are an educational institution, parents, kids, and families make up the majority of our clientele, and their satisfaction is our top focus. As businesses and firms, we don’t have any professional clients, but we do have families to look after.

What are the new trends you see in the industry today and does technology play a role for you?

Education does not merely apply to a child absorbing theoretical knowledge. It goes way beyond and deeper as well. For instance, Manisha focuses more on technology-based learning. Thanks to the pandemic, a blend of offline and online education have become the new norm and have been now well adapted to our curriculum in school as well. Also, I have observed that it has become imperative to make the youth more environment-focused, and hence sustainability needs to be practiced.Recycling, classroom composting, gardening projects, and nature walk-all are not mere trends but have become a necessity

Yes, technology is essential for us. We believe that technology plays a significant role in organizations. We use a combination of technologies for every duty that is necessary for an organization to operate efficiently.

What challenges do you have to overcome to get here today and how did the pandemic affect you?

Nobody can accomplish a particular aim without difficulties if you ask any entrepreneur. To get there, he or she must put out the effort. My life also wasn’t a bed of roses. It took a lot of work for us to rise to this level of social status. The difficulties were numerous because it was sometimes difficult for a woman entrepreneur to find things moving in their favor, but nothing stopped me because my husband and other members of the managing committee greatly assisted me.

Like every other industry, the pandemic did affect us too. During the pandemic, it was very challenging to ensure that the educational pattern was consistent while also carrying out other obligations. Additionally, it was very challenging to engage in the teaching and learning process utilizing the online mode.

As a leader of your organization, what important decisions do you make for the company?

As the head of an organization, I think making decisions is a skill every entrepreneur should learn. Decisions are one of those things that require a lot of logic and careful consideration. As the organization’s leader, I think it’s important to keep the welfare and the consequences of any decisions you make in mind when they pertain to the young children and parents who are affiliated with us. Manaskriti, which is led by Manisha Gupta, does just that.  Growing as an organization and competing in this expanding globe would be impossible without striking a proper balance

How do you encourage people to work in your organization?

In our opinion, it’s critical to inspire both staff members and students in every school, especially in India. Encouragement of women is essential for achieving success and should be done frequently. as a motivator. The importance of taking the crew out for a day to the movies cannot be overstated. For them to receive the same motivation, various events should be planned and they should have the opportunity to engage with other subject-area teachers.

What are the new strategies you have adopted for your business and shed light on future endeavors?

Being a part of the education sector, new adoptions should occur every second and minute since it would be very challenging for us to become the Ace if we restricted ourselves to Rote learning and adhered to antiquated teaching methods. We make an effort to implement fresh methods per CBSE and ensure that our pupils can profit from them.

As far as the future is concerned, I always support sustainable development. The students will always be the priority of the school and it will be essential for them to feel a variety of connections to the natural world.


I want to suggest to all the readers that we should start thinking about alternatives that can save our ecosystem and what we can do best as individuals to protect it. Sustainability needs to be practised, and schools must not alienate themselves from this responsibility. The planet needs the efforts of youth who are sensitized to the urgent need of saving it.


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