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Credit Cards for 600 Credit Score

Credit Cards for 600 Credit Score

Mainly when you are looking to get a credit card (depending upon your requirement) the first step you will be looking at is your score. Yes, your credit score matters when you want to issue a credit card. If you have a low score then you won’t be eligible for issuing credit cards and this in turn makes people remain deprived of it. We are sure you will agree with this.

This different bank has different credit card facilities that are delivered upon the credit score of people. This can be either low or also high. This way you will have to determine whether the concerned bank will give you a credit card – depending on your score or not?

This often makes people sad because they are not able to issue or undertake the benefits of credit cards. So, it is better to work in the right manner to improve your score and obtain the best services.

Credit cards the utmost necessity for individuals

The credit card has become a necessity for many individuals- be it a professional or entrepreneurs. Even at present, young adults and students do look to adopt credit cards.

It is one of the easy and convenient modes of payment and most importantly enables people to buy before and pay later. This is the reason why the majority of people tend to issue credit cards.

Yet there are many other reasons why choose a credit card.

You can build a good credit history which means it is one of the best ways to get started with a credit card. Your credit history is the record of your financial transactions. This means whenever you are using a credit card and making payments on time, then you are towards building a good credit history.

The next-use emergency is one of the best when you have certain emergencies and do not have cash. Credit cards can provide you with the amount you need.

Credit cards have different rewards points and offers. This lets you, being a customer, enjoy many benefits.

Let you protect against any sort of fraud. Different credit cards have different protection plans in case your card is lost or stolen.

Credit cards are determined to be one of the best and most convenient ways to make purchases and get rewards.

If you have a good credit score you can get the desired card (as we stated above). Now this is what the majority of people face. Are you also the one? If yes then do not worry about it. We have come up with a list of credit cards that you can get even with fair credit.

However, if you are looking to get one then get started here even if you have fair credit.

Credit cards with fair credit score

Do not get worried if you have a low credit score, even though there are some credit cards available to let you undertake the benefits. This means if you are reaching a credit score of 600 then you are on the right track. You are becoming eligible to issue credit cards.

This means if you have a 600 score (on the FICO scale) then you mean you have entered the fair range and could reach the good range soon. So, keep up with the requirements to make you reach the highest credit score so that you will not face any problems.

But till then nevertheless, we have some of the top credit cards that you can take with a 600 score which is quite fair.

Top 7 credit card with 600 credit score:

There are different banks that let individuals issue credit cards with fair scores. Here, we will help you to determine them all so that you won’t let yourself be deprived of your dream to keep a credit card.

  1. Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa®

Requires credit score (580–740)

Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa® is one of the top credit cards that requires a fair score. This means if you are not able to issue the one due to low score then look for Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa®.

This way you do not have to be worried about your expenses and other requirements.


You can easily use the Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa® for any of your purchases.

It offers rewards incentives for most of the factors including your payment history and credit score.

Cardholders will earn 1.5% cash back facilities on purchases.

The ongoing APR is dependent upon your creditworthiness, which means 14.99 per cent to 29.99 per cent APR.


  • Cardholders with excellent credit scores will have additional advantages. This means having a lower-than-average APR and a high credit limit.
  • There is no prepayment fee and here customers can pay the balance off early.
  • Earn reward points on every purchase.


  • Cardholders will not completely avoid interest charges with Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa®
  • If you are low towards your credit history then you may not be better than the rate (to get an additional credit card).

Annual fee: $0

Purchase intro APR: None

Balance transfer intro APR: None

  1. Capital One Quicksilverone Cash Rewards Credit Card

Required credit score– (580-740)

Another on the list for individuals who have fair credit scores is the Capital One Quicksilverone Cash Rewards Credit Card. At the time you are looking to get a credit card, do not get worried about what your credit score is. 

Yet one of the best benefits that Capital One Quicksilverone Cash Rewards Credit Card gives is it lets cardholders improve their credit score. In other words, it is one of the few cards available for people with a fair limit. Once cardholders keep on using Capital One Quicksilverone Cash Rewards Credit Card automatically scores get improved.

This means it is one of the solid options for all people looking to build their credit score. 


  • Offer flat 1.5% cashback facility on all purchases.
  • There is no annual fee
  • Cardholders will get one time cash bonus of $200.
  • 0% intro APR on purchases for 15 months
  • Availability of fraud protection
  • No foreign transaction fees.


  • Higher APR 26.49
  • $39 annual fee after the intro period.
  • There is no sign up bonus for all who have good/excellent credit.

