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Sell Gift Cards Instant Payment Cash App

The advancement towards technologies and trends has shaped the way we live. We are every now and then experiencing something new each day through which we can take benefits.

Likely this has been made available with the help of digital services and an app. An app has no doubt become a necessity for every individual to those businesses. The top reason is that they are easy to use and also help to reach requirements in a few clicks.

Among all of the different apps, we are here to let you know about selling gift cards and instant payment cash apps. Have you before heard about them? Do you know what can you do or what they benefit from? If not, then we are here to let you explore everything about selling gift cards instant payment cash app.

But before that, you must know more details about selling gift cards for instant payment.

Earlier we tend to use gift cards more- that we either get from some shop or in the newspaper. Usually, when we shop for something, we get a gift coupon in return. These coupon helps to shop for some items or also get in cash.

But what happens when you have not used to these gift cards? Do not think they are waste, but they can help you to get some money.

What are selling gift cards instant payment cash app?

If you have one or more gift cards then do not think they are of no use. But you can find the best app to convert them into cash and use it as per your requirements. This means, that once you have selected the desired app you can convert your gift card into cash. This is determined to be one of the best ways to get rid of gift cards that you do not need.

Also, if you want cash then this is proven to be one of the best ways. But are these apps worth it?

Are instant payment cash apps beneficial?

There are different types of sell gift cards and instant payment cash apps that are easy to use. Once you download the sell gift cards app you can easily start trading the gift card you own.

In addition, several other benefits walk along with selling gift cards and instant payment cash app.

  • Convenience

Yes, sell gift cards instant payment cash apps are quite convenient to use. This means you can sell your gift card from anywhere. This way you do not have to go anywhere or meet the buyer.

  • Speed

You can also receive money from your sell gift cards instant payment cash app in an easy manner. So, if you are looking to get instant cash then try to use sell gift cards.

  • Flexibility

You can also make use of money from your sold gift as well for anything you want to. This means paying bills, making purchases online or also buying groceries.

There are tons of benefits that you can come across with selling gift cards and instant payment cash apps. So, without any further do, let us help you to determine some of the sell gift card instant payment cash apps to help you.

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Top Sell gift cards instant payment cash app

We often do not look for stuff for a long time after keeping them if they are not in use. The same case happens with gift cards because no doubt you get them but often fail to make use of them wholly.

So, if you have gift cards then you do not have to consider them a waste. But there are some top-selling gift cards and instant payment cash apps available to help you get the best service. This means if you have unused gift cards then look here.


CardCash is a website that has an app as well that easily help users sell their gift card for cash. It is widely known as one of the top-selling gift card instant payment cash apps.

The website has a wide range of cheap gift cards and most of them pay around 92% of their original value. However, if you want to know more about it then you can easily reach their sales page to see how much your card worth is.

  • Pros

CardCash comes with flexibility as it sells your gift card right from any corner, all you need is to own an internet connection.

The process is quite simple and straight, you do not have to keep yourself in hassle.

The payment is quite fast and it is within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Cons

At times you might not get the complete value of your gift card.

CardCash may also charge a fee for selling your gift card.

There might be a limited selection.


We can say that Giftcash is one of the apps that not many know. It is because it is one of the few gift cards that accepts Bitcoin payments. It was introduced in the year 2017 and even paid millions to assist hundreds of merchants as well.

Like all other apps, Giftcash will offer gift card purchases of $25 and even more.

  • Pros

The receipt can instantly convert their gift card into cash whenever they need it.

The app is quite secure and does not let your data be in other hands.

  • Cons

This app is not accepted by all merchants, so the customers won’t be able to use the money to buy everything they want to.

There is no physical gift to give and this is proven to be a part of disappointment.


The Raise app is also one best app found for selling gift cards online. It is proven to be quite easy to use and also has a wide range of features that make it convenient for its users to make use of.

To be a part of Raise, all you need is to simply create an account and list your gift card. Later on, you need to provide the retailer amount of money on the gift and the condition of it.

Besides this, you can also set your selling price as well. Upon listing, it will be reviewed by Raise and then published.

  • Pros

The raise app is quite easy and let its customers get money out of gift card easily.

