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Best Credit Unions in Florida

Best Credit Unions in Florida

Are you looking to know about the best credit unions in Florida? Then your search will end here, as we have the best information to meet your requirements.

But it is stated that before going to any information, it is important to deep down everything about the one you are looking for. Similar is the case we want you to undertake with the best credit unions in Florida.

Hence, here we will start by determining what credit unions are.

  1. What are credit unions?

Credit unions are like financial institutions like banks, but they work differently from those of banks. Credit unions have many different financial offers for individuals to get started with.

But what?

Well, they share: 

  • saving accounts
  • Cheque
  • Credit card
  • Share of deposits
  • Online banking and more

In simple words, the credit union is a non-profit financial Institution (majorly owned by people who use its financial products). So, if you are a member of the credit union, you can undertake all of the benefits just like you take it from the bank.

The main motive of credit unions is to help their customers undertake better opportunities. These are likely in the form of better rates and fees than you look in banks.

We all want to take benefits and one of those is obtained with credit unions. But what makes it different from banks? If you are still not able to get it then let us explain you more in detail.

  • How are credit unions different from banks?

As we mentioned above they differ from banks but in what manner? To make this helpful we have certain factors to let you understand more clearly.

Credit unions are non-profit Institutions

They were developed to serve some specific regions/communities or even businesses. This was to serve the better experience to customers available at particular branches.

They offer a smaller selection of product offerings- like they have few card options, accounts, and perks.

If you want to invest and get good returns then credit unions are found to be best. Unlike banks, they offer the best offers in terms of investment.

At the time when we save money in banks, we know they are insured. The same is the case with credit unions, as they deliver insurance of about $250,000. They are insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

  • Best way to join a credit union

As you get associated with banks, in the same manner, you can be a part of or become a member of the credit union as well. The process is quite simple, but it is joined as per the requirement.

  • The first mode is to become a member if you live in a certain town.
  • The next way is through affiliation, you can be a member of the credit union
  • Another way to be a part of the credit union is through your family member. 

If anyone in your family is a part of it then you can easily get associated with it.

But for some, it might be difficult because they do not fall into the criteria. But in that case, you do not have to be worried about it. This happens, by joining a participation organization.

But this also comes with a small fee and it might go from $5 to $20, to $25. Many individuals are becoming a part of the credit union and this is due to the following benefits.

So let, us help you to determine those as well.

3.1 Advantages of credit unions

Here, you will be able to determine what are the reasons why the credit union is one of the prominent choices among individuals.

  • Serves lower interest rates (credit cards and loans)

Yes, most credit unions offer lower interest rates on some products or financial services. This helps individuals to save money and that ranges from 10.98% to 17.99%. This is one of the reasons why choose credit unions and get started to undertake their services.

  • Higher rates of deposition

You will be able to save a desired amount on your savings with the help of attaining a higher rate of interest. People tend to look, for higher interest, and in turn, credit union serves to be one of those.

  • Fees are quite lower

Compared to banks, they might charge you the same fees, but sometimes it goes lower. This is another reason why people are looking to get associated with credit unions. In many banking services, fees are one of the top reasons why people do not adopt many, but with a credit union, you do not have to be worried about it.

  • Personalized customer service

No doubt credit unions are smaller than banks, and this is the reason they have few customers. However, many of them do not know about credit unions and this is also the reason for their fewer customers. 

Yet all of the credit unions have maintained a reputation and have full control of customer service.

Many advantages come with credit unions and their member serves. Yet, when you have advantages then there are some cons as well. We believe you must know them all as well so that you can take the best benefit.

3.2 Some disadvantages of credit unions

All of the products on one side have some advantages and those contain disadvantages as well. 

  • Need to take membership

Sometimes when an individual thinks to be a part of the credit union and if eligibility does not meet then it can be a problem. Not many fall into such criteria and undergo difficulties.

  • Few products available

Too many financial products are not available with credit unions and hence this might be a problem.

  • Limited branches 

Credit unions are specific to some communities and hence they do not have access to many branches. This might cause a problem for all of its customers. If you are thinking to be a part of a credit union then you must consider this.

Now that you have got all of the major information about credit unions then it is time for you to determine the best credit unions in Florida.

  1. Best credit unions in Florida for better savings and offers

Credit unions have made their presence all across the world, to a few members and others more and more. This, Florida is one of those where people are looking to adopt the credit union benefits and its financial services.

Hence, we have summed up the best credit unions in Florida for you to explore near you and take hefty benefits.

