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Courtney Kehl – President and Founder, Expert Marketing Advisors

Expert Marketing Advisors: Helping companies maximize their revenue creation through a focused, marketing strategy

In recent past, the importance of marketing has increased manifold. It is no more confined to traditional marketing approaches. Even the most reluctant person can’t ignore the power of marketing in today’s globalized and interconnected world. Marketing is your fuel to run business. Tapping this necessity of marketing, a number of global firms have emerged which are working to promote businesses making use of the new-age technology. Today, we are going to talk about one such global firm – Expert Marketing Advisors. Recently, we spoke with Courtney Kehl, President and Founder of Expert Marketing Advisors.

Talking about Courtney, she is a passionate marketing leader who has spent over 15 years of her career overseeing demand generation from the inside of a company to now helping companies develop and scale their marketing engine from the outside. By navigating her career through a non-traditional route, it has equipped her with skills and unique insights to help companies maximize their revenue creation through a focused, marketing strategy based on brand awareness and interest leading to high-quality leads. “Through my unconventional career journey, it has given me the opportunity to build the marketing muscle that utilizes analytics to make data-driven decisions early on in my career”, she says.

And through this experience, it has prepared her well to lead marketing as businesses grow and transition to their next phase of business.  The marketing tools she has long used offer an entirely new way to gauge ROI while tying activities back to marketing dollars. This automation gave demand generation a whole new meaning. As a demand generation leader within an organization, she was responsible for being the expert at all things that built the new generation tech stack behind the marketing machine.

“Using the knowledge and expertise I have acquired by working as a marketing leader within high growth startups to public enterprises and mature companies looking for profitable growth, I have been able to successfully help build several high-growth companies from seed round startups to later stage and on through acquisition now as an agency owner”, she adds further.

Action-oriented approach to marketing leading to consistently successful business results

As AI and machine learning technologies now evolve to the forefront of marketing, Courtney sees another generation of marketers coming in that will lean toward digital marketing as their strength. “This is very exciting and I look forward to seeing it take shape across the industry.” Throughout her career, she has acquired an action-oriented approach to marketing that has consistently led to successful business results, which she employs even now as a Marketing Advisor that is on a mission to help technology startups grow.

At Expert Marketing Advisors, her expertise helps the firm work as gasoline for client’s marketing fire. They increase client’s awareness and boost their lead flow to achieve accelerated marketing-driven growth. They do this through the application of rigorous marketing methodologies, robust best practices, and access to the talent and expertise of the Expert Marketing Advisors Network.

Expert Marketing Advisors is a B2B marketing consulting company with marketing experts from around the world. They have found folks for every facet of marketing that are experts in their craft and are not only extremely good at what they do, but passionate as well. Their target audience is high-growth B2B tech companies who are struggling with their marketing and need them to fill a gap. “We take pride in assisting startups to attain Unicorn level valuation, and helping companies get acquired”, she exclaims. They have had over 70 clients and are always striving to help even more companies meet their business goals by utilizing their marketing team.

The strategies that they implement have been tested over time and formed into proven playbooks, and they are constantly updating their methods to adapt to the changing environment/s. They are able to look at their client’s competition and see what they are doing and one-up them. As a very disciplined yet vivacious team, they are unique in how they operate. Their experts consider themselves an extension of companies’ teams rather than a separate entity.

Acting as an extension of their clients’ team

The journey of Expert Marketing Advisors first began when Courtney started receiving calls from her network of connections. They wanted marketing support and advice to help them with their go-to-market. After quite a few of these calls, the idea of starting this company came naturally and eventually became a reality in May 2017. They started with a few high-caliber marketing people she had previously worked with in her career. Over the years they have grown and today, their team consists of over 40 passionate experts representing all areas of marketing. Acting as an extension of their clients’ team, they are results-oriented and have a passion for what they do.

“We have the opportunity to launch companies operating out of stealth mode, run successful campaigns, drive product launches, and help companies work towards their exit.” Expert Marketing Advisors is a marketing team that thrives on scaling results and increasing your valuation.Courtney has achieved so much with being disciplined, staying organized and responsive.She also ensures a good balance between work and life in order to put her best self forward. Self-care is important to keep yourself mentally sharp and ready to take on anything.

Throughout her career, she has crossed past many milestones. Many acquisitions and experience have been her “make” moments over the years. Seeing the various sales and marketing playbooks in action as companies grow and scale has helped her identify the patterns for repeating this success. When it comes to break moment, it was for her the Covid crisis. However, despite all the odds, the firm survived the pandemic with team spirit. This ultimately led to sharpening their business operations and ensuring they have what they need in place to make it through other changes in the market.

Leaning on each other and taking on areas for increasing knowledge

Courtney is aiming to set up the team for long standing growth and security in their jobs. This is a daily effort as the foundation for the business is constantly improved (everything from medical, 401k, margins, etc).To this end she runs things back through her mind as how can things be improved and what are the takeaways. She never misses out on taking inspiration from her teammates. She is really proud of herteam. The opportunities for each person to continue learning, grow and contribute are a main driver and motivation for her. Besides, she believes in encouraging creative thinking within her organization.

In her words, “We all swim together”. They lean on each other and take on areas for increasing knowledge. They have an amazing diverse group of people in their organization and so someone might have an idea, and then someone else can build off of that idea using their own experiences, and then they keep bouncing ideas back and forth until they have a fully developed idea that is a “great idea”.

Apart from her professional life, she is an animal lover in her personal life. She adores all kinds of animals. Besides, she is a big-timefootball lover.

Courtney has a piece of advice for burgeoning business professionals. She says, “Have the courage to acknowledge your fears and still take action despite potential consequences. The rewards are worth it.”Take all of your achievements and failures as a lesson. Let your achievements build your company and team up, and let your failures humble you and light a fire underneath you to do better. “Surround yourself with the right people—those who uplift and support your vision”, she signs off.


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