3. Mission Lane Cash Back Visa Credit Card

Required credit score– (580-740)

Mission Lane Cash Back Visa Credit Card is also another credit card specially designed for fair credit score people. The card shows the best differentiation between bad and fair credit. At the time if you are keeping yourself frustrated with being low or fair credit score- just remove all of your worries. It is adopted by a majority of individuals who want to issue credit cards along with different benefits.


  • Cardholders do not have to be worried about any fee- because it comes for free. 
  • There is an unlimited cashback facility wherein customers can earn 1.5% cashback on all of their purchases.
  • You do not have to undergo any security deposit to get this card.
  • The credit line increases after 7 months on continuous or timely payment.


  • There is a high APR of 26.99% – 29.99%.
  • This credit card does not offer a signup bonus which we call a welcome bonus.
  • A foreign transaction fee of about 3% is charged.

4. Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Required credit score- (580-740)

It is an unsecured credit card that indicates that cardholders do not have to put any security money. It is one of the best options for all who have a fair credit score and want to rebuild their credit score.

Upon research, we also found that it is vertically off the Capital One Platinum Secured credit card. 


  • There is no annual fee which is where it is one of the prominent choices. Often customers remain deprived of cards due to huge fees which is not applicable here.
  • It carries a low APR.
  • Cardholders will get the benefit of automatic credit line increments after 4 months of use.
  • People who have fair scores can easily adopt the Capital One Platinum credit card.
  • There is no foreign transaction fee applicable.


  • Do not offer many rewards.
  • When you get a credit card it might be the case you get a low limit. But slowly and gradually the limit tends to increase with time.
  • If you make payment late then you can be charged higher.

Credit Cards for 650 Credit Score

5. Bank of America® Cash Rewards Secured Credit Card

Required credit score- 580-669

One of the other good options with a fair limit is the Bank of America® Cash Rewards Secured Credit Card. It is accommodated with all of the requirements that other credit cards own for people with fair limits. But when it comes to the secured credit card there is some amount of money that you will have to put forth. 

It is then and there the security amount will determine the credit limit of yours. So here, the minimum-security deposit is $200 and the maximum is $5,000.


  • Credit cards do not charge any annual fee
  • Comes with a low APR 26.24% variable.
  • Automatic credit line increases after 6 months.
  • Cardholders get free FICO score access.
  • Earn 1% of cashback on every purchase.


  • Must deposit a security amount of $200 or more.
  • If you make a payment late then you will be charged a fee of $39.
  • The credit card limit is equal to the security deposit customers pay.

6. OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card

Required credit score- 500-600

OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card is the type of secured credit card that will ask customers to pay security money. But this makes up a good option for those who want to get a credit card and have a fair score.

In addition, customers can get approved towards the card if they have a bad or no credit history. Cardholders here just need to apply for the card without paying any fees. At the time of issuing the OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card, the limit is dependent upon the $200-$3000. This means, your credit limit will be equal to the security amount you deposit.


  • There will be no credit check and annual fees
  • There will be a flexible security deposit.
  • Customers will be able to take different cashback facilities on different purchases. This will let you collect rewards points and in turn cash.


  • Usually, a high APR that is around 22.64% variable
  • There is no reward facility
  • Customers will have to pay a late payment fee of around $39.

7. Mission Lane Cash Back Visa Credit Card

Required credit score- 550-600

Among the top list of credit cards with fair limits is the Mission Lane Cash Back Visa Credit Card. It is a good option for those who have a bad credit history and want to adopt a credit card. This is also a widely adopted credit card and makes people complete their wish of keeping and undertaking credit card benefits.


  • To get the card, cardholders will not have to pay any security deposit.
  • Once cardholders keep on using the card then its credit line increases after 6 months.
  • The facility of earning 1% of cashback on every purchase.
  • There are no annual fees added to it which is also one of the plus point it carries.


  • APR changes over time and here customers need to look for it.
  • The late payment fee charge is $39.
  • Customers have to pay over-limit fees of around 28.25%.

Best Balance Transfer Cards for Fair Credit


Not paying extra fees, a decent credit line and more advantages can be obtained with fair-limit credit cards as well. However, there are few of those who are unable to get one due to bad or poor credit. But for them, there is good news, as there are several credit cards available that help customers to undertake their features even having a fair credit line.

They are packed with several features and also enable customers to increase their credit line upon usage.  This means customers who have poor/bad credit can also have the chance to increase their credit line by adopting any of the above credit cards with fair limits.



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