The app has quite a large base of active buyers.

It is quite easy to set your selling price.

  • Cons

Raise charges around 15% fee on all sales. This means there might be conditions to get less amount for your gift card.

Some of the gift cards may not be accepted by merchants.

There is no receipt of the gift card given.


Talking of the best-selling gift card instant payment cash apps, one of those is GameFlip as well. It is quite similar to the Raise app but along with some of its unique features. It is available both for Android and iOS and lets its customers list their gift cards at a rapid pace.

  • Pros

GameFlip allows its user to easily set their price and sell their gift card within the amount.

The app is quite easy and safe to use and offers buyers protection to all of its users.

It offers an auto-delivery feature that allows sellers to automatically send their gift card to the buyers (once the purchase is complete).

  • Cons

Charges around 8% on every sale.

Some of the gift cards might not get accepted.

There is no gift receipt offered for the gift card sold.

GiftCard Granny

Gift cards are not in use for many users, but if you think they are waste material then it is not so. There are several apps available to sell your gift card and get money out of it.


Availability of a wide selection of buyers.

GiftCard Granny let you undergo its users sell their gift card at their price.

It does not charge fees from seller.


The app does have a wide range of selections.

It might take some time for you to sell your gift card.

Does not offer 24×7 customer support.


Cardpool is yet another app that you can find online to sell your gift card. Also among users, it is found to be one of the most popular, convenient, and easy to use with a wide range of features app.

So, if you are looking to sell all of your gift cards then reach the Cardpool app.

  • Pros

The app is quite easy with a large active base. If you are looking to sell your gift card and get cash then it is one of the best mediums.

Let users set their prices and get the best money for their gift card.

Once you manage to sell your gift card your payment will be released within 1-2 business working days.

  • Cons

Charges fees of 5% on all sales.

There is a limited acceptance of gift cards.


CardSwap is another reliable and safe gift card instant payment cash app. Now you won’t have to be worried if you have many gift cards at your home. You can now sell them online and get money. So, you are not restricted to buying some gift out of them but also to earn money whenever you want to.

  • Pros

You can download the app either for Android or iOS.

Users who are looking to sell their gift cards can easily download CardSwap and get started.

The payout is easy and takes around 1-2 business working days.

  • Cons

CardSwap charges are quite higher as compared to others i.e. 15%.

Some of the gift cards may not be accepted.

Gift Card Spread

You could get different apps to sell gift cards and instant payment cash apps. But it is not all that can suit your requirements. Hence, choosing here Gift Card Spread is one of the popular choices as it has a large user base.

However, it is quite a new app, yet it managed to get many users with all of its features and functionalities.

  • Pros

Wide selection of gift cards i.e. from popular retailers Amazon, Walmart, Target and even Starbucks.

Offers a competitive price on gift cards.

  • Cons

Charges a fee for both buyers and sellers.

There is limited customer support available.

There have been some reports claimed against security with Gift Card Spread


We all are aware of eBay, as it is one of the famous apps that has able to connect millions of users. So, when you do not get satisfaction anywhere then and there eBay comes.

  • Pros

eBay has a large user base and can be trusted when it comes to selling gift cards to get money.

The app is quite easy to use and lets users earn money in minutes.

Offers buyers protection.

  • Cons

eBay like some of the gift card instant payment cash apps charges for listing.

There might be a case where you can encounter scammers on eBay as well. So, you must keep an eye on everything.


PrePaid2Cash is also a new app that lets users sell their gift cards floating at their homes. The app is quite convenient for all people to get instant cash at any time right from any corner of the world.

All you need is to download the app and get started.

  • Pros

PrePaid2Cash lets users get instant money in their bank account easily.

Make use of industry-standard security measures.

  • Cons

Charges a processing fee for transactions.

Offers a low exchange rate for some of the gift cards.


Gift cards are no longer just the piece of plastic cards for you. They have a value within them that can be turned into cash. Luckily there are several apps available that can help to sell gift cards instant payment cash app for users to sell their gift card- as per the amount they want to, or also as per the app guidelines.

You can look different apps above choose the one your like and get started.


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