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Is it mandatory to buy travel insurance?

Must we buy travel insurance?

Travel is indispensable in the present day. Traveling has become a necessity not just after the pandemic but for everybody. People have now realized that they need some time to relax before starting refreshed and charged up for daily activities. Besides being great fun, travelling can go bad in so many ways; flights may be cancelled, luggage misplaced, medical emergencies among others. This is where travel insurance comes in handy. Just like any other insurance policy, this one covers mishaps that occur during ones travels as already described.

Though it is not compulsory to take travel insurance, it is highly recommendable. With insufficient coverage you risk potentially losing money and spoiling your trip due to such incidents. You will be able to get travel insurance with Cholamandalam Insurance as well.

While a few countries require visitors to possess one before they can enter their territories, most countries do not have such a regulation however there are those who do not want any surprises while on their vacation because of emergencies which can happen anywhere.

Below are several reasons why buying travel insurance matters:

It’s uneasy or unknown at least when you’re going somewhere new outside of your hometown there’s already much planning involved and at all times ensuring your safety along the way. It’s always smart to have travel insurance just in case something goes wrong during a journey like this one that includes several uncertainties which also helps reduce general anxiety.

Medical Emergencies:

Medical emergencies can crop up anytime and medical care costs abroad are high-priced There are costs related to hospitalization and emergency medical evacuation that might be covered by travel insurance

Trip Cancellation or Interruption:

Unforeseen situations such as illness/injury/death-family member etc., could result in the cancellation/interruption of your trip that would mean losses without having an appropriate option.

Lost or Stolen Baggage:

It is chaotic if you lose your suitcase or somebody steals it from you. You could be reimbursed for lost or stolen luggage and anything inside, if you have travel insurance.

Travel Delay:

When flights are delayed or cancelled it may result in some inconveniences and expenditures. As an example, while waiting for the next flight travel insurance can pay for lodgings, meals and transportation.

Emergency Evacuation:

Travel insurance will cover the cost of emergency evacuation to a safe location in case of natural disasters, political instability, or other emergencies.

Financial Burden:

This is because travel is already expensive as it is and if you were to get sick on your trip or have a delay/cancellation then these costs would only go up. Having travel insurance would be best to avoid this financial burden.

It is advisable that one purchases a travel insurance plan seeing that travel remains unpredictable. You can also choose from Cholamandalam Insurance plans that include options for travel insurances. Therefore you may buy a travel insurance policy using the link provided based on your need and check out various options with Cholamandalam Insurance company.


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