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Graphic Design Courses in Kolkata

Graphic designing is one of the most promising careers that can be adopted at present. If you have skills, understanding of graphics, designs etc., you can be one of the top graphic designers in the industry.

So, if you are a good thinker, and creator, and enjoy arts, and technology then you can be ahead within the industry. As we all know the fact that there are different industries across the world, and each one of those wants to be ahead. This means in such a promising digital world, each industry is looking to be presentable and this can be adopted by graphic designing.

Tons of patterns and designs can be presented if you have good skills and presentation power. This is one of the major reasons why graphic design courses in Kolkata and around the world are rising day by day.

The Career Outlook for Graphic Designers

Graphic design is considered to be one of the best marketing tools. Industries be it a small scale or an enterprise each one of those at present wants the best graphical presentation for their company or their clients.

This is where the requirements for a graphic designer are expected to grow as more and more companies continue to increase their digital presence.

But do you need to have an experience to become a graphic designer? Let us find out the one fact as well.

Graphic Designers with real world experience can last into industries

This is for sure, if you want to be ahead in your skills and job you need to own experience. Currently, most companies are looking to hire designers who have the utmost real-world experience and the best within trends/technologies.

No doubt each one of us needs to keep updated with the latest trends. This way, we can be ahead in our careers and most importantly skills. But how can you gain expertise? It is a known fact that no one comes with experience in this world. It is our hard work and determination that makes up everything.

We all start from zero and by working slowly and gradually we raise our skills. If you want to gain experience then you can either start with some small-scale companies or even big ones- this is your fortune where you put your hands. But one of the other ways that most of the students are adopting is to join graphic design courses in Kolkata.

Since graphic designing courses are delivered across different cities. You can adopt the one as per you convinces and desires.

But in this article, if you are looking for graphic design courses in Kolkata then this is completely for you.

Kolkata has some of the finest Institutes that can serve the utmost knowledge to all candidates who are willing to start their career in graphic design. But there is more to it.

Why choose a graphic design course in Kolkata?

Kolkata is known to be the hub of creative learning. This city has a wide array of graphic design courses and institutes with top-class faculty. Since the graphic is all about art, design, technology and so is Kolkata.

This way students who are willing to shape their career in graphic designing can be the best option than coming to Kolkata. Therefore, let us help you to determine the best graphic design courses in Kolkata.

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Top graphic design course in Kolkata

There are different graphic design course in Kolkata that you can look and get started with your career in designing. We have compiled the top 10 list of best institutes, so if you are planning to move Kolkata you must consider them before and choose the best one for you.

  1. Arena Animation Kankurgachi

Arena Animation Kankurgachi is a well-known name when it comes to determining the graphic design course in Kolkata. Offering a wide range of courses like:

  • web design
  • animation
  • photography
  • video editing
  • Advertising and branding
  • UX/UI design

All of the above courses are taught while keeping the latest trends and technologies in mind so that you should not left behind. Students will be ahead in every aspect because the curriculum of Arena Animation Kankurgachi is updated now and then. This keeps everything on top while keeping future trends in mind.

Further students will be able to get hands-on training with experts and live projects with all requirements like tablets, digital cameras, professional software and other tools.

What’s more?

Arena Animation does organize professional guest lectures and workshops for all students. This helps them to interact with the experts and solve their queries in real-time. Further, the institute does offer the job place opportunity.


  1. Dreamzone Institute

Dreamzone Institute ranks number 2 among the top graphic design courses in Kolkata. This particular Institute is enriched with experts, and technical support to help students explore a wide array of features and functionalities.

This means right from creating visual effects to animation everything is covered with Dreamzone Institute.

Students who aspire to become top graphic designers, can join Dreamzone Institute and undertake the best guidance. Additionally, there are regular workshops and seminars are performed to sharpen the skills of all candidates.

Undertake the flexible learning environment with Dreamzone Institute and get started to become the best graphic designer.

What’s more?

  • Dreamzone Institute covers all of the major aspects of graphic design learning like design theory, image manipulation, colour management and typography. Additionally, candidates can learn major tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Autodesk 3ds Max.
  • This way you will be able to make yourself work within the industry with rich knowledge.


  1. IMAGIC Institute

IMAGIC Institute offers graphic design courses in such a way that candidates can undertake basic to advanced knowledge. This way candidates will be able to withstand the market and undertake the benefits of their learning and skills.

IMAGIC Institute therefore offers the best graphic design course in Kolkata.

Anyone who is looking to pursue their career in design then IMAGIC Institute can be the best choice.

What’s more?

