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Sean Casto – President & CEO, PreApps, LLC

The Multifield Entrepreneur with Different Ventures Under One Success Strategy

At the tender age of eight, best-selling author and accomplished CEO Sean Casto had already figured out his destiny. A decades-long journey of serial entrepreneurship followed, during which he built seven successful brands on three core pillars – Impact, Growth, and Excellence.

According to Sean:

  • Impact entails helping clients achieve their goals and dreams so that their products and services can positively impact millions around the globe.
  • Growth, on the other hand, is the principle they use to maintain continuous growth and improvement in each area of business, including marketing, sales, and client experience.
  • Then Excellence emphasizes providing world-class services, with everyone operating under a common mindset of excellence.

He now leads PreApps and Casto Capital as founder and CEO, through which he has established himself as a global leader in mobile app marketing and investment management.

Here are exclusive insights into Sean’s entrepreneurship journey, the business lessons he has picked up along the way, and the formula he uses to sustain two multidisciplinary ventures across different fields successfully.

Breaking down barriers in mobile app marketing

PreApps is a mobile app marketing agency that has been in business for over ten years. Sean Casto founded the company in 2010 and then proceeded to steer it to the top, making PreApps the leading Mobile App marketing agency in the United States.

So far, PreApps has helped over 3,250 app businesses achieve Millions of app downloads and users. This extraordinary growth is courtesy of Sean Casto’s team working closely with mobile app businesses from the pre-launch to the post-launch phases.

The agency now serves a diverse range of clients — from early-stage startups to enterprise apps, across all the 24 major app categories on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Dynamic investment portfolio

Sean’s other fast-growing baby – Casto Capital – is quite the contrast to PreApps in many ways.

Whereas the latter majors in app marketing, Casto Capital is a private investment company with assets across Multifamily, Commercial, Hospitality, Self-Storage, and Stocks. The CEO has built it brick by brick into an investment powerhouse that currently boasts a dynamic real estate portfolio spread across California, Arizona, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.

Shared business success strategy

It turns out, however, that although the operations might be different across the two companies, PreApps and Casto Capital share a common business success strategy built on Sean’s three pillars –  Impact, Growth, and Excellence. Sean believes that the quality and efficiency of your human resource will determine the quality of success you can achieve. He even goes on to add that to obtain extraordinary success, you must build and nurture relationships with extraordinary people.

Therefore, as the business owner, Sean’s primary focus is to build a team of incredibly talented individuals and empower them with the resources, culture, and environment they need to thrive.

Every quarter year, for instance, he breaks down each of his departments (Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Client Experience) and then challenges the individual team members to come up with at least three areas of improvement – on both how the organization can better serve them personally and how they can better serve the organization.

Then every week, Sean challenges his teams to come up with at least one idea that can make their roles just 1% better. He believes that such small weekly improvements accumulate and compound over time into massive transformational results.

These teams of talented professionals have been operating virtually since 2014. That puts both PreApps and Casto Capital far ahead of all the companies trying to implement the same after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sean insists that the pandemic changed nothing in his companies. His executives are still spread throughout the United States, from California to Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, and Michigan. What’s more, the companies continue to live by their core values of integrity and business ethics while attracting world-class individuals to their brands and programs.

So well-coordinated is the entire system that PreApps has even won various awards for its elite team, culture, and workplace environment.

Entrepreneurship journey

According to Sean Casto, the one thing that propels his entrepreneurship success is progressive all-rounded development. He has, through the years, cultivated the habit of chasing daily growth and improvement in every area of his life, including family, health, business, investing, and relationships.

Sean’s daily success habits begin each morning by feeding his mind through a 15-minute read, his body with a cup of coffee, and his soul through prayer and gratitude. He also exercises regularly and tends to spend at least 30 minutes each day strategizing his future business and personal investments.

The learning process itself never ends. Sean argues that the more you learn, the more you get to earn. As such, he’s still investing heavily in professional and business development. Seminars, conferences, mastermind groups, and direct mentorships alone have cost him over $250,000, which is nothing compared to the business success he’s achieved from it all.

That said, Sean’s passion for business is fuelled by his obsession with turning ideas into reality. His immediate goal at the moment is to double the size of both PreApps and Casto Capital. Otherwise, when he’s not running his businesses, Sean Casto enjoys traveling, walking on the beach, and golfing. You’ll either find him on the golf course or spending quality time with his family.


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