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5 Self-Care Essentials to Support You During Your Pregnancy

5 Self-Care Essentials to Support You During Your Pregnancy

Most mothers (and fathers) find pregnancy as an exciting time in their life, however, taking care of yourself during this period is a must for your overall well-being. When you overlook self-care, your body goes through several physical, mental and emotional changes which may make you feel overwhelmed and fatigued. How can you support yourself and your health while pregnant?

Brighton residents enjoy acupuncture services delivered by practitioners who assist pregnant women with issues like back pains and morning sickness. Establishing a self-care routine that ensures you stay safe and healthy throughout your trimesters is also a good place to start. But how does this look like?

Keep reading so we can discuss some of the self-care essentials expectant moms should include in their daily pregnancy routine before the baby comes.

5 Self-Care Essentials to Support You During Your Pregnancy

1. Stay Active

When you keep active during all three trimesters it will help improve your body shape, enhance your mood and prepare for child birth even speeding up postpartum recovery. Suffering from conditions such as morning sickness or back ache might cause limitation in physical movements but regular exercise will ameliorate these conditions.

Most medical experts suggest moderate intensity exercises for maintaining general wellness during pregnancy, whereas 30 minutes a day engaged in any of the following activities:



Riding a spinning bike

In case of any concerns about complications related to pregnancy consult with doctor before attempting any exercise.

2. Stick to Healthy Eating Plan

If one was not following a healthy eating plan prior to conceiving then now would be the right time to create one as well as adhere by it. Not only do you need proper nutrients during your pregnancy,but your baby needs a wide range of vitamins and minerals to grow and develop properly. The best way of accomplishing this is by ensuring each meal has all the colors present in vegetables and fruit.

Your pregnancy eating plan should be rich in high-protein, healthy fats. Carbs, trans-fats and sugars should be reduced or eliminated completely together with the following foods, until you give birth to your baby:

Raw seafood

Pre-prepared meals and deli meats

Soft cheeses

Anything that contains raw egg

To deal with morning sickness throughout your pregnancy’s last phases, consider eating small amounts of food several times during the day instead of large sittings. Do not use “eating for two” philosophy because it is unnecessary! Maintain similar portions as you usually take to avoid gaining weigh during this moment. Drinking plenty of water is also essential for your self-care practice.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Unfortunately, most expectant mothers struggle with getting a good night’s rest. Changing hormones, physical pain associated with carrying a baby and general discomfort as your tummy grows are all responsible for restless sleep. However, getting enough sleep is vital for physical, mental and emotional wellness during pregnancy.

In case you do not sleep well throughout the night then try creating a pre-bedtime routine which will aid in preparing your body as well as mind for quality sleep. As such here are some ways where one can start winding down before bed time;

Take a warm bath

Switch off laptop TV and social media two hours prior to going to bed

Read an interesting book

A cup of lavender or lemon balm herbal tea is all you need.

This will make it easier for you to sleep at night by creating a calming bedroom environment with cosy beddings, low lightings and curtains that keep off sunlight when drawn together.

4. Make an appointment for Acupuncture

Acupuncture is self-care as it helps one relax in addition to relieving morning sickness and backaches among others associated with pregnancy. This ancient Chinese remedy has been attracting attention for centuries because it seeks to restore the natural flow of energy within the body as well as promoting general wellbeing.

Generally, acupuncture is safe for most pregnant women and can offer:

Boosting energy levels

Relieving pain without taking drugs.

Getting a good night’s rest

Treating feelings of depression and anxiety

For any woman seeking pregnancy acupuncture Melbourne mothers should always go to experienced professionals who have qualifications for treating expectant ladies.

5. Self-Care Includes ME Time

This will help you manage your mental health during this emotional period of your life characterized by joy and excitement. Also, Me time is essential as it gives you an opportunity to think about nothing else but yourself while contemplating on activities that are beneficial towards your psychological welfare, apart from re-establishment of internal balance within each cell – hence individual must find different ways to re-establish their inner equilibrium.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate them into your daily self-care routine:

Meditation sessions

Writing diaries or journals

Walks through forested areas around town

Connecting with supportive friends and relatives

Engaging in day time naps regularly (and not only when one feels tired)

Gentle yoga exercises or practices

Scheduling ‘me-time’ during your pregnancy aids in preparing mentally for such a momentous event thereby helping one cope with the arrival of her child/

Final Thoughts

By including simple self-care practices in your day-to-day routine throughout pregnancy, you will remain fit and healthy for the entire nine months. It also prepares you physically, mentally as well as emotionally for the birth of your baby and aids in making the first few days of being a new mom more manageable.


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