  • VyStar Credit Union

VyStar Credit Union is best suited for militaries and makes them undertake the best financial services. It offers different membership plans and there are no minimal fees required for them to join the credit union.

Majorly VyStar Credit Union focuses on discounts and offers for military families, veterans and more.

  • It has its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Offers a comprehensive range of products like loans, deposits, insurance, retirement planning, and more.
  • VyStar Credit Union is also one of the largest mortgage lenders and the 4th largest financial Institution in Northeast Florida.

Best Credit Cards with Lounge Access in USA

  •  CAMPUS USA Credit Union

This is one of the best credit unions in Florida and is available for students. This means it is available to serve students and employees in Florida in Gainesville.

It also caters to the population and offers a free checking account.

  • Serving across 140, 000 members (both living and working globally)
  • For students who want to avail the best products and offers then CAMPUS USA Credit Union is one of the prominent choices.
  •  Community Credit Union

Experience the best digital experience with Community Credit Union. All Florida credit union members can now count on the best or top digital experience with Community Credit Union.

  • It is known as one of the developed and certified financial Institutions delivering affordable lending.
  • In 1952 it pooled around $40 to found Community Credit Union. In this manner, it is listed among the best credit unions in Florida.
  •  MIDFLORIDA Credit Union

MIDFLORIDA Credit Union is available for the best financial education. It is based in Lakeland, Florida, and has 58 locations throughout the state of Florida.

  • It was estimated that in 2021, it has 421,180 members and $6.05 billion (assets).
  • MIDFLORIDA Credit Union is determined to be one of the 4th largest credit unions and originally regulated by the National Credit Union Administration.
  • Expanded its community center in Okeechobee, Sumter, and Hardee counties.
  •  Space Coast Credit Union

Space Coast Credit Union is one of the best credit unions that works easily for obtaining credit card rewards. It is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, and is regulated by National Credit Union Administration.

Accordingly, in 2022 it has 560,000 members and $7.7 billion in assets.

  • Members who are associated with Space Coast Credit Union can serve extreme rewards against credit cards. These rewards can help its members to either gain cashback or credit union products.
  • Has the ability to serve more than 600,000 and in 34 Florida countries.
  •  Community First Credit Union

Easily access to all financial products that can be adopted by people in Florida is Community First Credit Union. There are different financial products available and this transportation to students is one of those.

  • This means that workers, students, and other workers can be best offered by Community First Credit Union.
  • Since we all know that most countries lack desired transportation and hence to solve this problem Community First Credit Union membership is a necessity.
  • It is a Jacksonville-based credit union and delivers the best lower auto loans along with an affordable payment system.
  •  GTE Financial

If you are looking to get associated with the best mortgage benefits then GTE Financial is one of those. It is one of the American credit union with its headquarter in Tampa, Florida. It is regulated under the authority of the National Credit Union Administration and has 262,538 members.

  • GTE Financial has trusted gain through Zero Money Down loans and construction loans.
  • Floridians who are looking to get ahead with housing loans then reach GTE financial credit union.
  • For all Florida people, GTE Financial is one of the best credit unions you can consider too.
  •  First Florida Credit Union

First Florida Credit Union is best supported towards community outreach with its headquarters in Jacksonville. Its main aim is to enrich people every day with tons of benefits.

But it is also one of the busiest communities among all of the best credit unions in Florida. 

  • The sole purpose of First Florida Credit Union is to serve financial education to young adults. But on the other hand, it does operate a youth centre. 
  • This majorly happens while checking with the savings account and financial events. 
  • Serves 60,000 members and also manages more than $1.3 billion in assets.
  •  Achieva Credit Union

Achieva Credit Union is the best one to help small businesses and offer checking accounts, Achieva Credit Union is one of Florida’s best credit unions.

Has it been headquartered in Dunedin, Florida?

  • Holds more than $2 billion in assets and across 160,000 members in 15 counties. Achieva Credit Union initially started as a teacher’s credit union in 1937.
  • Achieva Credit Union works by motivating small businesses to take charge and work towards their goals. This way, it has brought tremendous support to all small business owners while making them fit into the industry.


All of the above-mentioned are the best credit unions in Florida. For people who are looking to become a member of it then you can find them all and get in touch with them.

They work towards different goals and motives, but in the end to serve best and support. However, these credit unions are not much known by many people, but still, they manage to make a larger community.

You can trust credit unions for loans, small businesses, savings, mortgages, credit cards, debit cards, and more. Credit unions aim to serve best to their members with better rates of interest.

So, if you are looking to get ahead with the best profits then banks, and credit unions are the best choices. You can explore them all by determining their benefits and becoming a member.


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