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Top 7 tips for marketing your next motivational speaker event

Top 7 tips for marketing your next motivational speaker event.

There are many factors to consider if you intend hosting a motivational speaker happening. To get the right venue and best speakers on board, there are so many things involved. One of the most important is marketing. Inadequate promotion can lead low turn-ups.

Therefore, you should have a plan in place and work it out accordingly till you achieve your goals. First of all ensure that your website and social media profiles have been updated to include all relevant information for the attendees. Also have a registration and payment portal available for people who want to buy tickets to attend your event. Finally, use these marketing ideas below to increase attendance rates.

Design an email campaign

Create an email campaign to promote your motivational speaker event. Begin with teaser emails then make announcement emails thereafter. From there start sending speaker email templates representing each speaker doing sessions at your event.

The entire email campaign must be designed coherently following a single aesthetics theme related to this overall vision or mission of yours as well as customized templates using your color scheme among other information included in such mails respectively hence running this campaign at least a month before the actual dates for purposes of creating awareness.

Share profiles of speakers

Developing speaker profiles will allow them shared across different platforms in order to reach more people who may not even know about them yet. These profiles can be professional looking ones that let people know how much these motivational speakers are worth for them.

Additionally, they can share their profiles via their social media pages so that others see them too resulting into wider exposure within the niche market or community itself while making sure that any video format also carries a message from these personalities aimed at persuading audience members register themselves ahead time whenever possible.

Provide online agenda

Your motivational speaker event’s audience should know what they expect from it as well as enabling them schedule their day properly hence setting aside ample time dedicated just for this purpose therefore before long work out your agenda and schedule accordingly then disseminate it through your marketing collateral.

This will help them make early arrangements and also determine which sessions to attend. A few lines about each session will get people excited, and allow them to come prepared with questions or comments.

Make an introductory video

Video marketing is so popular nowadays: create a short video that will hype up your event; show the behind-the-scenes footage from your preparations, a couple of motivational speakers’ comments, and tell what attendees should anticipate.

Finally, such a video must contain information about where and when the event shall take place becoming in essence some kind of promotional movie for this conference as well shareable on various social media platforms except also including onto its official website too while at the same time encouraging viewers to repost it hence spreading word miles around.

Incentivize early-bird registration

To ensure that people sign up as soon as possible, you should give early registration benefits. For ticketed events, offer attractive discounts on the tickets. Additionally, in case your event is a physical one, give them an option to choose their preferred sitting positions.

Only have this early registration for a short period of time. This will create an urgency and thus more chances of getting sign ups. You can either set a time limit or be giving these incentives to the first few registrants. When people begin signing up, post messages in social media saying “seats are going fast” so others register as well. Such messaging will make people fear missing out on something and therefore buy their tickets earlier rather than later.

Give exclusive content

Alternatively, while developing your motivational speakers’ line up you can have some rare product/ service that only those who register within the specified duration get it; it can also be applicable when opting for multilevel ticketing system.

Intrigue people with this exclusive content after which they will wish to pay for higher priced tiers of tickets. When you take this path, ensure that there are at least three layers of tickets made available. By doing so it will mean that the budget range has been wide enough encompass all categories as opposed to merely concentrating on the top category attendees alone.

Teasers and countdowns

When the day is approaching share small teasers through social media and other marketing platforms; again during the last week go on count down campaign – reminding individuals regarding registering and attending such meetings.

Also remind those who have signed already by sending push notifications a day before the event. Also provide contacts for directions and registrations queries that may come up on that day.

In conclusion, there are many strategies through which you can market your motivational speaker’s event. Develop your marketing plan early enough while ensuring that your speakers get involved to achieve best outcomes.


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