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Navigating Organizational Change: OPAD Consulting’s Blueprint for the Modern Workplace

Mastering organizational change takes more than just a diploma in the world of enterprises. It’s a symphony of hands-on know-how and sharp intellect.

Meet CEO Harold Goldstein and COO Lilo Alfaro from OPAD Consulting. They’re mentors guiding many organizations through the dynamic curve of change.

Armed with degrees in Business Administration, Finance, and Industrial Psychology, Harold is more than equipped to excel in his field. He held senior roles at Levi, Johnson & Johnson, and Lam Research. This gave him significant insights into organizational behavior, leadership, and human resources.

Lilo, with BAs in Technical Theatre and Business Management and an MBA focusing on Social Innovation, adds a creative dimension to OPAD’s leadership. Her diverse experiences in roles such as event producer, stage manager with Actors’ Equity Association, and customer at The Walt Disney Company contribute to her versatile skill set.

Together, this duo has established a rock-solid foundation for tackling organizational change.

Challenges and Fear of Change in Organizations

Most people in organizations are fearful of change due to the challenges it brings. However, organizations must adapt to shifting market demands.

In an interview, Harold delves into the challenges of fear while navigating organizational shifts. Fear, he notes, is inherent in such evolving structures, affecting individuals’ judgment, careers, and self-esteem. He emphasizes the need for leaders to understand and address this challenge.

Change isn’t just a one-way street towards growth and innovation; it’s packed with roadblocks like getting everyone on board, keeping the team motivated, and holding onto a strong company vibe. Creating a culture that helps overcome this challenge enables teams to be more productive, creative, and willing to take on new opportunities.

Navigating Change in Organizations

Harold and Lilo understand the critical role of organizational change and have a solid grasp of its intricacies. They aid companies in navigating such shifts by offering strategies aligned with their goals.

OPAD’s approach involves comprehensive assessments, strategic planning, and change management guidance, ensuring a smooth transition amidst challenges. It fosters employee engagement, leadership development, and ongoing evaluation to drive successful organizational change initiatives.

For instance, OPAD facilitated the integration of a smaller, technologically advanced company into a national Silicon Valley-based organization. Having previously led an internal culture change for the larger company, Harold and Lilo scheduled workshops to align the newly acquired company with the parent company’s mission, values, and vision. This harmonious transition expanded service offerings and internal technologies while it also fueled the smaller company’s growth. Two years later, the success story endures, with the parent company citing high morale and excellent rapport with the acquisition, highlighting OPAD’s expertise in navigating organizational challenges.

“They are amazing in the manner in which they dive deeply into organizational dynamics without ‘intruding.’ People open up to them because they don’t take positions but rather seek out and capitalize on common ground,” says Rick Gottscho, CTO of LAM Research.

Managing organizational change will become even more crucial as the business landscape evolves. The combined expertise of Harold Goldstein and Lilo Alfaro serves as a guide for organizations facing these shifts. Their insights and methodologies are essential in shaping the future of organizational dynamics. OPAD Consulting is a valued partner in an age where adaptable tactics are vital and addressing corporate change head-on is necessary.


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