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Belk Credit Card Review, Types & Belk Business Credit Card

Belk Credit Card:

Belk store credit card is different from other credit cards because it can only be used at Belk stores. The benefits of being a cardholder include access to exclusive discounts and savings opportunities among others. Furthermore, this card has a rewards program that enables customers to earn points with every purchase they make using their Belk credit cards. They can redeem these points later on as cash back or for merchandise and other gifts.

While there’s no annual fee charged on the Belk Credit Card, one has to pay a certain amount each month as minimum monthly payment required by Belks financial services limited. Also, interest rates are variable and depend on the prime rate; besides, if you don’t fully clear your balance before due date then interest will be calculated from when items were bought not paid for till payment received date indicated on statement. Late fees do apply too but just like any other company would, so does return check fee. Should read privacy policy located at belks site before applying for or accepting offer(s).

Review of Belk Credit Cards:

The Belks credit card could be ideal especially for people who visit any of their department stores frequently. However, potential applicants should look into charges associated with this service including annual percentage rates (APR) which may vary depending upon whether an individual has opted between fixed APRs versus variable ones tied directly into index such as Prime Rate; also transaction fees sometimes levied against such accounts if not managed properly but still it offers more than enough value in terms of convenience alone without even taking into consideration all those extra perks available exclusively through being holder of one!

So if you’re someone that loves saving money while shopping sales then having access to continuous exclusive discounts throughout entire year would definitely come in handy – right? Exactly! Thus what better way than utilizing belks credit card?

Usefulness of Belk Credit Cards:

A person can use his/her own name under business category while applying for belk credit card. Belk rewards cards are mainly divided into three categories, which include rewards card for business owners and employees among others.

Moreover, this financial service provider has received both positive and negative customer reviews online; some people love it due to its great discounts & rewards system whereas others complain about their high-interest rates and annual fee charges. In conclusion though; if you frequently shop at belk stores or want to take advantage of all these wonderful benefits offered by them then signing up with belks credit card would seem like a pretty decent idea don’t you think so too?

Types of Belks Credit Cards:

1. Belk Rewards Card:

Belk Rewards Cardholders can enjoy exclusive discounts. The reward programme enables customers to earn points on each purchase made through their cards; later these points can be redeemed as cash back or for merchandise and other gifts.

2. Belk Business Owner Credit Card:

This financial tool is specifically designed for persons who own businesses and would like special financing options together with unique discounts available within any belk store located near them.

3. Belks Employee Credit Card:

Belks offers their employees a chance to acquire certain financial privileges such as access to cheap money among various other benefits

5 Ways to Use Your Belk Credit Cards in Order Save More Money

Belk is an important retailer in America having over 300 stores. The store offers fashion and quality at a great price, making it a one-stop shop for the entire family. Moreover, you can benefit from exclusive card member discounts after getting yourself a Belk credit card. If it’s clothes, cosmetics or home decor that you’re shopping for – the Belk credit card will help save some bucks.

Furthermore, rewards points are earned on each purchase made which can then be redeemed towards future savings; so why wait? Get your own Belk Credit Card today and start living as a privileged member!

Using your Belk Credit Card to pay for purchases over time lets you avoid interest charges:

Credit cards can be handy when making purchases since they let one spread out the cost over time. However if full payment is not made every month then interest will be charged on the amount remaining unpaid. This quickly adds up and might become impossible to clear the debt owed within any reasonable period of time. One way to bypass paying such interests is by using your Belk credit card.

With this card you may finance all your purchases without incurring any interests at all! That means buying whatever you need without being concerned about how much it costs right now. Simply put – next time when shopping at Belk remember about pulling out those plastic pieces from wallets because otherwise…well just think twice before doing anything else like giving cash instead – this statement should suffice already 😉

Take advantage of free standard shipping on all orders above $99:

Nothing beats finding that perfect gift whether it’s for someone’s birthday, anniversary or simply because; and with FREE standard shipping applied across ANY SINGLE ORDER exceeding $99 – worry no more about extra delivery charges eating into budgeted amounts! You only need to opt-out the express option while checking out online then sit back as everything gets dropped straight onto doorstep hassle-free guaranteed!! Also don’t forget our flexible returns policy ensures recipients always receive exactly what they wanted so go ahead and make their day today too 😉

Earn rewards for spending money through Belk Rewards program:

Belk Rewards – spend more, earn more! This amazing program lets you get rewarded for every dollar used while shopping at any participating store. In return one gets points which are later on redeemed against special benefits or even discounts. It’s possible to collect these points either by buying online as well as by utilizing the mobile app provided by Belk; moreover there is no ceiling to how many such can be acquired hence it pays back handsomely with increased expenditure.

If interested in signing up then all that’s required is an e-mail address plus creation of password before commencing point collection with subsequent purchases made thereafter…easy peasy right?! So sign up now and start enjoying being a member of this fantastic club.

Save more during special promotional events when using your Belk credit card:

Did you know that having a credit card from belk allows shoppers to save big bucks especially during unique sales promotions? Well now you do! As a matter of fact, many people have been able to enjoy extra savings on purchases made during such times when using their cards. Some of these offers may include discounts off regular prices or even fee waivers for shipping services among others

To benefit from these offers, while buying online or in-store, one has to use his or her Belk credit card. Additionally, he or she should be aware of future promotional events so as to save more. It is possible to extend your budget and make the best out of Belk credit cards provided some arrangement is done prior.


If you want to save money on your purchases at Belk department store then the best thing that you could do would be getting a belk credit card. If you have this card there are many things which are available exclusively for cardholders such as discounts on certain items and special financing options too. Moreover, whenever someone uses their belk credit cards they earn themselves rewards points meaning that even if one does not have enough money today they can still buy whatever they want tomorrow without spending an extra dime because every dollar counts when saving up towards something big like going back-to-school shopping again during tax-free weekend!

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