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Credit Cards with High Limits in Singapore

Breaking Open the Financial Chains: Singapore’s Top 10 Credit Cards that Offer High Limits

In today’s fast moving and highly volatile market, having access to credit cards with huge limits goes a long way towards empowering an individual in terms of purchasing power and financial flexibility. The right card can open up doors of exclusive privileges and rewards for you whether you are a savvy traveler, passionate shopper or a keen business person. We have therefore compiled a list of the top ten credit cards renowned for their generous credit limits and exceptional benefits in Singapore to help you navigate through the plethora of options available.

  1. American Express Platinum Credit Card

The American Express Platinum Credit Card is known for its outstanding benefits as well as its high limit offerings. With a maximum spending limit of four times the monthly salary of the holder, depending on one’s eligibility status, this card is truly powerful when it comes to accessing goods and services. With free lounge access at airports worldwide, special dining offers, travel insurance against accidents during your trip and immediate response from anywhere in the globe among other advantages for discerning individuals, it is clearly defined by a number of gainful characteristics. At least $80k annual income is required for citizens or permanent residents while foreigners must earn $150k minimum per year.

2. Citibank Prestige Card

Another excellent choice for those looking for credit cards with high limits in Singapore is Citibank Prestige Card. This particular card allows one to get up to four times his or her basic income as long as he or she meets certain requirements set by the company. Some other features are like free nights at hotels; airplane lounges entrances; golf facilities; concierge services etc which come along with this card among others. To become eligible customers need to earn at least $120000 p.a.

3. Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card

Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card targets frequent travelers since it has a high ceiling cap of four times the monthly salary of the holder, depending on one’s eligibility status. With free airport lounges, travel insurance and discounts on luxury hotels and other such privileges, it has also gained popularity among jetsetters. The minimum income requirement is $150,000.

4. OCBC Voyage Card

A card that represents a high level or quality of something is called an OCBC Voyage Card. As to this product the available credit limit can be up to six times monthly earnings received by its user. Some of its exclusive benefits include access to airport lounges; reduced fees for limousine transfers as well as complimentary travel insurance. It is most popular with travelers who are very careful in choosing things before going on trips. Rewards points earned on this card can be used to redeem flights, hotel bookings or shopping vouchers.

5. HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Card

HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Card is designed to cater for the needs of wealthy individuals whose credit limit can go up to four times their monthly wages if they qualify for it. There are a number of highlights including airport lounge access and travel insurance plus golfing deals for those holding this piece besides them eating out inexpensive options are also available. To meet these criteria an individual must have HSBC Premier account and satisfy certain income requirements.

6. UOB Reserve Card

An UOB Reserve Card is only available to selected people who can spend enormous sums of money at any time. Even though the exact amount does not publically come out, dependable sources claim that it could be large enough so that clients’ purchasing ability would be without equal. It symbolizes luxury and class when you think about all such advantages like special chairs in airports; discounted hotels; personal concierges etc associated with it at least once again confirm us that: “UOB Reserve Card”. Minimum annual income required is $500k while minimum fixed deposit placement is $1m with UOB.

7. DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card

The DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card caters to the premium segment with its substantial credit limit and exclusive benefits. Though the exact credit limit has not been revealed, it is widely acknowledged for being unbeatable in terms of purchasing power. This includes airport lounge access, golf privileges, travel insurance as well as personalized concierge services among others, making it a product suited for people who want to feel special. A minimum annual income of $500,000 or minimum fixed deposit placement of $1.2 million with DBS is required to be eligible.

8. Maybank Visa Infinite Card

The Maybank Visa Infinite Card offers a high credit limit for deserving customers. Its true credit limit would depend on the approval process but it’s known for its generous spending limits. Preferred choice due to its numerous advantages such as; priority pass card which gives you access to more than 600 world luxury lounges at airports, travel insurance coverage, golf privileges and dining offers etc., is easily seen in this particular service provision. You need a minimum annual salary of $150,000 in order to enjoy these unique features.

9. CIMB Visa Infinite Card

The CIMB Visa Infinite Card offers a high credit limit for qualified customers thereby providing them with much-needed convenience and financial flexibility. The precise level of credit that will be approved by CIMB is unknown but it only aims at discerning consumers’ needs/wants regarding financial services sector. It provides benefits like free airport lounge access no matter how many times you fly out or come back into Singapore Changi Airport after visiting other countries including Malaysia; instead they are meant for wealthy class individuals who have accounts with banks such as Citibank and Standard Chartered bank etc., hence no ordinary person can afford them given their nature and objectives behind setting such products up. As long as one earns at least $120,000 per annum.

10. BOC Elite Miles World Mastercard

The BOC Elite Miles World Mastercard is a credit card that comes with a high credit limit for eligible individuals. In particular, it has been created to provide increased purchasing power and convenience hence its exact credit limit is still subject to approval. Consequently, this is an ideal option for frequent travelers because they can earn air miles from their spending which can be redeemed against flights or other travel related expenses. As long as one earns at least $30,000 per annum.


These are the top ten (10) credit cards in Singapore that have distinguished themselves by offering great benefits and high spending limits in order to cater for different demands of people who want to be unique. In particular, these cards are meant for frequent travellers looking forward to luxury and style while others may need flexibility on how they use their money. It should be noted however that this service does not come free; therefore it’s important that clients’ thoroughly evaluate the agreements between them whereby such decisions will be based only upon their individual financial positions before subscribing into any terms like those of the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card from JPMorgan Chase & Co., CitiBank BCP Card among others just like most prepaid ones issued through NETS company here on island state itself. These 10 undeniable facts about credits show you how having right card can change everything!


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