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Ethical Hacking Course in Hyderabad

Ethical Hacking Course in Hyderabad

A practice of testing a computer system, network, or application to find and fix vulnerabilities is known as ethical hacking. Many people want to be in this profession and appear for its exams to take entry every year.

As per the EC Council the avg. rate of the ethical hacking certification exam is around 50% and passing is 20%. Hence, if you are interested in appearing for ethical exam preparation then it is important to undergo its entire syllabus.

This is the major reason why aspirants tend to choose ethical hacking courses. These courses/training will let you understand the concept of ethical hacking and help you prepare for its exam thoroughly.

In addition, there are different ethical hacking courses available in different cities and aspirants can undergo the one as per their interest to get started towards its preparation.

But what is the purpose of choosing an ethical hacking course? Let us help you to determine the one as well.

Why aspirants are interested in an ethical hacking course?

There are many reasons we have found out as to why aspirants looking to be in the ethical hacking world. Look down below and find them all.

  • Protect people and organizations from cyberattacks

Here ethical hackers make use of their skills and fix the security that arises within the system. This in turn help organization be protected from any kind of cyberattacks.

  • Learn new things

No doubt ethical hacking is one of the promising fields and new generations are keener towards it. There is always something new to learn. Hence, if you always have the curiosity to learn new things and explore a new cyber world then an ethical hacking course is what you must proceed with.

  • Make up the difference

The role of ethical hackers is to protect the digital world. This way they tend to help and protect the world.

  • Work in an exciting industry

Ethical hacking is one of the growing fields and there is a demand for talented ethical hackers. This is the major reason why every year more and more aspirants appear for the ethical hacking exam.

All of the mentioned above are the reasons why aspirants are looking to choose an ethical hacking course. In turn, there are many coaching institutes to let you prepare for the best.

Different ethical hacking courses to choose

Different ethical hacking courses are available to choose from. If you are an aspirant, look at them below.

  • Certified ethical hacker
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • GIAC Certified Ethical Hacker (GCIH)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Security

All of these courses are well taught in different cities and countries to prepare aspirants to become the best ethical hacker. Here, among all of those, we will help you to determine the ethical hacking course in Hyderabad

Hyderabad- Major IT Hub In India

Yes, the city is known to be one of the major IT hubs in India where many multinational companies and startups are ruling. This in other means ethical hacking is one of those and in higher demand.

on the other hand, Hyderabad has many reputed ethical hacking institutes that let aspirants train them with the best techniques.

But what’s more? Why do most of the aspirants choose Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is relatively quite low in terms of living/expenses.

One of the safer and more vibrant cities.

In turn, let us look at some of the reputed institutes available in Hyderabad, for you to chase your dreams in making an entry into the cyber world.

Get practical training and comprehensive training in ethical hacking in Hyderabad

Choosing the best ethical hacking course and coaching centre (for guidance) is critical. It is because not all institutes can make you prepare for everything and it might be the case you remain deprived of entering into the world.

So, your selection has to be the best. Hence you must evaluate different institutes by determining their reviews and also benefits (they are offering). Since Hyderabad is one of the cities that is known for its experts in the IT industry, there are many institutes that can help.

It is, therefore, we have summed up the top centres to let you not go anywhere else but focus on the best. Choose one of your requirements and begin your dream of serving organizations with the best cybersecurity skills.

  1. Hacking Trainer

With the continuous rise of hacking and crime, experts in the field of ethical hacking have to be on top of hackers. But to make this happen, you have to be an expert and require a powerful strategy.

It is what Hacking Trainer makes up all of their aspirants to learn the best tips and tricks to crack the ethical hacking exam and serve the industry. They let both professionals and beginners train them against the best.

  • Classroom training

Hacking Trainer classroom training is mixed with a team of instructors who are experts in the field. Instructors are also available to solve all doubts in real time and ensure the course is completed within the duration.

  • Online training

Offering live training with the help of real-time instructors. Students can ask their doubts via voice or video during the live session. This means, that if you are not able to join classroom training, you won’t be able to deprive of their training.

  • Study materials

A team of experts prepares notes that makeup everything combined in one place.

  • Workshops organized

Every week or month workshops are organized on ethical hacking. This lets aspirants determine how to protect against cyberattacks with basic to advanced understanding. It is Therefore you can choose an ethical hacking course in Hyderabad with a hacking trainer.

Top course and certifications

  • Ethical hacking
  • Penetration testing
  • Digital forensic
  • SOC with Splunk


  1. Hacker School

Hacker School is one of the other centers that offer ethical hacking courses and certification in Hyderabad. They are known to implement certain techniques in ethical practice that let aspirants understand the course in one go. Who so ever wishes to deep dive into a dynamic and promising course then hacker school is the best place to get started.

The team of professionals within the hacking school has top teaching methods and strategies. They let learners uncover the best tips and tricks to understand the methods of the cyber world and adopt the best skills. This way, both freshers and professionals get started to serve different organizations.

  • Years of expertise in training

Hacker School has more than 10+ years of training aspirants to understand their desired course of ethical hacking.

  • Dedicated team

More than 15 teams of experts specialized in different training and courses. They make freshers and professionals get the best advice.

