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Top 10 Easy Approval Credit Cards for Students

Credit cards for students that are easy to get approved

As a student, it can be daunting to find the right credit card. There is so much information out there and it can be hard to figure out which one is best. Fortunately, there are many easy approval credit cards for students available today. These options range from low-interest rates to preferred rewards points deals to signup bonuses and more – allowing you to find the perfect card for your needs as a student. This blog post will explore all of them in detail.

What are easy approval credit cards for students?

Easy approval credit cards for students help young people manage their money responsibly and build good credit habits. Many times these cards offer cash back or bonus rewards that allow the user to get more value than they could with a traditional credit card. Additionally, most student credit cards have lower interest rates which will save them money over time. With easy approval offers, college-aged individuals or younger consumers may be pre-approved without having an employment history or income verification requirement. Before selecting a product, research features like fees and APRs, ensuring that it meets your financial needs.

Reasons why getting a student credit card is beneficial

Getting approved for and using a student credit card is an easy process with many benefits. Student credit cards come with several advantages such as establishing early access to credit which helps build strong profiles faster than other types of accounts might do so alone would provide no annual fee low-interest rate cash-back reward among others some even go above this level by offering tools designed specifically towards teaching users how manage their credits better since they know what these products should look like if we want our kids’ decisions about money matters become wise then let’s give them such an opportunity now through applying together!

List of top ten easy approval Credit Cards For Students

  1. Discover It Student Cash Back Card – Discover It Student Cash Back Card gives 5% cashback on rotating categories every month and unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases. Additionally, it provides you with the biggest free credit score network access along automatic payment of your credit card bill each month through online banking or bill payment service.

2. Citi Rewards+ Student Card – Citi Rewards+ Student Card is suitable for those students who want to earn rewards while building their credit scores gradually over time. You will receive 2x points at supermarkets and gas stations plus 1x point for every dollar spent elsewhere without any annual fee required.

3. Bank of America Cash Rewards for Students Credit Card – Select 3% currency back in a class of your choice (gas, online shopping, dining, travel or drug stores), 2% at grocery shops and wholesale clubs, and 1% on all other purchases with the Bank of America Cash Rewards for Students Credit Card.

4. Chase Freedom Student Credit Card – Gain 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases made in bonus classes each quarter you activate. And earn unlimited 1% money back on all other purchases when using the Chase Freedom Student Credit Card. No yearly fee needed.

5. Capital One Journey Student Rewards Credit Card – With Capital One Journey Student Rewards Credit Card you get 1%-2% cashback on every purchase; plus receive notifications while you’re nearing a reward redemption threshold and statements emailed to make tracking spending habits easier–all without an annual fee!

6. Wells Fargo Cash Back College℠Card – Earn 3% cash rewards on gas, grocery store purchases and select streaming services up to $2,000 in combined eligible net purchases each calendar year; then 1%. Take advantage of higher earnings with no annual fee required.

7. U S Bank College Visa®Card – The U S Bank College Visa®Card lets students earn rewarding loyalty points such as 5 STAR rewards where they get one Starpoint per dollar spent up to 20 points per month when they make eligible net purchases; then .25 points thereafter–no annual fees necessary!

8. Apple Credit Card – Apple’s new credit card is designed specifically for college students who want a simple way to manage their spend and build good credit habits in just minutes. Easily set monthly payments right from your iPhone or iPad without any additional fees ever!

9. Barclaycard Arrival®Plus World Elite Mastercard® – Barclaycard’s Arrival®Plus World Elite Mastercard® offers double miles on all purchases which can be redeemed toward travel costs including flights & hotels with no blackout dates or restrictions; plus there are never any foreign transaction fees when traveling abroad!

10. Discover it Secured Credit Card – With the Discover it Secured Credit Card, users can build their credit history by making regular payments on time every month. Plus, they’ll receive complimentary access to Discover’s patented FICO Score each month so they can track how their actions are impacting their overall credit health – all without any annual fees!

How to apply for an easy approval credit card

To apply for an easy approval credit card as a student is simple. The first step in getting an easy approval credit card is doing research to find one that suits your lifestyle needs and financial goals best. Once you have identified the correct credit card, you can start applying by filling out an official application form. You will also be required to provide proof of income which may include pay stubs, bank statements or any other evidence of earnings. Finally, you may need a photograph for identification purposes as well. Ideally submitting these items together will help expedite the entire approval process and get your credit card sooner rather than later!

Credit Cards with no Foreign Transaction Fees

Things to consider when applying for a student credit card

When you apply for a student credit card, you should keep in mind some important tips. The best choice for your situation can be learned by researching about the fees tied to the card and its annual percentage rates before selecting it. Another thing to do is to figure out if there are rewards or cashback opportunities which are tied with the card that could help support one’s financial plans. Lastly, make sure you know how lost or stolen cards should be reported and what resolution services will be available in case of theft. So take time ahead of time to research all these things because later on down the road when using credit cards it can save you a lot of trouble.

Tips For Responsible Credit Card Use

Having an easy approval credit card as a student can be very beneficial but it’s important to use this tool responsibly. To get the most out of your easy approval card always pay off the balance each month so interest and late fees don’t accumulate; another thing that may help with maximizing benefits would be participating in reward programs such as cash back or points accumulation which may give more value for spending; setting up alerts or reminders about payment due date ensures timely payments thus avoiding overspending beyond means while keeping track on expenditure reports acts as eye opener towards better handling money management skills even when using convenience offered by plastic money.

What To Do If You Are Denied A Student Credit Card?

You shouldn’t worry much when denied a student credit card since there are many lenders who provide alternative options with more flexible credit requirements. Finding right solution amongst available choices guarantees easy approval regardless whether previous credit history has been poor or current financial standing isn’t favorable either. In this case secured cards might work well because they require low deposit amounts besides reporting back to major bureaus hence building score where every monthly payment made on time counts; therefore not only does it assist during search for easy approvals but also fosters healthy long term financial habits.


Student credit cards let you start building credit history, buy things every day and get rewarded for it. But having (and using) a student card responsibly is key. Before applying for an easy approval credit card, understand the terms and conditions of the issuer, features of the card, any associated fees or interest rates. Then weigh its merits with your budget and lifestyle needs. You can apply online or at your local bank or financial institution. Do some research before applying and read reviews from other users. And if you are denied a student credit card, don’t worry there’s still hope: there are other ways to help build credit in the future. Now that you know everything about them go out there and start building!


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