  • From typography, motion design and product design everything is taught withinIMAGIC Institute.
  • Deliver an opportunity to work on a real project under expert guidance. This way, students can enhance their expertise and flourish within the industry.


  1. 7 Star Academy

Star Academy lets candidates train in all of the necessary tools and software used by the experts within the industry. This can be a great start for you because the graphic design field is all about creativity. 7 Star Academy

The curriculum is designed in such a way that it can teach basic to expert-level skills.

Hence, a 7-star academy can cater all the needs both professionals and beginners.

What’s more?

  • 7 Star Academy gives you everything from workshops to seminars that can help you to become a professional.
  • Students will also get in touch with the best of industry experts to teach everything needed to be an expert. 7 Star Academy is therefore one of the best graphic design courses in Kolkata.


  1. W3webschool

W3webschool Institute has professionals to ensure the comprehensive learning experience. All of the latest tools and software are available to help students undertake valuable lessons. In addition. W3webschool also offers a training program for development as well.

What’s more?

  • The Institute course is designed to offer the best training in graphic designing. This way students can explore the creative ideas and their skills to shape their career ahead.
  • Whether you are a beginner or a professional looking to shape your future W3webschool is one of the best institutes in Kolkata to help you.
  • Own experienced faculty and advanced technology to help students learn everything right from scratch.


  1. MAAC Academy

MAAC Academy is one of the popular graphic design institutes in Kolkata. This is one of the institutes that let students prepare in the field of graphic design.

The Institute offers hands-on training that can make the learning process quite simple and easy. Experts within MAAC academy hold great knowledge and make the learning process quite accessible and easy to get things on hand.

What’s more?

  • Apart From the learning process, there are now and then adhere guest lectures, seminars and also events. This way students can get a better understanding of the course.
  • Students within the academy have access to well-equipped with all of the desired software and with higher connectivity.
  • Additionally, the academy also organizes internships with the top reputed companies across different countries.


  1. Profex Institute of Technical Education

Profex Institute of Technical Education is also based in Kolkata to help aspiring graphic designers shape their careers. By taking admission to Profex Institute of Technical Education students can enable themselves to determine every possibility within the field of design by accommodating tools and software.

Profex in addition also helps to organize workshops that can enhance the talent and skills of students. This way it is known as one of the best graphic design course providers in Kolkata.

What’s more?

  • Availability of dedicated professionals to guide students in every step of the course.
  • Enable candidates to learn the latest software and tools to bring out proficiency within the designing and so in career.


  1. Moople Institute of Animation and Design

Another one of the best graphic design courses in Kolkata can be taken with Moople Institute. Like all others, it also supports the best-in-class requirements for students who are willing to learn graphic design.

The institute has the best to offer with the comprehensive learning of animation and design within the expert’s reach.

All of the industry standard tools and software are available within the class to help students learn everything right in one place.

What’s more?

  • All of the modern technologies are available to enable students to excel in their learning process.
  • Students have the opportunity to either take long or short-term courses.
  • Holds a strong network of experts to give the best training to all students joined.


  1. Red Apple Learning

Along with the delivery of the best graphic design training in Kolkata, they also help to place candidates in reputed companies. This way there a double benefits that students can undertake with Red Apple learning.

All of the required infrastructure is available so that students are not deprived of anything.

Contains a well-stocked library to help students explore many more processes or knowledge about graphic design.

What’s more?

  • Red Apple Learning offers one-to-one sessions between students and experts to solve all of the queries in one go.
  • If you are looking for the most trusted graphic design course in Kolkata then Red Apple Learning is one of those to help you with.


10. Nics Computer

Nics Computers is determined to be one of the top graphic design course providers in Kolkata. There are different courses available within the expert’s reach to solve all doubts through seminars, guest lectures and more.

Experts let you understand Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and CorelDraw easily and make the most out of your talent.

Further, the Institute has excellent knowledge to offer those who wish to join graphic design courses with them.

What’s more?

  • To gain real-world experience, students will have an additional opportunity with Nics computers.
  • All of the faculty members are qualified and let you understand from basic to finish easily.



No doubt graphic design course is becoming popular day by day because of their use in different sectors. This means right from advertising to entertainment each industry wants to own the best digital presence. To this, the role of graphic designers is quite promising.

But to be best in the industry you have to acquire the right talent and skills. To this, shaping yourself within the experts is a good deal. However, if you are one of those looking to keep your hands in the field of designing then we have some of the top graphic design courses in Kolkata to shape your skills and career. Look down all and get started with the one you feel comfortable with.


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