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Top 7 tips for marketing your next motivational speaker event

Top 7 tips for marketing your next motivational speaker event

If you’re hosting a motivational speaker event, then there are a lot of things you have to consider. From finding the right venue to getting the best speakers possible on board, there are many elements involved. One of the most important elements is marketing. You can’t expect to get high attendance rates if you don’t promote your event properly.

So, you need to figure out a marketing plan and follow through to get your desired results. You should first make sure your website and social media profiles have been updated accordingly and have all the details attendees will need. If your event is ticketed, you should also have a registration and payment portal set up. Once you have everything set, use the following marketing ideas to maximize attendance. 

Create an email campaign

Make an email campaign to promote your motivational speaker event. Start off with a teaser email, and then an announcement email. After that, you can use speaker email templates to highlight each speaker doing sessions at your event.

This email campaign should be designed in a cohesive manner and be in line with your overall aesthetic. Customize the templates according to your color schemes, and make sure all the relevant information is there. Run this campaign a month or so before the actual event to get yourself on people’s radars. 

Share speaker profiles

Create speaker profiles and share them on your website and social media pages. These should highlight the expertise and experience of your speakers, as well as their relevance to your industry. These profiles should look professional and show exactly how these motivational speakers are valuable for your audience.

You can also have the speakers share these profiles on their social media pages, so that you get to reach a wider audience. These profiles can even be in video form, with these speakers urging your audience to register for your event. 

Share the agenda online

Your audience needs to know what they can expect at your motivational speaker event. They will need to plan their day accordingly and set time aside. So, you should work out your agenda and schedule well in advance. Then, share this in your marketing collateral.

This will allow people to make their plans on time, and also choose which sessions to attend. Short descriptions of the sessions will also hype people up, and let them come prepared with questions and comments as well. 

Make an introductory video

Video marketing is the way to go these days. So, make a short video to hype up your event. Show your preparations, share a few comments from your motivational speakers, and let people know what to expect.

This video should also include details of when and where your event will be. This can serve as a hype video for your event. Share it all over your social media profiles and also put it up on your website. Encourage people to share this video as well, so that word spreads out far and wide.

Incentivize early-bird registration

Offer early-bird registration benefits to get people to sign up as soon as possible. If your event is ticketed, offer them an appealing discount on these tickets. In addition, give them the choice to choose where they’ll be sitting, if your event is in-person.

This early-bird registration should only be there for a limited time. This will create a sense of urgency, so people will be more likely to sign up. You can either go for a time limit, or offer these benefits to the first few people who register. Once people start signing up, make posts on social media that say seats are filling up fast, so others should register as well. This sort of messaging will give people FOMO and have them buy tickets sooner rather than later. 

Offer exclusive content

You can also offer exclusive content to people who sign up early or go for a tiered ticketing system. This exclusive content can include one-on-one sessions with your motivational speakers, free learning materials, or some sort of exclusive merch.

This exclusive content will make people curious and then they’ll want to register for the higher ticket tiers. Offer at least three tiers if you go down this route. This way, people will feel like you’re covering a wide budget range instead of just focusing on top-tier visitors. 

Run teaser and countdown campaigns

When the event is coming near, start sharing small teasers on social media and other marketing platforms. In addition, when the event is a week or so away, start running a countdown campaign. This will remind people to sign up and come to the event.

For people who have already signed up, send push notifications as reminders a day ro so before the event. Also offer contact information so that people can reach out for navigation and registration concerns on the day of.

To sum up, there are many ways you can market your motivational speaker event. Make your marketing plan in advance, and make sure your speakers are involved in order to get the best results.


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