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How to Remove Fake Instagram Followers?

How to Remove Fake Instagram Followers?

Getting more Instagram followers and reaching a wider audience is every influencer’s goal. Followers highlight the profile and Instagram growth of users. But have you wondered about your fake followers? Yes, your profile has a lot of fake followers. Instagram users want to reach high audiences; that is why bots and fake followers are the bugs they have to deal with.  But these fake followers decrease the engagement of your account. So there’s a need to find out the solution to the problem of how to remove fake followers from Instagram.

Gone are those days when having many followers was the main highlight of your profile because, at present, the only thing that matters is your content and your active status. These bots and fake followers are significantly harming the statistics of your account, making it low in productivity. It indicates your profile to recognize as fake. So, in this situation, you must eradicate them as soon as possible.

It is important to note that these fake followers and bots are inactive, which is why Instagram deletes them, resulting in a decrease in engagement rate. Some of these fake followers may also be hackers who steal account data and hack your profile, causing a negative impact. So, it’s mandatory to look after this serious problem and remove fake followers from your Instagram accounts.

If you are one who is facing the problem of fake Instagram followers and is looking for a solution to how to remove fake Instagram followers, then I am here to guide you with easy steps. In this blog, I will guide you on how with the help of easy steps, you can make your profile fake followers free. 

How to Remove Fake Instagram Followers Manually?

 In today’s time, doing things manually sounds tough. Isn’t it? But It’s all about your Instagram profile and engagement. Then, you must put some effort into removing fake Instagram followers from your account. The manual process takes a lot of your time, but surely it will make your profile’s engagement and width active and more reflected in other brands’ eyes. So allow this process your time and patience while following these below-mentioned steps. 

  • Open Instagram on your device. 
  • Log in to your Instagram with your Username and Password. 
  • Once your profile will open then click on the Settings 
  • Click on the Followers option. 
  • Check your Followers step by step. 
  • Note: Those profiles which do not have any profile picture and random followers are mostly spam and fake. 
  • Select the Follower you want to Remove. 
  • Click on the option of Remove. 

Please Note 

  • While removing manual followers from your account make sure to carefully do these steps by analyzing the profile of followers.  
  • Make sure to never collectively remove all bots and fake followers in one day. Start removing 10-15 bots each day. 

How to Remove Fake Instagram Followers With Automatic Cleansing? 

The manual process takes time and is efficient if there are only a few followers. However, people with thousands of followers do not have enough time to select the manual cleaning method. There are tools created specifically to assist in removing false Instagram followers. In order to clean up your Instagram profile, these programs employ their own algorithms and filter settings. You may find various tools that help in automatic cleaning on the Apple Store or PlayStore.  

Steps for removing fake Instagram followers with automatic cleaning

  • Go to PlayStore or Apple Store.
  • Choose the app you want like Spam Guard or Nofak.
  • Download the app.
  • Log in or Run the app on your device.
  • Now click the option of Automatic Cleansing. 
  • You can even choose the option of Removing followers or Block followers. Search for the option of Automatic fake followers removers Instagram tools. 

These apps will remove the fake likes, comments, and followers from your Instagram accounts. 

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Apps to Remove Fake Followers 

1. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

Unfollowers and Ghost Followers is an app that is designed in accordance with new Instagram algorithms. This is a customizable app where you can easily filter the settings to remove fake followers from Instagram.  Not only fake followers but you can also block their spam comments, messages, and their likes from your profile. Also, this app indicates the list of fake followers in your account and prevents hackers from stealing your important data. 

Available on: iOS and Android

2. Spam Guards

The Spam Guard app removes bots by automatically cleaning fake followers. It is app that helps to improve the functionality of Instagram followers by removing the bots and fake followers. This tool includes the latest features where you can set settings of removing according to your preference. Moreover, it will remove all the bots instantly from your profile. 

Available on: iOS, Android, and Windows 

3. Cleaner For IG

If you are looking for an all-rounder app for your Instagram then Cleaner For IG is an app that will clean all the excess spam from your Instagram profile. It maintains the functionality and statistics of followers increment on its own. Moreover, it will detect fake Followers and clean them all in one shot. The best feature of this app is that it is cost-free. 

Available on: Android, Windows 

4. Mass Unfollow

Mass Unfollow is a fake follower-removing app that allows your Instagram to run in a productive manner without any interference from spam and bot devices. This device will keep an eye on your Instagram followers and help to track the bot users. It will automatically detect fake followers and remove them quickly. This app is designed in such a way that it performs all functions in an instant way. 

Available on: Windows, Pc, Android 

5. Instagram Followers Tracker 

Instagram Followers Trackers is a tracker of Instagram that helps to track the list of fake followers in your account. It shows the number of fake followers lost along with their statistics, their status, and traffic. It manages your Instagram followers and makes them realistic. 

Available on: Android, Windows, iOS 

Wrapping Up

On Instagram, fake followers are considered spam, so it’s best to get rid of them. These bogus bots are limiting your Instagram’s bandwidth. So, I have provided you with the solution to your question of how to remove fake Instagram followers. Whether you select manual or automatic alternatives, the important thing is that this choice will help to improve your profile’s statistics. Make sure to grow your account using free fake followers as well as organic promotion. For more such informative blogs don’t forget to check out recent blogs of Ceo magazine reviews

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Why should I delete fake Instagram followers from my accounts?

These Instagram bots that are pretending to be followers will harm your accounts by doing the following things:

  • Reduce your affinity for the brand
  • Point out the negative effects of your brand in the view of other brands.
  • Highlight your account to show as fake in the Instagram profile list

Q2: Best apps for automatic cleansing of fake Instagram followers?  

The best apps for removing fake Instagram followers are: 

  • Reports
  • Airgrow
  •  Spam Guard

Q3: Which option is better: manual cleaning or automatic cleaning?

Both choices are preferable under varying situations. Those with fewer followers can choose the manual option, while those with more followers can select the one-time automatic cleaning option.


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