  • EC council awards

Holds more than 19 EC council awards. 

Top course and certifications

  • Certified ethical hacker
  • Cyber security professional
  • Computer hacking forensic
  • SOC with IBM QRdar
  • Certified penetration testing
  • Certified SOC analyst


  1. ER Segment

ER Segment says that ethical hacking training is in our DNA. So, we have to make this list centre for you to look at and determine what’s best they are offering. Their experts are well-versed in all aspects of cyber security and teach aspirants everything right from beginning to finish. It is therefore ER segment is determined to be one of the best ethical hacking course providers in Hyderabad.

With solid commitment, they offer the highest quality of service in ethical hacking training. Well-equipped with all of the latest hardware and software for one of the best successful hacking courses.

  • Cybersecurity training

ER, segment offers comprehensive training towards ethical hacking. All of the experts direct aspirants to learn the best and most fruitful information.

  • Seminars and workshops 

Schedule free ethical talks and workshops from reputed colleges and universities. Learners here can get into the latest trends and technologies to get started with.

  • Cybersecurity services

Specializes in expert ethical hacking services for businesses that include VAPT, Application Security, and Security Audit.

Top course and certifications

  • Training and internship program
  • Security operation centre
  • Application security

Top 10 SaaS companies in Hyderabad 2023

  1. Jetking

Jetking is known as one of the Indian top institutes for delivering ethical hacking preparation. If you are looking to get started in Hyderabad then Jetking is one of those. They are well experienced in delivering innovative and exceptional methods of teaching. This means learning from the industry’s best leaders.

deliver on one student to clear doubts and develop confidence enough towards learning. Jetking knows the understanding of importance keeping up with the latest trends and technologies. courses are taught by experienced trainers.

  • Certified trainers

All of the courses are taught by certified trainers and this way beginners and professionals would not face any problems.

  • Course material

The desired course material is offered by Jetking. This includes books, notes, video lectures, and more.

  • Online and offline course facility

All of the courses offered are available online or offline. Aspirants can adopt any of the ones at their convenience.

Top course and certifications

  • Master in cloud computing and cyber security
  • BCA in cloud computing and cyber security
  • Master in gaming and metaverse


  1. Tech Marshals Academy

Tech Marshals Academy has a variety of ethical hacking courses both for freshers and professionals to get started. With efficient trainers and real-time experience, aspirants can learn with 10+ years holding experience as mentors. On the other hand, all of the courses are quite affordable and this is the reason why Tech Marshals Academy is one of the top centres in Hyderabad.

  • Full course training

Offering full training course that leads for months to a year. This is all dependent upon learners to choose from and be masters in ethical hacking.

  • Experts’ instructors

Owing to more than 10+ years of experience Tech Marshal fits into the industry. In turn, this makes up one of the reputed centres in Hyderabad for ethical hacking courses.

  • Course based learning

Project-based and live training in every course offered by Tech Marshal. For different courses different mentors are available.

  • Certifications

Offer international certification for cybersecurity and others. This means for learners this would be an added perk before applying to any organization.

Top course and certifications

  • Ethical hacking
  • Salesforce and CRM
  • Bug bounty training
  • Azure
  • Linux
  • DevOps 
  1. Sytech Labs

Sytech Labs is also another name to offer ethical hacking courses in Hyderabad. Here both professionals and beginners can join them to undertake their careers in the cybersecurity world. Their courses offer all of the fundamentals to help learners explore the best skills and tricks to help organizations they join in their security.

  • Interact with faculty

Sytech Labs ensures that every learner joining them gets the best training against their opted course. This means each student can directly interact with mentors to solve all of their queries.

  • Host workshops

Every month workshops are being organized within different courses to let students undertake top industry trends and strategies.

Top course and certifications

  • IT security & corporate training
  • Cybercrime investigation
  • Secure web application
  • Penetration Testing
  • Network Security
  • Network Forensics

7. EntersoftLabs

EntersoftLabs is a professional institute in Hyderabad that offers different ethical hacking courses. Their advanced approach towards courses lets aspirants prepare for the best and rule industry. In turn, this gives them to get an easy entry into the IT world and work for different organizations.

All of these are approached because EntersoftLabs prepares students for the best.

  • Ethical hacking expert

Professionals and beginners joining EntersoftLabs will get the best faculty within the industry. They will let learners teach the best strategies against the course they opt for.

Dedicated environment

The learner has a complete ambiance with all of the facilities to learn their desired course easily. This means being equipped with all tools and technologies along with study material.

Top course and certifications

  • Certified Security Analyst v10
  • Certified Ethical Hacker v12
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCSA+RH294)
  • RHCSA(RH124-RH134)


The main goal of ethical hacking is to improve the security of the system by identifying the potential hazards. This is the reason why ethical hackers are hired by companies, government agencies, and universities to protect organization websites against hacking and give the best solution.

But to make an entry and serve organizations, you need to be fit towards every approach. This is the reason why different courses are being introduced for beginners and professionals to learn and place them in the right place.

Likely to get started we would suggest you choose the best course for you in Hyderabad and train yourself for the best. This way you can get an easy entry into the top and reputed organizations to showcase your talent and work for the country.


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